11 No Name Actors With The Hottest Spouses

When it comes to Hollywood, you’re either a big name or a no-name. It seems that celebrities who aren’t quite A-listers (but not exactly extras) don’t really get the recognition they deserve. After all, these actors are working just as hard (if not harder) than their more-famous colleagues. Plus, most A-list actors weren’t exactly household names when they started out, either.

Now that we’ve entered the age of internet celebrity and pay more attention to the new faces we see in movies and TV, more no-name actors are starting to get their share of the spotlight. There are even some die-hard fans who have devoted their time to finding out more about these obscure actors, such as how they got their start, and whether or not they’re married.

“Research” has proven that some of these no-name actors actually have beautiful spouses. This will probably work in their favor, at least indirectly, when it comes to boosting their fame in Hollywood. Of course, when it comes to the acting profession, some people make it big, and some people continue to be no-names. But, it definitely doesn’t hurt to have a good-looking mate by your side during the experience. Here are 11 no-name actors with the hottest spouses.

11 Adam Driver

10 Casey Affleck

9 Jamie Bell

8 Tom Hardy

7 Jake Johnson

6 Omari Hardwick

5 David Walton

4 Gal Gadot

3 Mark Ruffalo

2 Cillian Murphy

1 RonReaco Lee

RonReaco Lee is a native of Atlanta and is known for her character roles on the sitcoms Sister, Sister and Let’s Stay Together. Lee currently stars on the Starz series Survivors Remorse, which is produced by Maverick Carter, Lebron James and Tom Werner. If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard much about Lee in the tabloids, it’s because he’s been happily married for years to Sheana Freeman. We don’t have much information about her, since the only time we see her is when she’s with her hubby on the red carpet. We do know that she’s a beautiful woman, and that she even showed up at an event sporting her baby bump and taking pictures with Lee. We’re guessing their decision to be private is one of their secrets to a happy marriage.


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11 No Name Actors With The Hottest Spouses