11 Of The Hottest Celebs With Daddy Issues

The importance of the father figure in a child's life really can't be emphasized enough. Young boys need a real life example of the kind of man they ought to grow up to be, and young girls need a real life example of how they ought to be treated by a man. Mothers are a child's everything, but so many vital values and morals can be missed by children whose homes lack a strong father figure. As we know, women tend to subconsciously choose men who remind them of their father's behavior, or they will unconsciously be drawn to relationships that mimic the one they observed in the home while growing up. Women who were raised in homes lacking a father, often grow up to become serial daters in a never ending search for that ever elusive father figure.

Growing up without a good example of a strong male figure makes it extremely difficult to recognize it in a life partner, and can even poorly affect a woman's sense of self worth. Daddy issues normally explain why we see some of the most attractive women in the public eye in trouble laden relationships time and time again, wondering why it is they can't seem to find someone to keep them happy and treat them fairly. Women who suffer from the unconscious trauma of daddy issues no longer have to be victims of their past when they acknowledge the truth of the matter. Below are 11 of the hottest female celebs who clearly suffer from daddy issues.

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11 Kylie Jenner

10 Rihanna


Bajan Popstar Rihanna grew up watching her drug addict father, Ronald Fenty, physically and verbally abuse her mother for years. During an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2012, the singer told the talk show host that the abuse she witnessed led to a very strained relationship with her father and would eventually lead to the much publicized abusive relationship with ex boyfriend Chris Brown. Chris infamously beat Rihanna to a brutal pulp the night before the 2009 Grammy Awards. Rihanna told Oprah that Chris' abuse towards her is what finally made her understand her father and slowly repair their father daughter relationship. Rihanna claims that making peace with her father's past is ultimately what made it possible to forgive Chris. The S&M singer also surprisingly said of her father, “He was one of the best father's. As awful as he was to my mom at times, it didn’t compare to how great he was as a father.”

9 Ireland Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin first made headlines in 2007, when a vicious voicemail from her father directed towards the then-11-year-old leaked. In the recording that can be heard above, Alec refers to the 5th grader as a "thoughtless little pig," for not answering his phone calls. Of the rant, Ireland told Page Six Magazine back in 2011, "The only problem with that voicemail was that people made it out to be a way bigger deal than it was. He's said stuff like that before just because he's frustrated. For me it was like, 'OK, whatever.' I called him back and I was like, 'Sorry Dad, I didn't have my phone.' That was it." Now nearly 20 years old, Alec's daughter battles with drugs and alcohol, recently completing a stint in rehab earlier this year; but reportedly denies that the strained relationship between she and her father has anything to do with her addictions. She did however recently Tweet, "some day i'll be ready to share my story." Ireland came out last year as being in a same sex relationship with rapper Angel Haze.

8 Lindsay Lohan

Former hottie Lindsay Lohan is known to have two of the worst parents in Hollywood. Her father Michael, is frequently found gossiping to the press about his own daughter. During episode 2 of Lindsay's docu-series for OWN, Lindsay is discussing the possibility of splitting the costs for a new car for her youngest brother with her father. Michael proceeds to explain why he can't afford it at the moment due to his high child support payments for her half siblings, where upon Lindsay suddenly snaps saying, "I dont want to talk about your other f**king random kids." It doesn't take a psychologist to hear the deep seated resentment in that simple statement. One of the two half siblings Lindsay was referencing as Michael's "random kids" was conceived in 1995, while he and her mother Dina, were still married. That child made news in 2013 when it was reported that she spent $25,000 on plastic surgery in an attempt to morph into older half sis Lindsay. Lindsay was reportedly creeped out by the move.

7 Brooke Hogan

Father and daughter Hulk Hogan and Brooke Hogan have a long list of inappropriate encounters made public. In 2008, paparazzi captured the former singer being rubbed down with sun tan lotion by her famous father. The following year, the former wrestler awkwardly Tweeted a photo of his daughter wearing a tight mini skirt, captioning it ‘Brooke’s Legs’. The Hulk's followers viciously went on the attack for the inappropriate Tweet and Brooke responded with, “A dad can’t even be proud of his daughter without sickos makin it something it’s not,” adding, “Really?? Go back to your farm, animals. #ignorant.” In 2011, Brooke celebrated her father's 58th birthday by bringing him along as her date to the unveiling of her nude photo exhibit at Miami's Cafeina Lounge. The awkward decision only further fueled the crazy rumors, prompting Brooke to once again take to Twitter saying, "Im SO sick of people saying me and my dad are in some perverted relationship. go home and do your own thing. Stop picking on me."

