11 Hottest Women Ben Affleck Hooked Up With

There is no denying that Ben Affleck is a decent looking guy. He has got that whole DILF thing going on that many women could not resist (it is not like they are trying). He is also becoming somewhat of a George Clooney-type as he dates his way through up-and-coming actresses and models, giving them a slight career boost and getting his jollies along the way.

Over the years, Affleck has dated a number of women. Some have been flings and few have been long term. Only one woman was able to tie him down and it looks like she may be the only one ever. As he goes through his divorce it seems as though Ben is over the idea of marriage and is ready to be a permanent bachelor. Affleck has a variety of tastes when it comes to women, there is no discrimination; by the looks of it, he picks women based off of who he is working with at the time.

Now that Affleck is back on the market we can only speculate what kind of trouble he will get into and who he will do it with. Considering some of the girls he has hooked up with in the past it will be interesting to watch him put his player hat on. Until then we can only reminisce by looking back at some of his hot hook ups so far.


11 Blake Lively

Back in 2009 on the set of The Town, Ben was accused of hooking up with everyone’s favorite girl Blake Lively. Pictures surfaced from set of the two looking very cozy together, too cozy for a married man to be with a friend, co-star or anything else. There was apparently a lot of unnecessary hugging and touching. At the time Jennifer Garner was in New York filming Valentine’s Day and had the kids accompany her on set. We would like to believe that Lively is not the home-wrecking type but sometimes people just get caught up take for example Kristen Stewart.

10 Abigail Kuklis


Ben reportedly hooked up with the up and coming actress Abigail Kuklis while filming Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The rising actress who plays a flight attendant in Batman V. Superman is said to be trying to keep it simple with Affleck seeing as he is going through a trying time, she is just trying to have fun. However, when you are as popular as someone like Ben Affleck it becomes increasingly hard to keep your personal life personal. Kuklis will be in for a surprise if she sticks around Affleck; he seems to attract the press especially lately.

9 Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is a veteran in the hooking up game and in addition is no stranger to scandal or tabloid stories popping up with her name all over them. She apparently spent a bit of time hooking up with Affleck while filming Live By Night. Photos surfaced of the couple holding hands and walking around set together, some people have dismissed it as him taking her to shoot the next scene. However, this looks suspicious seeing as she is a 33 year old woman who would not need to hold someone’s hand to walk to set. Just admit you hooked up already, everyone does it.

8 Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth Paltrow spent a few years as Ben Affleck's leading lady starting in about 1997 and ending in 1999 then briefly getting back together in 2000, before splitting for good. The couple were cute together but during a Howard Stern interview she stated that their break up was inevitable. Her parents did not like him for her and she confirmed the stories of him loving his alcohol. “He's super intelligent and really, really talented and he's funny," she said. "But he wasn't in a good place in his life to have a girlfriend” says Paltrow. She maintains that they still have a friendship.

7 Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck’s now former wife deserves a spot on this list; he reportedly left Jennifer Lopez for Jennifer Garner and tried to start a new “Bennifer”. The two recently filed for divorce and cheating allegations quickly followed behind involving Affleck and the nanny which Garner recently admitted actually took place but only after the couple filed for divorce. Garner seems to be focused on her kids during this trying time and Affleck, well, he seems to be enjoying every last drop of single life. At least now he can drink and gamble and come home all hours of the night without being nagged.

6 Kate Beckinsale


Kate Beckinsale had a quick fling with Ben Affleck back in 2001 while they filmed Pearl Harbor. The relationship did not last long and flew slightly under the radar bur in March of 2015, things seemed to be heating up again. It was reported that Beckinsale reached out to Affleck for support and comfort after her divorce from Len Wiseman. Supposedly there has always been a spark between the two; now that they are both single maybe they can explore that spark more. Sometimes it takes years of searching to find what is right in front of your face. Then again another hook up is also acceptable.

5 Jennifer Lopez

To be fair this one was a bit more than a hook up. The duo seriously dated for about 4 years and was even engaged. After two failed films together it looks like the couple’s relationship could not take the heat. The original Bennifer went downhill quickly, apparently due to competition within the relationship and of course the press constantly printing stories that were most likely not true. Over the years Lopez has commented on her well documented relationship stating that the breakup was like having her “heart torn out of my chest” and hoping to one day having a relationship like that one again.


4 Charlize Theron


The latest alleged hook up is with the uber hot Charlize Theron. The two A-listers reportedly have been attracted to one another for years and now they are both single at the same time and clearly ready to mingle. The romance allegedly started in February at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party, she could be a rebound in fact he could be a rebound for her considering she just ended her romance with Sean Penn a few months back. It looks like the new couple is avoiding the spotlight as much as possible but sources say that they are very involved and it all started from a friendship they made on the set of Reindeer Games back in 2000.

3 Enza Sambataro


Affleck dated sales executive Enza Sambataro after meeting her at a Red Sox game (of course). The romance was short lived as Affleck claimed the media attention on his relationships were always so unbearable. However, it looks like in this relationship the media dug up a bunch of information from the past about Sambataro and her family looking for a news story no doubt. Affleck stated that “it’s difficult” to date her. “The Enquirer will find out every dirty little thing that ever happened in your family’s history.” Yikes, that can make for an awkward second date-- if she even decides to pick up the phone.

2 Krista Allen


Actress and model Krista Allen is no stranger to dating high profile men. She was George Clooney’s arm candy long before he was captivated with his wife Amal. She dated Clooney for two years and saw another chance of obtaining fifteen more minutes when she hooked up with Affleck. Although it did not quite go as planned as he only spent a mere month with her. He has never confirmed that they dated but Allen has whispered a few words of it; it looks as though she was not quite public figure material for Affleck. Then again this relationship did overlap with his fling with Enza Sambataro.

1 1.Emily Ratajkowski

She is the hot new model on the scene and it looks like Ben may have taken a crack at her. The rumour goes like this; during the filming of Gone Girl Ben was hooking up with the young actress/model. He does have a bad habit of hooking up with his co-stars and honestly speaking, look how beautiful she is. They had grown very close during filming and she even played his love interest in the film. Could this be a case of life imitating art? Emily Ratajkowski’s star is quickly rising and it looks like Ben can now claim that he knew her when...

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