11 Celebs Who Could Boost Their Careers With Breast Implants

Although big booties seem to be the current trend, there is no denying that boobies have not lost their value. It's amazing so see how society’s views on women have evolved over time. From loving curv

Although big booties seem to be the current trend, there is no denying that boobies have not lost their value. It's amazing so see how society’s views on women have evolved over time. From loving curves, to admiring skin and bones and back to curves again, it seems as though people’s tastes are ever changing. But when it comes to Hollywood, it's as clear as day that a women gets a lot of attention based on her physique alone.

Although we have come to embrace women who are not necessarily a size zero, people are still quick to criticize and speculate on whether or not an actress is fit enough, pretty enough or sexy enough. With actresses like Kate Upton on the rise, there is no question that much of the attention she receives revolves primarily around the size of her bust.

All this to say, even though having a heavy chest is not the only way to have a successful career, it is definitely a benefit; a useful tool for increasing attention and fame. To a certain extent, society seems to measure a celebrity’s success by their physical appearance and not so much based on their ability to perform.

Here are 11 celebrities who were not genetically gifted with large breasts. Many of these gals barely have anything to flaunt, and although they've all had successful careers to date, one can't help but wonder if they could have even more success if they decided to get breast implants.

11 Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has had quite a successful career. Starring in over twenty-five movies, not to mention her lengthy experience on the hit sitcom Friends, Aniston has been around for years and has become a household name. At the age of 46, Jennifer looks younger than some thirty-year-olds. Her fashion, well maintained physique and general appearance is one that so many would love to have. Although she is no longer with the very handsome Brad Pitt, it seems like Ms. Aniston has it all. All except a bigger bust size. We don’t feel as though it would necessarily enhance her ability to act, but it could definitely land her some pretty steamy roles.

10 Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner comes off as your very typical plain Jane, which is probably why most people have forgotten about her or don’t even know who she is. Best known for her roles in Daredevil, 13 Going on 30 and the once popular television series Alias, Garner’s career seems to have quieted down over time. Like many other stars, Jennifer has had minor roles in other tv shows here and there but nothing major since the mid-2000s. This is a perfect reason as to why Ms. Garner would very likely benefit from getting implants as her career has kind of reached a plateau.

9 Cameron Diaz

At the age of 42, there is no denying that Cameron Diaz is definitely one of the hottest stars in Hollywood. Not only is she a good actress but her physical form is definitely not lacking anything. Well, for the most part. Although Diaz quite often plays funny roles, she still manages to portray a certain level of sex appeal in a cute, quirky way. Her role in The Other Woman, was undoubtedly a successful one, but it was hard to avoid comparing her to Kate Upton. We all know that by comparing, we are not talking about her ability to act. Any bikini scene in the film went to Kate, without question, even though her role was major compared to that of Cameron’s. All this to say, it is almost certain that Cameron would have stolen the spotlight if she filled out her bikini just as much as Upton did.

8 Eva Longoria

There was a time when Eva Longoria was seen as one of the hottest women in Hollywood. Her leading role on Desperate Housewives made headlines as she played a very sexy, sassy character. Nowadays, we seem to find ourselves asking…Where did Eva go? Since her major success on Desperate Housewives, Longoria has made several appearances on television shows such as George Lopez, Brooklyn Nine Nine and Saturday Night Live, but has not landed any other major roles. It makes you wonder how such a stunning woman like Eva, isn’t seen more often. Perhaps if one attribute was slightly enhanced, we’d be seeing more of the beautiful Latina.

7 Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson has always been viewed as a hot, successful mom. However, she seems to have fallen off the map after marrying Muse frontman and lead singer Matthew Bellamy. Her career skyrocketed with the release of Almost Famous, followed by major successes including How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days and Bride Wars but has been relatively quiet ever since. Although she has had a handful of roles since then, she could very well benefit from a little pick me up. After seeing her prance around in a bikini in the not so successful Fool’s Gold, who’s to say it would help if she had Kate had a little more to her. Never know!

6 Miley Cyrus

From Hannah Montana, to a sweet character in a Nicholas Sparks movie to X-rated, we’ve just about seen “50 shades” of Miley over the years. Although there has been a substantial amount of criticism directed at Miley Cyrus, whatever she is doing clearly seems to be working for her. Unfortunately, a lot of what Miley does portrays a very trashy, rebellious teenager vibe which pretty much places her in a category that once in, is hard to get out of. Her very popular hit "Wrecking Ball," received a lot of criticism, yet people couldn’t get the darn song out of their heads. We can all agree that the video was somewhat, disturbing? If we gave Miley a second…or third chance, and she took it seriously, she could probably rock a sexier look. Mind you, the video probably would not have received such criticism if she did clean up her look. We’ve seen a lot of young stars grow up into sexy, seductive young women. Maybe its time to think things over, Miley.

5 Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea is without a doubt one of the most successful stars of the year. With her very sexy, teasing videos and musical compilations, it is safe to say that she’s really got it going for her. Her steamy music video with the very sexy Jennifer Lopez had people swooning over her & her big booty. One can only imagine what kind of reviews she’d be getting if her booty wasn’t the only thing that was pronounced. Although she is doing quite well for herself, a star’s fame is something that is quite difficult to maintain if you’re not grabbing people’s attention. Azalea would definitely be turning heads something else was popping.

4 Kristen Stewart 

Kristen Stewart, also known as the emotionless actress from the Twilight movies, is pretty much the human form of Grumpy Cat. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Well, we’ve given Kristen many opportunities to separate herself from Bella’s character, but she just can’t. Unfortunately her monotonous and bland character leaves people uninterested and many have totally forgotten about her since the last Twilight movie came out. Although her personality lacks character, at least changes elsewhere would give people something to look at.

3 Rachel Bilson 

At one point in time, most teenage girls were glued to the TV screen, absolutely in love with Rachel Bilson’s role as Summer Robert on the hit series The OC. She was seen as the very cute, spunky, petite character in love with the very charming and nerdy Seth Cohen played by Adam Brody. Since then, Rachel has had a few minor roles on certain television shows but nothing major. The once OC star is now known for her appearance in the Magnum ice cream commercials. At least she’s got something going for her!

2 Selena Gomez

Like most young stars, we’ve seen Selena Gomez basically go through puberty. The once very young starlet has evolved into a beautiful young woman leaving us all in awe after watching her newest music videos. Inevitably, young stars will always be compared to one another. There is no question that Gomez takes the trophy for being beautiful and classy compared to someone like Miley Cyrus. With a new album and an appealing style, Gomez needs to rise to the top considering her competition receives a lot of attention. If she’s going to strut her stuff in her music videos, we're sure spectators would surely be glued to the screen if there was a little more to look at.

1 Kendall Jenner

She may not have the Kardashian last name, but there’s no denying that she is one. At the age of 19, Kendall has been exposed to a life of luxury, fame, fashion and spotlight. Her sisters have been loved and ripped apart at the same time by society. It was only a matter of time before the media started nit picking at her. There has been much speculation that Kendall Jenner has had several plastic surgeries already, so who’s to say that she wouldn’t go a little further by getting a boob job? Although Kourtney, Chloe and Kim are  the main ones in the spotlight, we never know what these Kardashians and Jenners are up to. After all, she probably feels the need to keep up with them, right?

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