10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Video Game Franchise

It's no secret that DC has had some major success in the video game department with recent hits like Batman: Arkham Knight and Injustice: Gods Among Us. The rocking game play and intense visuals help them stand out not only as comic book video games, but as some of the best in their respective genres.

Then there's Marvel. Think of a fantastic Marvel game that's come out in the past five years and doesn't involve Legos. Can't do it, can you? The last game based off of Marvel characters that I actively enjoyed and would recommend is Ultimate Alliance, and that came out back in 2006. So what's the deal? With so many great characters to choose from, you'd think the comic book (and now movie) behemoth would be able to at least pick one and be successful.

While they haven't created an amazing game in recent memory, that's not to say that they don't have the potential. I have faith that someday we'll be seeing games by Marvel that could even compete with the Batman Arkham series.

Here are 10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Video Game Franchise.

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10 Fantastic Four

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The Fantastic Four have definitely been pretty mishandled in media recently (I'm looking at you Josh Trank), but that doesn't detract from them being great characters. After all, they are Marvel's First Family. I think that's a dynamic that would work really well in a video game. Have it be a cooperative affair (similar to Evolve or Army of Two) where each character is needed for their particular skills (Sue Storm could be used for stealth, Thing for heavy lifting, etc.). Introduce a baddie that provides some tension in their relationship, and that could be a game worth owning. Please use somebody other than Doctor Doom though. Despite being one of the greatest comic book villains of all time, I couldn't bear seeing him misrepresented again.

Though a game was released in 2005 on Xbox and PS2, Fantastic Four the game was considered, by critics, a bust.

9 Magneto

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We've seen many X-Men games. We've seen Wolverine games. We've even seen a Deadpool game. Why not have one centered around Magneto? After all he is one of the most "grey area" villains ever to exist. His intentions are pure, he just takes them to immoral extremes. A game that puts us in the role of this kind of moral ambiguity would really give the player something to think about. Not to mention an upgrade system based on his magnetic powers would be purely awesome. Could you imagine being able to lift a football stadium near the end of the game?

8 Doctor Strange

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Doctor Strange is a very unique character, as such I think he should have his own game because it too would be very unique. Many levels and scenery could be used that wouldn't fit with any other superhero. Sending Strange into other realms could result in some memorable visuals. The source material would also present the potential to see some unique creatures, possibly even have Dormammu as the primary antagonist. A project like this headed by Platinum Games is something I'd get on day one.

7 Nick Fury

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As the great Tony Stark said during The Avengers, "His (Nick Fury) secrets have secrets." Case and point: we don't know a lot about the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. This is why I believe a game would work really well. We could explore how Fury got to where he was and what kind of trials he'd have to endure to be able to be prepared for so many superheroes and villains rising up. A style akin to Uncharted or Tomb Raider would lend itself really well to this idea, using story progression and exploration to hook the player. Then maybe we may understand why Fury does what he does.

6 Gambit

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Gambit has been a surprisingly underused character in media despite his popularity in the comics. Even his film was delayed by several months; it's quite frustrating. He is an interesting and relatable character that has powers that no other superhero ever created has. This is why he could have a unique game that would stand out from the competition. You could have elements of Assassin's Creed regarding parkour, and add combat similar to The Force Unleashed, and we'll have a game worthy of card shark himself.

5 The Inhumans

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The Inhumans are another relatively underused character in Marvel's lineup, but are starting to make appearances in Ultimate Spiderman and Agents of Shield. Having an entire society of inhumans with different powers to choose from would really shake up gameplay a lot. Then during the climax, allow the player to use King Black Bolt himself. Better yet, a war between the Inhumans and the Skrulls. Having super-powered beings clash against each other on a large scale is something we haven't seen in a video game before. Give it to us now!

4 X-23

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Like I said before, we've seen many Wolverine games, and there are a few that were actually worth picking up. However, instead of making another Wolverine title, I think Marvel could benefit from using X-23 instead. Being a female clone of Wolverine and the current person to take up the mantle in All-New Marvel, this is probably the best time to introduce her to people who are unfamiliar. If handled right, she could even be up there with the likes of Lara Croft and Bayonetta.

3 Taskmaster

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Taskmaster is another one of those interesting Marvel characters. However, the reason I think he deserves his own game is not because of his personality, but rather his ability to replicate fighting styles after seeing it for a mere second. Just imagine being able to copy your enemies' moves then play them back as the game progresses. It would take the Arkham series' counter mechanic to a whole new level.

2 Ghost Rider

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Ghost Rider definitely lends himself to a much more intense style of gameplay, but that's just fine by me. I could easily see a Ghost Rider game being like Red Dead Redemption, except you get a sweet bike and devastating powers. Striking fear into bad guys would be a nice change of pace for once. Bike racing in the desert would also be pretty sweet.

1 Star Lord

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I'm not talking about the entire Guardians of the Galaxy here, just Star Lord. Why, you may ask? Well, we've seen the guardians assemble, so we're more than familiar with all of their adventures, but what about Star Lord? He'd been in space for many decades before he became the leader of the Guardians. I think this would be a blank canvas for a game to be able to explore his legacy as an outlaw, as well as some pretty fantastic visuals and enemies to fight. There would be some great combat opportunities as well, seeing as Star Lord has those twin blasters and the rocket shoes. Shut up and take my money, Marvel.

Sources: comicvine.com

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