6 Adele

Someone Like You singer, Adele is well known to have daddy issues. Father of Adele, Mark Evans, reportedly walked out on Adele's 18 year old mother when she was just an infant, and was hardly ever in contact with her throughout her childhood. Mark blames his absence from Adele on alcoholism due to his own father's death, though you'd think knowing the difficulty of an absent father would compel him to be there for his own kid. Adele reportedly cut off her father for good after he'd sold a story to the press about their past in 2011, and allegedly threatened to spit in his face if she ever saw him again. Diagnosed in 2014 with the same bowel cancer that took his own father's life, Mark is reportedly desperate to get in touch with his estranged daughter and finally meet his grandson Angelo. He still marvels at his daughter's success saying, "I just can’t believe that a scruffy little kid from Tottenham has grown up to be a global superstar."

5 Bijou philips

4 Ariana Grande

In 2014, Ariana Grande opened up to Seventeen magazine about the toughest moment in her life up until that point, was the fall out with her father. According to the singer, "It’s private, but it happened last year. It took me so long to be okay with it. The thing that got me there was embracing the fact that I am made up of half my dad, and a lot of my traits come from him. So much of me comes from my father, and for so long, I didn’t like that about myself. I had to accept that it’s okay not to get along with somebody and still love them." Earlier this year, Ariana's father Edward Butera, commented on ex-boyfriend Big Sean's Instagram pic captioned, "I give her that D..#Detroit," saying, "That D Better be Detroit Sean." The two broke up just weeks afterwards. Perhaps the pop star's daddy issues are partially to blame for her love of immature mischief, recently making headlines for licking and spitting on donuts (which were not paid for) with her dancer boyfriend purely for sport.

3 Beyonce

Were it not for the careful management skills of Matthew Knowles, Beyonce likely wouldn't be the household name she is today. The superstar fired her father as manager a few years back and wanted the split to appear as amicable to the public as possible, but an audit of Beyonce's finances reportedly revealed that her father was stealing from the superstar. On top of the embezzlement, Matthew was discovered to have been cheating on his wife of 30 years, Tina Knowles and reportedly fathered 2 love children during their marriage. While Beyonce and sister Solange, were present for their mother's recent wedding to actor Richard Lawson, the sisters didn't bother attending father Matthew's wedding in 2013. Despite clearly being incapable of trusting her shady father, Beyonce has seemed fortunate in love, maintaining a 13 year relationship with rapper Jay-Z.

2 Angelina Jolie


Former wild child turned modern day saint, Angelina Jolie has been known to be estranged from her famous father Jon Voight, for most of her life. The Actress has been very vocal in criticizing Jon for his multiple affairs while married to her now deceased mother, Marcheline, as well as his absence throughout much of her childhood. Uninvited to Angelina's 2014 wedding to Brad Pitt, Jon once claimed that Angelina had 'serious mental problems' back in 2002. This was roughly around the time that Angelina was frequently seen making out with her brother James, and connected to Billy Bob Thornton; wearing vials of each other's blood. From drug abuse, to unconventional sex practices at too early an age, the Tomb Raider actress's troubled past could possibly have a lot to do with the strained father-daughter relationship. Ironically, Brad and Angie's eldest daughter, who's become the spitting image of her grandfather, recently announced she would like to be referred to as John instead of by her given name, Shiloh.

1 Halle Berry

Movie star and beauty queen Halle Berry can never seem to get it right when it comes to choosing men. The X-men star has experienced numerous tumultuous relationships within the public eye, the majority of which have involved physical and emotional abuse. During a speech at the Mayors Fund Benefit in 2011, Halle Berry shared, “When I was a girl my mother had the s–t kicked out of her and her self-esteem moved onto me. I devalued myself and thought I wasn’t worth it. I chose partners that mimicked my father. It was only when I was in an abusive relationship and blood squirted on the ceiling of my apartment and I lost 80% of my hearing in my ear that I realized, I have to break the cycle. I did choose the wrong partners. Not always good men. Luckily, in recent years, I have been smart enough to hit the door when violence even becomes a possibility. That is something I will not tolerate.”

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