11 Celebrity Siblings Who Just Don't Get Along

Siblings fight. It’s just a part of life. Brothers and sisters often fight for the attention and approval of their parents. Siblings can also be competitive when it comes to career goals and financial aspirations. Some sisters and brothers resent each other if one is better looking than the other. If one sibling seems to get (or actually gets) more attention than the other siblings, this can cause a rivalry as well. Celebrities are not exempt from this.

Some of the fights that celebrity siblings have are ongoing and will likely never end. There are other fights that go on behind closed doors, and we’ll probably never know the details of the conflicts. Of course, some famous siblings have gotten into fights about some pretty ridiculous things, and others are in conflict with their siblings because the public has created tension between them. Fortunately, some siblings have gotten over their need to compete with each other, and have started to work together personally and professionally now that they’re older. Even though these brothers and sisters may not always get along with each other, they still manage to stick together when it really counts (most of the time).

11 The Ciccones

10 The Richards

9 The Francos

8 The Gyllenhaals

7 The Jonas Brothers

6 Alec and Stephen Baldwin

5 The Roberts

4 The Simpsons

3 The Williams

2 The Kardashians

1 Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez

Charlie Sheen and his half-brother, actor Emilio Estevez, haven’t always gotten along. They both appeared in Young Guns in the 1980s, and it’s been reported that they vie for the attention and approval of their father, Martin Sheen, constantly. The 1980s was also the time when the brothers started to feud with each other. They were going in different directions in their lives and careers. This was around the time Charlie started to experiment with alcohol and drugs as well. It’s clear that Sheen’s decisions have gotten him into a lot of trouble over the years. Since Charlie Sheen’s drug problems, custody battles and HIV status was released as public knowledge, we haven’t heard much from his brother Emilio. That speaks volumes.


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11 Celebrity Siblings Who Just Don't Get Along