11 Hottest Women Barney Stinson Has Hooked Up With

We all remember the hilarious, relatable sitcom that was How I Met Your Mother. As the cast navigated through major milestones in life like serious relationships, career changes, marriages and raising a family, we got to see how each of these changes had a profound effect on their friendships. Each of the cast members had a different point of view on life; from Marshall’s innocent and hopeful way of looking at things to Robin’s harsh exterior that often melted away temporarily to show her more vulnerable side.

Of course, we also remember Barney Stinson, portrayed by the talented Neil Patrick Harris. Stinson was the ultimate womanizer, and had a serious fear of commitment. We got to see later on in the show that he had some family issues that contributed to his inability to have a stable relationship with a woman. While it’s clear to see that Barney Stinson is pretty flawed, we’ve got to admit that he hooked up with some pretty hot women. For some reason, the most beautiful women were attracted to Barney, and many of them wanted more than a one night stand with him (those are the ones he got rid of the quickest). In case you forgot, here’s a roundup of the 11 hottest women Barney Stinson “got to know”.

11 Meg (played by April Bowlby)

10 Anita (played by Jennifer Lopez)

9 Anna (played by Dawn Olivieri)

8 Abby (played by Britney Spears)

7 Nora (played by Nazanin Boniadi)

6 Robin (played by Cobie Smulders)

Cobie Smulders was one of the main characters on How I Met Your Mother. She was often seen as the female equivalent to Barney Stinson, since she also had a fear of commitment. Robin was “one of the guys,” but also had a soft side that she didn’t like showing too often. When she and Barney finally got together, there were lots of ups and downs, and neither one of them were fully ready to admit how deeply they really loved each other. They decided to call it quits after envisioning themselves as an older couple who hadn’t achieved their life goals, and fans were devastated. But, we’ll always have a soft spot in our hearts for Robin Scherbatsky and Barney Stinson.

5 Shannon (played by Katie Walder)

Shannon, played by actress Katie Walder, was one of the few characters Barney Stinson actually had a serious relationship with. He and Shannon were together during the show’s pre-season, in 1998. She was also Barney’s first real girlfriend, and the hurt of their breakup is likely the reason for most of his philandering behavior. Shannon was actually cheating on Barney with a guy named Greg, and it broke his heart, especially since the couple were supposed to help the people of Nicaragua together as Peace Corps members (remember when Barney was halfway decent?). The first time Shannon appeared on the show was in the episode Game Night. After Shannon and Barney called it quits, it was pretty much downhill for Stinson’s morals from there.

4 Professor Lewis (played by Jane Seymour)

A number of people know actress Jane Seymour for her popular role in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, as well as the Hallmark movies she’s done and her heart-themed jewelry line. Seymour also got the attention of fans when she played Professor Lewis on How I Met Your Mother. It’s not often that Barney went after a woman who was older than him, and the main reason that he wanted the professor so bad is that she seemed to be unimpressed with him. Professor Lewis actually ended up mesmerizing Barney with her sexual prowess, but she was pretty unenthused about how he performed in bed. Just for the sake of character development, it was nice to see Stinson knocked down a few pegs.

3 The Mother of Barney’s Child (played by: Anonymous)

2 Karina (played by Stacy Keibler)

1 Honey (played by Katy Perry)

Jennifer Morrison, who played Zoey on the show, had a cousin named Honey, portrayed by Katy Perry. Many people know that Morrison was the “mother” who is referred to in the title of the show. So, since she was going to be around for a while, Barney thought it was a good idea to “get to know” her cousin. Well, let’s face it, Stinson doesn’t really need a reason to go after a hot girl. Honey also wasn’t too bright, which made Barney even more excited about trying to lure her into bed. Poor thing. In real life, Perry seems to be making better choices in men, and seems to be happy with actor Orlando Bloom.


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11 Hottest Women Barney Stinson Has Hooked Up With