11 Celebs Rumored To Have Hooked Up With Kendall Jenner

It seems like Kendall Jenner is everywhere these days. Whether it’s her face (or hot body) staring you down from a billboard on your walk to work or her highly-publicized role on her family’s reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the 20-year-old supermodel seems to be one of the media’s favorite “It” girls to follow. With her incredible, first-ever Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show performance behind her, it looks like this star is set to keep shining brighter and brighter.

Thanks to the famed Kardashian reality show, most people know quite a lot about this twenty-something reality-star-turned-model. However, the one thing Ms. Jenner has kept her lips sealed about is whether all those dating and hookup rumors about her and a wide array of Hollywood’s hottest eligible bachelors (and one bi-sexual bachelorette) are true or false. She rarely goes on the record to discuss her dating habits, and instead prefers for fans to figure it out themselves and draw their own conclusions. With over 42 million Instagram followers, it’s safe to assume that anyone and everyone would kill to be Kendall’s latest arm candy, but it looks like that spot is currently filled. (Or is it?!)

If you’ve been dying to see a full list of all the beautiful celebs Kendall has been linked to, then you’re in luck! The wait is finally over. Here is an in-depth, chronological look at all 11 of the celebs, athletes, and fellow models that little Ms. Jenner has been spotted cuddling up to since she stepped in the spotlight.

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11 Julian Brooks

via zimbio.com

Ah, young love. Back before Jenner was walking Chanel and Victoria’s Secret runways, she was just a normal, super wealthy, reality-TV star dating a boy from her high school. Ok, so technically, Julian Brooks isn’t a celebrity, but he did play football at the University of Nevada during the twosome’s relationship.

Rumored to have met back when Jenner still attended high school, the two were featured cozying up to one another in numerous Instagram posts, mostly on Julian’s profile, with captions dropping the L-bomb. Their year-long romance allegedly ended with heartbreak when Jenner dumped the athlete after finding out he cheated on her.

10 Young Jinsu

via people.com

Fresh off a breakup with Brooks, the then 17-year-old Kendall found herself warming up to rapper, Young Jinsu. This hot pair kept their short lived relationship mostly under wraps, but both Young Jinsu and little sis Kylie posted an adorable and scenic shot of Kendall and Jinsu making a heart shape with their hands in the sky back in Oct. of 2013. The two were also spotted at a nightclub, which raised some eyebrows considering Kendall was only 17, but Jinsu was 21 at the time. But, this flame fizzled out shortly after it was lit and Jenner was on to the next one.

9 Harry Styles

Towards the end of 2013, One Direction, well more specifically, Harry Styles, was the only male celeb on any adolescent girl’s mind and it seems like he was on Kendall’s as well. After being set up by their managers, these two were spotted out and about a few times leading many to speculate about the nature of their “friendship.” Whatever happened between these two seems to be water under the bridge as the two have since parted ways. Looks like the only bad blood with Styles is from T.Swift’s camp.

8 Justin Bieber

Oh, to be a newly-legal “It” girl. Not only did Kendall live every teenage girl’s dream by being linked to Harry Styles, but she then followed that hook up with none other than Justin Bieber. During the tumultuous on-and-off saga that was Jelena, it looks like the Biebs made quite a lot of time for Ms. Jenner. The two were seen together numerous times, causing the tabloids to go into a frenzy about a Selena and Kendall feud which was never confirmed by either party.

What started out as a hookup in 2014, seems to have turned into either a friends-with-benefits situation or a purely platonic friendship since Kendall was one of very few celebs to show unwavering support for Bieber throughout his reckless phase and show up as one of his VIP’s to his Roast on Comedy Central. Regardless of how many times Bieber and Kendall claim they are “just friends,” it seems like these two definitely had some fun together.

