11 Of The Hottest Singers Over 45

We all have favorite singers. Not only do we follow their careers but we monitor the appearance of our favorite singers as well. Of course, not at all in the judgmental sense, but in the most endearing way a fan could. For years, people search for anti-aging techniques and practices to maintain a youthful look. Also, there have been several publications highlighting the “beauty secrets” of the celebs that we see and have a hard time believing their true age. Well, we may not be able to confirm exactly what the “secret” to maintaining a youthful look is, but the celebs that made our list today definitely know what it is. More importantly, they aren't afraid to flaunt it, and why should they be? All of the well known singers that made our list were born in the 1950s and some even earlier than that. However, they uphold a look of youthfulness that makeup, cameras, and lighting simply will not do. Not only are the ladies on our list 11 of the hottest singers over 45, but they are also some of the most talented, successful, and hard working women in the music business.


12 Tina Turner

The number eleven hot singer over 40 is the lovely and talented Tina Turner. We have seen Tina Turner dance across stages for years and few are aware of the fact that she has even insured the legs that the world has grown to love so much. Additionally, at the beautiful age of 76-years old, Tina Turner still wears the same beautiful smile that accents her smooth skin and vibrant complexion. Tina Turner is also very health conscious and is dedicated to a diet that promotes a healthy body. Also being a spiritual person, Tina Turner focuses on the state of her mental well being as well, which she feels helps her maintain her overall appearance.

11 Kim Gordon


Kim Gordon always had musical ability and truly let that talent shine as a guitarist, bassist, and vocalist for the alternative rock band by the name of Sonic Youth. Kim Gordon definitely paved her own way in the music industry with her ability to handle the role of guitarist and singer flawlessly. Well, her career was not the only thing that she has maintained well over the years. Kim Gordon, now 62-years old, wears her age very well. Very comfortable in her skin, as she should be, Kim has taken most of her photoshoots with head shots, which display her beautiful skin, or tight body shots that convey her still amazing figure. Kim Gordon also played in other popular groups such as Body/Head, Free Kitten, Ciccone Youth, and Harry Crews.

10 Kylie Minogue

The next multi-talented beautiful singer on our list of Hot Singers Over 40 is Kylie Minogue. Kylie Minogue, now 47-years old, is originally from Australia and grew up to become an amazing singer, actress, and songwriter. Kylie Minogue’s acting abilities were best displayed in her role on an Australian soap opera which was entitled, Neighbours. On the soap opera she played an extremely opposite character than her true personality. She was a tomboy girl who worked as a mechanic.

9 Joan Jett


Joan Jett is another very hot and sexy singer. Joan Jett is now 57-years old and is known for her singing, songwriting, producing, and also her rock guitarist skills with Joan Jett & the Blackhearts and the Runaways. Joan Jett is still very active and also maintains a healthy diet as well. Joan Jett has had an amazing career in the music industry, but her abilities don't end there. Joan Jett has also had her taste of the acting bug. She appeared on an episode of Ellen and was also cast in several films. In all of her appearances and features, she graces cameras and film lenses with timeless beauty with a rocker edge.

8 Sheryl Crow

Born on February 11, 1962 in Kennett, MO, the beautiful Sheryl Crow has blessed ears with her melodic voice and enticed screens with her beautiful skin tone, captivating eyes, and petite figure. One would never guess that she is now 54-years old. Sheryl Crow has survived breast cancer and a benign brain tumor, both of which generally wear down one's body. Sheryl Crow has displayed her resilience in her bright eyes in every paparazzi picture and red carpet event. Sheryl also maintains a healthy lifestyle by eating properly and taking time daily for physical activity. Aside from maintaining a healthy lifestyle, her positive attitude can always be attributed to her youthfulness.

7 Cindy Lauper


Singer, songwriter and actress, Cindy Lauper began her career in music in the 80s where she had the smash hit, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and went on to earn countless awards and recognition for her musical talent. Cindy Lauper is now 62-years old and is very active in standing firm on her beliefs by supporting the LGBT community. Cindy Lauper has not relayed her personal beauty secret. However, Cindy Lauper does keep her blood flowing by acting in roles such as her part in 4 episodes of Bones, following her reality show that was entitled Cindy Lauper: Still So Unusual.

6 Bjork

There was a moment in music when it seemed the world paused and we saw an innocent faced lady appear on our screens with a unique sound. Well, that face was that of Icelandic singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist Bjork. Bjork began her career back in the 70s and is now 50-years old and wearing it very well. Bjork has topped charts, been on international tours, and made amazing music for over a decade. Throughout all of the demands of her career and lifestyle, she has always been the innocent face with a unique sound that the world grew to know through her music.


5 Pattie Labelle


Pattie LaBelle is now a beautiful 71-year old woman who has found ways to reinvent herself with each passing year. As the seasons change, Ms. Patti has always moved with the flow of the industry and fashion. Also, due to her being diabetic, her diet consists of foods that are conducive to a healthy body and mind. Asides from having to tailor all of her desserts to her diabetic needs, Patti Labelle rarely eats foods that are not an aide in maintaining a healthy body. Patti LaBelle is also still quite the businesswoman, which keeps her busy maintaining her empire, which also helps in keeping a face of a woman 10 years her junior.

4 Cher

The iconic singer and songwriter, Cher is one of the most recognized hot singers over 40. Cher is now 69-years old and still conveys the sense of style and grace that made her memorable throughout all of the years in her career. Cher has maintained a small frame and sweet, but stern attitude, which carries a timeless effect with her personality. Cher also did not reveal any special secret to maintain a youthful appearance after decades of hard work, but whatever she has been doing all of the years definitely works for her.

3 Madonna


Born in Bay City, Michigan, this next hot singer over 40 needs no introduction. Madonna  has been a singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman. She has worn all these hats while being a mother to her four children. Madonna definitely has not jus sat back and watched life pass her by, between her career and parenting she has become accustomed to the lifestyle that keeps her in motion. Therefore, Madonna also has a workout regimen that she follows in order to keep a physically fit body. Her diet and her dedication to Kabbalah are the main things that Madonna attributes her wellness and appearance to.

2 Jennifer Lopez

Some may remember this first celeb as dancing Jennifer from her time as a “Fly Girl” on the hit show In Living Color. Or, you may remember her from her next major accomplishments, which existed in her musical talent as “Jenny from the Block.” Since then she has become known only as Jennifer Lopez. Now, at age 46 (born July 26, 1969), Jennifer Lopez still sells out arenas with her singing and dancing ability. Not to mention how her healthy and active daily life plays a part in Jennifer Lopez staying in shape and healthy. Jennifer Lopez upholds such a high standard when it comes to presenting a healthy and toned figure. From the national buzz that she can spark from a single dress, to America tuning in to her various television hosting moments, Jennifer Lopez always turns heads and commands attention.




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