11 Notorious Hollywood Man Eaters

Hollywood relationships are known to be short and to the point, but there are 11 female celebs who make this a lifestyle. These women are notorious man eaters who basically go from relationship to rel

Hollywood relationships are known to be short and to the point, but there are 11 female celebs who make this a lifestyle. These women are notorious man eaters who basically go from relationship to relationship, devouring all in their path. They are sexy, confident and ready to pounce on the next man who shall enter their path. Many of these men end up heartbroken and lost and sometimes even pine to have the woman back years later, although some of the cast-aside men seem to be on all of these man eater's dating lists. Either way, these eleven women have definitely left an impression on the hearts and bodies of the men (and some women) who have come into their lives.

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11 Lindsay Lohan

This young redhead has been around the block. A few times and then circled back again. With 72 real and rumoured relationships on the books, you could say she is a ferocious man eater. Some of her conquests have included Ryan Phillipe, 50 Cent, Gerard Butler, Jude Law, Benicio Del Toro and Jared Leto. She was in a secret relationship with Heath Ledger at the time of his death (how much more man eating can you get than that?). Lindsay isn't just into men either - she's had numerous relationships with women as well, all of which have fallen into the giant pile of Lohan's toxic breakups. Her newest man is millionaire Egor Tarabasov, who she's been dating for five months. How long will this one last?

10 Kate Hudson

You know you've got to be a notorious man eater when your father says you're one. Kate's estranged dad called Kate out as being just like her mother - unable to stay with one man - and tossing them aside when she is done with them. With a number of relationships to her credit, there are a few that are quite noteworthy. The first was her marriage to rocker Chris Robinson, who is also the father to one of her children. They moved in together four days after their first date and their marriage did last nine years, until she cheated on him with co-star Owen Wilson. Owen is also another significant relationship in her life, because after she dumped him, he attempted suicide, possibly after seeing photos of her with a new love interest - Dax Shepard. Since those splits, she has dated a number of men and was even engaged to Matthew Bellamy and had a child with him, but the two have now split and she is reportedly single.

9 Chelsea Handler

While comedian Chelsea Handler hasn't been in a large string of relationships, she makes a joke out of the ones she has dated. And by a joke, we mean her exes are written into her comedy routine and laughed about nightly. She also has book out entitled My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One Night Stands. She is said to be the reason behind 50 Cent and Ciara's breakup, but on the flipside, Ciara is said to be the reason for 50 and Chelsea's breakup.

8 Kim Kardashian

We probably don't have to explain this one too thoroughly as we all know what happens to a man who dates or marries a Kardashian, but Kim is especially great at eating men. Her most notorious conquest was husband Kris Humphries, who married Kim on her show, Keeping up with the Kardashians. The couple split after 72 days, but by the look on his face during the pre-wedding show, the wedding was a farce to begin with, said only to happen to bring in ratings. Apparently the proposal and divorce scenes were scripted and reshot to make it look more authentic. Kim has been linked to a number of other men as well, including Ray J, who she made a sex tape with, only to have it "leaked" and catapult her to fame.

7 Drew Barrymore

Child star Drew Barrymore has definitely seen a number of men in her life. Currently single, Drew split just last month with her husband of three years, Will Kopelman. A known party girl in her youth, Drew has been married three times and engaged two other times, with her marriage to Will being her longest. While Drew might not be the cause of all her breakup woes, there are a number of them and they include Fabrizio Moretti, Justin Long, Sam Rockwell and Luke Wilson. Drew has also proclaimed that she is bi-sexual, although no relationships with women are on the books.

6 Jennifer Lopez

Ah, J-Lo, she may have the tightest pants in all the land and a bootie that goes on for days, but her relationship-keeping skills are way off-base. Starting with Sean "Puffy" Combs, J-Lo started her relationships off right, but it all went downhill after that. She says Sean was deeply in love with her, but she knew it was something she would never stick with. She then married one of her dancers, Cris Judd, and it lasted for a whole 16 months. Then it was on to Ben Affleck. The public was enamoured by her relationship with Ben Affleck, dubbing them Bennifer and were devastated when they broke up just hours before their scheduled wedding. She soon moved on, marrying Marc Anthony, but later divorcing him saying it was a big disappointment. Her current beau is Beau Casper Smart, another dancer, who is quite a bit younger than her.

5 Scarlett Johansson

With a typical man eater name, Scarlett has played a few roles as a man eater, both figuratively and literally. In one of her latest films she plays an alien who harvests body parts. In a few other films she's played the vixen, the unattainable and the femme fatale, with most of her roles going this way. She's posed nude for a magazine cover and has been voted sexiest woman alive. In real life, she has been married to the same man since 2012, but there were quite a few before him. Actor Benicio Del Toro didn't deny having sex with Scarlett in an elevator of all places saying "It might not be the last time either". She's had relationships with some of the top leading men as well like Josh Hartnett, Jared Leto, Sean Penn, Nate Naylor and was married to Ryan Reynolds.

4 Angelina Jolie

If there was a man to keep Angelina Jolie down, it would be Brad Pitt, with the pair being together for almost 11 years and sharing seven children. But, the pair did get together after she helped break up his marriage to Jennifer Anniston. Before Brad there were a number of relationships for Angie. Some of the less notable include Colin Farrell, Val Kilmer, Nicolas Cage, but her marriage to Billy Bob Thornton made tons of headlines when it was reported they wore each other's blood around their necks and she got his name inked largely on her shoulder. Their public displays of affection and stories of wild sexual romps were also fodder for the press on a regular basis, painting Angie's vixen status more and more. Even before Billy Bob, Angelina has never made a secret of her active sex life, with both men and women.

3 Madonna

At her age, Madonna has had her share of men through the years. But, many of the many men have claimed to have been eaten up and spit back out by the famous diva. She likes them young too, with many of her most recent conquests being young dancers, also dubbed as her "playthings". Her marriage to Guy Ritchie lasted nine years, but it wasn't long before she was in the bed of Alex Rodriguez, who was married at the time and who ended up leaving his wife for Madonna. Before this Madonna had a number of relationships and encounters with the likes Dennis Rodman, Tupac Shakur, Vanilla Ice, Warren Beatty, John Kennedy Jr. and a number of women as well. Her marriage to Sean Penn was a turbulent one, but there have been recent rumours that they are getting back together, as he recently proclaimed his love for her.

2 Paris Hilton

At 35 years old, the socialite has definitely had her share of relationships, with a total of confirmed and rumoured relationships at a total of 45. Some were purely hook-ups, others made their way to relationship status, although none lasted very long. On this list some of the more notable men include Afrojack, Cristiano Ronaldo, 50 Cent, Jared Leto, Kid Rock, Travis barker, Fred Durst, Benji Madden and Nick Carter. Her rise to fame came with an "unauthorized" release of a sex tape made with ex Rich Salomon titled One Night in Paris. But, Paris claims she hasn't slept with many men, saying she only "kisses". That's a long list of men who have only been kissed.

1 Cameron Diaz

Now married to Paris' ex, Benji Madden, Cameron Diaz has broken her share of hearts. With other coincidences to the man eaters on this list, she's also dated Alex Rodriguez,

Sean Combs and Jared Leto (I think he's dated every lady on this list!). As well, her other famous conquests include Motley Crue rocker Vince Neil, Matt Dillon, Justin Timberlake, Kelly Slater, Bradley Cooper, and Elon Musk. While there were rumours of Cameron cheating on her then-boyfriend Justin Timberlake by the National Enquirer, she complained and the photos and stories were taken down.

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