7 Cara Delevingne

Kendall on Cara; Cara on Kendall. Towards the end of 2014, these two supermodels were pretty much inseparable. After sharing the runway and numerous photo shoots, Kendall and Cara seemed to rapidly become besties. The two have never been shy about their love for one another, but after being spotted holding hands and intimately cuddling at an NYC bar questions were raised about how close the two models really were.

Cara Delevingne is openly bi-sexual, but Kendall has been relatively quiet on the subject. With more and more millennials identifying themselves as somewhere on the spectrum of bi-sexual, odds are likely that something more than friendship sparked this pair’s obsession with each other. Making it as official as it gets, the two even coined the nickname CaKe after taking the first two letters of each of their names and combining them.

6 Scott Disick

via lifeandstylemag.com

If you just threw up a little in your mouth picturing Kendall and Scott canoodling, you’re not alone. Fans voiced outrage after numerous gossip sites reported that the pair had been seen getting too close for comfort at a friend’s house party back in Jan. 2015. Now, we are all aware of Scott’s pretty serious struggle with his demons, but hooking up with his children’s mother’s half-sister? That’s crossing a line, even for him! Thankfully, this is the only celeb on the list whose link to Kendall seems to be purely fictional. (Thank god!)

5 Swae Lee

via donbleek.com

Apparently, January was a busy month for Ms. Jenner. After being linked to Scott, Kendall was rumored to be hooking up with rapper Swae Lee. The Kardashian clan is famous for their love of rappers (Kim, I’m looking at you here), but many said the two were simply friends. When asked about his relationship with Kendall on the popular radio show “Sway in the Morning,” the rapper all but lost his cool after what started out as a PR-approved response, but then ended in childish giggling and a mediocre denial. We’ll take that as a solid confirmation Kendall and Swae were a bit more than friends.

4 Alfredo Flores

via sugarscape.com

After being linked to Swae, Kendall was spotted on the shoulders of none other than Justin Bieber’s bestie, Alfredo Flores. Although Flores may not be the most famous person, the company he keeps grants him enough celebrity to make this list. Their connection makes sense since Kendall has been a regular in the Bieber camp for a while, so they had already spent a fair amount of time together before they linked up. Whatever happened between the pair didn’t last long, and considering Kendall’s grueling Fashion Week schedule, it’s no surprise she didn’t have time for Flores.

3 Michael B. Jordan

The online fandom went wild when Kendall was spotted leaving a Met Gala party this past May with Michael B. Jordan. The famous actor had finally succeeded in creating a name for himself in the acting world, which must have caught Kendall’s eye. Although both camps denied any sort of relationship, it’s safe to assume these two had some post-party fun. Considering Kendall was dressed to kill in a skintight, animal print crop top and a skirt with a dangerously high slit, it’s easy to see why Jordan couldn’t help but be drawn to the stunning supermodel.

2 Lewis Hamilton

Kendall likes to keep her romantic interests quiet, but she loves posting pics of her famous besties, like fellow supermodel Gigi Hadid. When the famous supermodels arrived in Monte Carlo for the Monaco Grand Prix, they made sure to document their adventures on Instagram. The pair even made a few appearances on British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton’s Instagram after meeting him and it seems Kendall made such an impression that he lent her his beloved gold chain. Later spotted with Hamilton’s chain around her neck, rumors flew about the pair’s involvement with one another. Then in June, both Kendall and Lewis accompanied pal Gigi and Joe on what seemed to be a romantic double date.

1 D’Angelo Russell

via blacksportsonline.com

Most recently, Kendall was spotted courtside dressed to kill, per usual, at a Laker’s game making eyes at none other than NBA player D’Angelo Russell. Given her family’s love of professional athletes, Kendall’s attraction came as no surprise. Both parties have said they are just friends, but that remains to be seen. As a California native, it’s seriously doubtful that Kendall will stop attending Lakers games anytime soon, so hopefully if the pair is still hot and heavy she’ll turn up at another home game soon to show her support. Only time will tell if this was just a quick fling or if there is more in store for this talented duo come 2016.


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