11 Of The Hottest Celebrity Butt Selfies

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), the butt selfie has become increasingly popular. Your social media timelines are likely flooded with girls taking photos of their backsides, while they’re wearing everything from bathing suits to business suits. Of course, there are a few celebrities who have made butt selfies even more prevalent, such as Serena Williams, Jennifer Lopez and of course, Kim Kardashian.

Why are people so obsessed with butts these days? Butt selfies, also called “belfies,” were partly born out of the need for women to feel comfortable with their bodies. After all, everyone in the world isn’t a size 3 (or 13, for that matter), and everyone deserves to feel sexy and beautiful. Large backsides are also a part of the curvy body trend that is getting lots of attention all around the world these days. So, it’s only natural that the selfie would have evolved in the belfie at some point.

Whether you like looking at belfies for fitness inspiration, or you’re obsessed with viewing these pictures simply for the purpose of envying the bodies of your favorite celebrities, you’re likely to be very entertained. Here are 11 of the hottest celebrity butt selfies out right now.


11 Miley Cyrus

Yes, Miley Cyrus has joined the belfie bandwagon. We can’t say we’re surprised. The former Disney Kid has pretty much proven that she likes being nearly naked in public, as evidenced in her previous VMA performance with Robin Thicke. Of course, she also showed off her tiny frame at the 2015 VMAs, where she served as the host. Sure, Cyrus doesn’t have much to show off, but she’s never been one to pass up a chance to get some extra media attention. Miley has always had a small frame, but she’s looking even skinnier these days due to a gluten free diet. Looks like she’s going to have to make some culinary adjustments if she wants her belfies to be more interesting.

10 Aubrey O’Day

You may remember Aubrey O’Day from her Making The Band days, and as part of the hit girl group Danity Kane. These days, O’Day has tried to reignite her fame by joining the cast of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, where she’s been trying to work out her relationship with boyfriend Travis Garland. While the relationship therapy doesn’t seem to be working too well (Garland has accused O’Day of being dishonest and a flirt), Aubrey’s body has never looked better. Of course, she’s taken her share of nearly nude pics, but you can also see her toned backside when she’s fully clothed, which proves that sometimes it’s better to leave things to the imagination.

9 Kendall Jenner

Sure, Kendall Jenner doesn’t have the biggest butt in Hollywood, but she’s got a pretty great figure. It’s also no surprise that she chose to take a belfie in a very stylish way, while showing off her Calvin Klein underwear. Jenner usually makes fashionable choices (she is a model, after all) and is often viewed as one of the most sensible women in the Kardashian brood, even though she’s one of the youngest. Maybe if she keeps posting belfies and selfies, the right guy will come along. She’s recently stated that she’d like a boyfriend, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the right picture capturing all of her…good qualities does the trick.

8 Rihanna

It’s pretty safe to assume that singer and fashion icon Rihanna, is pretty comfortable without clothing, even though she has stated several times that it took her a while to get to that point mentally. The Barbados native is often photographed on the beach wearing some pretty stylish swimsuits that bring attention to her voluptuous “cakes.” Of course, many of Rihanna’s performance outfits are pretty revealing as well, which is obviously part of the reason fans attend her concerts in droves. However, Rihanna revealed in an interview with E! News that she wishes her butt were bigger. The fact that Rihanna is such a trailblazer when it comes to style also means that many of her fashion choices will be risqué, like the see-through dress she wore to the Met Gala one year. However, we do have to admit that Rihanna is still just as appealing in jeans and sweats, since she’s also known for always doing something different with her hair.

7 Lea Michele

Former Glee star Lea Michele, recently took a pretty racy belfie in a bikini to show off her highly toned posterior while on vacation in Mexico. However, she’s also taken a few butt selfies with more clothing on. Michele hasn’t had the best reputation in Hollywood these days (she’s been accused of being impossible to deal with when dining out), so perhaps her new butt selfies are an attempt to get into the good graces of some of her fans again. Or, maybe, she wants to show the “commoners” that she doesn’t have to learn manners because she’s hot. Either way, we have to admit that Lea’s figure is pretty stunning.

