11 Most Shocking Things Directors Made Actors Do For A Role

Being an actor has always been seen as a dream job that only a select few are able to obtain. It comes with all sorts of perks like various award shows, designer clothing, endless fame, and loads of cash. However, sometimes there's a dark side behind all the glitz and glamour and this darkness occurs behind the scenes between the camera, the director and the actors. A build up of pressure, tight deadlines, and an overly demanding director can create the perfect storm, turning a dream role into a nightmare. Here are 11 of the most shocking things directors have made actors do for a role.

11 Swim in Shark Infested Waters

10 Suffer a Permanent Physical Injury

9 Tortured with Live Birds

8 Have Boiling Water Poured On You

7 Get Handcuffed to A Co-star For Hours

6 Try to Survive a Real Flood

5 Film in a Real War Zone

4 Act Out The Same Scene 127 Times

3 Wash The Director's Car In A Bikini

2 Have Your Hair Plucked Out

1 Wear Copper-Based Makeup Around Fire

The 1939 film The Wizard of Oz is an icon of American pop culture and looks as though it was a joy to film - but filming wasn't as fun as it looked. The Technicolor process was expensive and time-consuming, so to cut costs, the producers and director required 16-hour days, six days a week. The sound stages were brightly lit and quickly reached more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit creating an unbearable work environment. In an early scene, filmmakers made fire erupt from the ground in order to conceal the Wicked Witches' exit as she was lowered by an elevator. However, something didn't go right and she caught on fire, which was made worse by the copper-based green makeup she wore. The makeup had to be removed before the second-degree burns on her hands and face could be treated. After spending six weeks in the hospital, she returned to filming but demanded a stunt double for the next scene involving fire. The stunt double was also badly burned.


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11 Most Shocking Things Directors Made Actors Do For A Role