11 Of The Best Celebrity Pranks Of All Time

Although being the target of a prank may not be the most fun thing in the world, almost everyone enjoys watching a good prank, and pranks performed by celebrities are no different. Just look at Ashton Kutcher. The star managed to make a pretty penny off pranking celebrities in some of the cruelest ways possible, season after season, for his popular show Punk'd. And just like Ashton Kutcher, many celebrities have thoroughly enjoyed pranking one another all in the name of good fun. Some of these celebrities include legendary pranksters like George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Others, are celebrities who pulled off one epic prank that was both cruel and funny enough to get the media’s attention. Below is a list of eleven of the best celebrity pranks of all time. Some of these pranks were done on live TV and others were done between close friends. But luckily for us, we have all the best celebrity pranks for you right here. So for your entertainment (or maybe to give you a few ideas about pranks that you can play on your friends and family), below is a list of eleven of the greatest pranks of all time that were played by celebrities.

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11 Khloe Kardashian and Nicole Richie 


In 2010, Khloe Kardashian and Nicole Richie managed to play a pretty funny April Fool’s joke on socialite, Kim Kardashian. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, we all know that Kim loves her social media. So to perform the perfect April fools joke on Kim, Nicole and Khloe hacked into Kim’s Twitter account and made some pretty interesting posts. Some of these posts included Tweets about her stomach being upset and another read, “Sometimes I think I am a lesbian because HOT DAMN I think Nicole Richie is ffoooiiinneee.” Luckily Kim took it all in good fun. When she finally got back her Twitter she said, “That was hands down the funniest April Fools!!”

10 Taylor Swift 

We all know that Taylor Swift is an extremely popular singer who enjoys singing about love and heartbreak but as it turns out, she’s quite the jokester as well. One of Swift's more famous pranks started when Swift Tweeted, “Last night on tour with Keith Urban. Pranking is a must. How about rushing his stage during ‘Kiss a Girl’ dressed like this?” The picture showed Swift in head to toe Kiss make up. As promised, when Urban was performing the song “Kiss a girl” Swift stormed the stage in full on Kiss make-up with her band who were also donning their own Kiss costumes.

9 Joel McHale 

8 Justin Bieber 


7 Daniel Radcliffe


Having your picture taken by paparazzi every time you step out in public would be annoying to say the least. Luckily, Daniel Radcliffe found the perfect way to stop the incessant paparazzi while still getting some fun out of it. Radcliffe discovered that if he wore the same outfit over and over again, the paparazzi would stop taking pictures of him. So what did Radcliffe do with this information? He wore the same outfit every night for five months. The next year, Radcliffe pulled the same trick and once again, it was a success. Radcliffe managed to bug the paparazzi enough to get them to stop taking pictures of him.

6 Ashton Kutcher 


5 Aaron Paul 


When you’re living with a friend, pranks are usually part of the deal. This was especially true of Aaron Paul and his roommate soap opera star, David Tom. In an effort to freak out his roommate, Paul convinced Tom that a meteorite had crashed into the backyard of their home in Los Angeles. How did Paul manage to convince his roommate of such an unlikely event? Paul simply used a dry ice bomb in order to pull off the intended effect and boy did it work beautifully. Tom was so convinced that a meteorite had landed in his backyard that he called his girlfriend to tell her all about it. After Tom’s girlfriend heard the news, she called a local TV station and just hours later, there were newscasters reporting from Paul’s house about the fake meteorite.

4 Sacha Baron Cohen 


If you've watched Borat or Bruno, you know that Sacha Baron Cohen would do anything to get people laughing, so nobody should have been surprised at Cohen’s stunt at the Brit Awards. At the awards show, Cohen pushed an 87-year-old woman off stage while she was sitting in a wheelchair. The seemingly violent action made audiences everywhere gasp, but luckily, Cohen’s action was all in the name of good, comedic fun. After Cohen pushed the woman offstage, he started giving her CPR. By this time, the members of the audience were in on the joke and everyone had a good laugh.

3 Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon 


2 Brad Pitt 


1 George Clooney 


George Clooney is another one of Hollywood’s legendary pranksters. In fact, Clooney has ongoing prank wars with fellow celebrities like Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. One of Clooney’s better-known pranks involved a gift of a truly horrendous painting. According to Clooney, “I convinced one of my best friends, Richard Kind, that I was painting. I bought some other pictures, I told him I was studying art. And then for his 40th birthday I gave him this horrible painting. He had to hang it on his wall, [it was by] his best friend! And for years people would come over---everyone else knew it was out of the trash—and go, ‘that is a beautiful painting.’ He was convinced by the end that it was a beautiful painting until I did The Tonight Show and I told the story and then I told him to watch the show. And he said, ‘I hate that painting.’”

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