6 Sofia Vergara

Colombia hottie and talented actress Sofia Vergara, has been known to take some bikini photos that accentuate the positives of her figure while “casually sunbathing.” Vergara also did some modeling before making it big on television, so she’s pretty comfortable with her body. Then again, who wouldn’t be comfortable with looking this great in a bathing suit at 43? The Modern Family star is known for wearing revealing outfits on the show to portray her character Gloria, which she definitely pulls off with ease. She’s also engaged to Joe Manganiello, who is known for his work on Magic Mike. These two hot stars likely serve as fitness motivation for one another, which makes for some great pictures.

5 Khloe Kardashian

Recently, Khloe has posed for the cover of Complex magazine, displaying her new curves. She even posed on a yacht with a sailor hat and one-piece bathing suit in a pose that indicates she’s been doing lots of squats in the gym. While Khloe has always had a rather ample posterior region, these days, her butt looks, well, fake. Every week or two, paparazzi spot Khloe going shopping or dining out with friends, and every week her butt seems bigger. This could be because her legs and torso are getting smaller from working out, so if she’s getting injections, it may be time to tone it down. At least her new body is getting lots of media attention, and isn’t that what being a Kardashian is all about?


4 Nicki Minaj

The rapper and singer has a butt that’s pretty hard to miss. She’s never fully addressed allegations that she got butt injections, but it’s pretty obvious, since her backside clearly wasn’t that big when she debuted on the music scene. She’s even penned a few odes to the derriere, most notably her hit Anaconda. Whether Minaj is posing poolside in a barely-there bikini or taking pictures on the red carpet, it’s pretty hard not to see that her butt is the real star of the show. After her recent verbal altercation with Miley Cyrus at the VMAs, Minaj also wants people to know that her intelligence and outspoken nature shouldn’t be ignored, either.

3 Serena Williams

Serena Williams has been getting lots of media attention lately. She’s ranked #1 in women’s singles tennis, often plays against her sister Venus (who is also an athletic powerhouse), and is allegedly dating rapper Drake. Serena’s body has also been analyzed in the media pretty extensively. Some think she’s way too toned and muscular for a woman, while others are mesmerized by her physique. It takes lots of agility and strength to move the way she does on the tennis court, so her dedication to fitness should definitely be respected. Not to mention she takes a pretty eye-catching belfie, too. In case you haven’t been keeping up with the news much, Williams’ derriere is a thing of beauty that many women aspire to.

2 Jennifer Lopez

Few people take as many belfies as Jennifer Lopez. After all, she’s almost as famous for her curves as she is for her acting and singing career. Lopez caught the public’s eye when she appeared on In Living Color as a Fly Girl and showed off her impressive dancing skills. She then went on to make a name for herself in the movies, starring in projects like Maid In Manhattan, The Wedding Planner, Enough and (yes, we’ve got to mention it) Gigli. Recently, Lopez showed off her well-toned bod in the movie The Boy Next Door, and has also written a book called True Love, to talk about her adventures, mistakes and lessons learned in romance. Looks like Lopez has both beauty and brains, which is always a winning combination.

1 Kim Kardashian

Of course, Kim Kardashian, mother of North (and soon-to-be mother of a son), wife of Kanye and queen of the belfie, is number one on our list. Whether she’s finishing a workout, getting out of the shower, spending time on the beach or at the pool, or “just waking up” next to hubby Kanye, Kim is always ready for a selfie. It’s also pretty obvious that most of those selfies feature Kim’s backside. Her rear has gotten an enormous amount of media attention over the years, whether she’s in formal or casual clothing. It’s also pretty obvious that, like her sister Khloe, Kim has gotten a little medical assistance in the posterior department. There are even a few pics in which Kim’s butt injections look pretty obvious. However, that doesn’t stop people from wanting to see more of Kardashian’s revealing selfies (and belfies) as often as possible.


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