11 Of Gigi Hadid's Hottest Photos

For being the flavor of the day that she is, 21 year old (mostly swimsuit) model "Gigi" Hadid has not been as prolific as one might assume. Thanks to the selfie outlet for beautiful narcissists, Instagram, and other forums like it, this bikini-clad babe has been able to milk each and every image for all they are worth, and having only really been in the spotlight for two, maybe three years, tops.

Gigi appears quite selective in the jobs she signs onto and has officially shot only a handful of photo spreads, and only for a select few companies as a spokesmodel (mainly for Guess Jeans and Seafolly swimwear) and a select few male-targeted magazines (Sports Illustrated and Vogue) as eye candy. Her European-meets-Middle Eastern looks, naturally sexy and wild blonde hair, and all around killer body aside, Hadid is also known for incorporating her current love interest into her photoshoots. Strangely, even in these photographs, more often than not, Gigi is wearing a two-piece outfit that could double as (or was designed to be) a swimsuit.

Though this might be a publicity gimmick cooked up by any number of photographers, editors and agents along the way, we the lucky masses get to lap up these sexy images of Gigi in swimwear, via social media and websites like The Richest. Enjoy these 12 'Must See' Gigi Hadid Photos.

11 Gigi Hadid For Guess Jeans


10 At Victoria's Secret/Pink Spring Break Event


9 First Shoot As Seafolly Spokesmodel


8 IG_GIgi

7 Water + Clothes = Swimsuit


6 More Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Action


5 For Seafolly Swimwear Some More


This is another shot taken in the name of marketing for Seafolly swimwear but could just as well be an advertisement for whatever brand of golden headphones she is sporting, or whatever other baubles and accessories she is wearing, or whatever makeup she is wearing, or whichever beach this photograph was taken on, or just an advertisement for being alive and at the same time in history as the Internet and Gigi Hadid exist. The Aussie swimsuit designers at Seafolly struck gold when they landed this youngest lady Hadid as their cat-walking billboard.

4 More Guess (Jeans) Work

3 In A Sports Illustrated Swimsuit...Issue

2 Bathing Suit Implied


1 Made You Look

The only photo of the gorgeous Gigi Hadid wearing practical and totally un-sexy swimwear, to keep her warm in what are presumably neither tropical nor calm waters--a wetsuit, meant to keep the body insulated from cold and the roughness of the wax and sand between surfer's body and board; never to be worn on a runway, or even modeled on an eye candy host of Spring Break revelry. This kind of suit is not designed by Hilfigers or Seafolly, but by Vans and Ocean Pacific. Bodyglove should hit pause on the practical wetsuit design to design a sexy suit that fits Gigi's body like a glove.

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11 Of Gigi Hadid's Hottest Photos