11 Celebrity Siblings Who Just Don't Get Along

Siblings fight. It’s just a part of life. Brothers and sisters often fight for the attention and approval of their parents. Siblings can also be competitive when it comes to career goals and financial aspirations. Some sisters and brothers resent each other if one is better looking than the other. If one sibling seems to get (or actually gets) more attention than the other siblings, this can cause a rivalry as well. Celebrities are not exempt from this.

Some of the fights that celebrity siblings have are ongoing and will likely never end. There are other fights that go on behind closed doors, and we’ll probably never know the details of the conflicts. Of course, some famous siblings have gotten into fights about some pretty ridiculous things, and others are in conflict with their siblings because the public has created tension between them. Fortunately, some siblings have gotten over their need to compete with each other, and have started to work together personally and professionally now that they’re older. Even though these brothers and sisters may not always get along with each other, they still manage to stick together when it really counts (most of the time).


11 The Ciccones

That’s right, Madonna has a last name. She and her brother Christopher, used to be really close. But apparently, there were some things going on behind the scenes that we didn’t know about. That is, until Christopher released a tell-all book called Life With My Sister Madonna. In it, he detailed some of Madonna’s evil ways, and pretty much threw her under the bus. The two have had a long-standing bitter feud since then. Christopher used to be Madonna’s personal assistant and artistic director, so we’re pretty sure he knows what he’s talking about. However, it probably would have been better for him to keep his mouth shut, since we haven’t heard from him in years.

10 The Richards


Both cast members of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle and Kim Richards, have been in competition for quite some time. Their fights have been documented for those who enjoy reality television, and they’ve said some pretty harsh things to each other. They’ve even gotten into some physical altercations, and most of their disagreements have been about Kim’s addiction issues and Kyle’s tendency to be a control freak. The Richards sisters have had a long-standing fight that is one of the most entertaining aspects of their reality show. However, in 2015, Kim reported that after she made the decision to go to rehab, her relationship with her sister has improved. However, the feud may have to be “on” again if the sibling fight is better for reality show ratings.

9 The Francos

James and Dave Franco are both actors, but it’s obvious that James is more successful. However, Dave is not as annoying as his brother, and doesn’t do creepy things like flirt with underage girls online. James may be the hotter brother, but he also acts like an entitled jerk sometimes. There’s a good chance that these brothers have “discussions” about James’ behavior in private, and perhaps Dave brings up the fact that he’s Mom’s favorite because he’s not such an embarrassment. James also starred in that movie that nearly started a war with North Korea, which means Dave has one more thing to brag about.

8 The Gyllenhaals

The Gyllenhaals have been in the business for a long time. As they’ve gotten older, it seems that they’ve grown more and more fond of each other. However, there was a time when Jake and Maggie had a bit of a rivalry going on. During an interview with CBS, Maggie said that at this point in their careers, it would “behoove” her and her brother to “support one another.” Maggie also stated that she and Jake are now old enough to realize that competing with each other is a waste of time. The media has also pitted the siblings against each other, and is often stating that Jake is better looking than his sister. Fortunately, the two haven’t played into this.

7 The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers pretty much captured the hearts of young girls everywhere in the early 2000s. They sold out concerts all over the world, and even had their own show on the Disney channel for a while. However, after rumors swirled that the brothers weren’t getting along, the band broke up in 2012. Allegedly, the Jonas brothers couldn’t come to an agreement on how things should be handled in the group in terms of creativity and finances. Their fans were heartbroken, but it looks like they’re finally getting over it. Nick Jonas has a pretty thriving music career as a solo artist, Joe is finding success with the group DNCE (after a stint in rehab), and Kevin is raising a family with his wife Danielle. See? Everyone’s doing great.

6 Alec and Stephen Baldwin


All four of the Baldwin brothers are actors, but Alec has enjoyed more longevity in the business than his brothers. All of the Baldwin men have huge egos, and there have been times when none of them were speaking to each other. However, it seems that Stephen and Alec have the hardest time with each other, because they are constantly competing with each other in Hollywood. When Stephen got arrested for tax evasion in 2012, Alec commented on the situation by saying that Stephen was “no different from millions of other people.” Perhaps it was a sign of support. Perhaps it was a snarky comment. Alec is known for both.

5 The Roberts

Most people forget that Julia and Eric Roberts are brother and sister. After all, it’s pretty hard to maintain the spotlight when your sister is considered America’s sweetheart. Even though the two are a decade apart, they were once pretty close. When Julia moved out of their parent’s home, she actually moved in with Eric. Things took a bad turn when Eric started abusing drugs and alcohol, and broke up with his longtime girlfriend, Kelly Cunningham. Julia took Kelly’s side in the breakup, and helped Kelly create a legal defense fund to get custody of actress Emma Roberts, Kelly’s daughter with Eric. This, of course, caused some tension between the Roberts siblings, but these days, they speak well of each other—in public, anyway.


4 The Simpsons


Jessica and Ashlee have been through a lot together. They’ve both endured divorces, but are now with the loves of their lives. They’ve also had to go through their parents divorcing, and still haven’t addressed the rumors that their father Joe is gay. Four years after Jessica made her debut in the music world, Ashlee wrote and released the song “Shadow,” which explored her feelings of jealousy as her sister was achieving stardom. Ashlee also admitted in the song that she felt abandoned and neglected, since it seemed like the family was too focused on Jessica to notice her. These days, it seems that the sisters are back on good terms, and it’s rare that you’ll find a picture of the two them when they’re not smiling or embracing each other.

3 The Williams

Venus and Serena Williams are some of the best tennis players in the world. They literally rival each other from time to time on the court, and have both won impressive titles in their sport. There have long been rumors that Serena and Venus receive pressure from their families at times to “throw” matches so that one sibling can win a particular match. Serena has also admitted that she is much more competitive than her sister, and it is widely believed that Venus lets her sister win pretty often in order to avoid arguments. When the Williams sisters aren’t playing against each other, they can be seen in the stands supporting one another.

2 The Kardashians


On any given day, the Kardashians are fighting with each other about something, and then they’re “over it” a few days later. It has long been speculated that Khloe and Kourtney are jealous of Kim, and Khloe has even stated that Kim is their mom Kris’ favorite (Kris hasn’t exactly denied this). Little sister Kylie also seems to think that she’s getting on Kim’s “level,” and has started to get conceited, which has also caused some family tension. Then there’s Rob Kardashian. The only boy in the Kardashian clan claims that the girls are favored, and that Kris hasn’t done as much to help his career. Maybe that’s why he is engaged to Blac Chyna, (the ex-fiance of Kylie’s current boyfriend, Tyga). Kris Jenner is sure to turn that into a reality show. You’re welcome, Rob.

1 Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez

Charlie Sheen and his half-brother, actor Emilio Estevez, haven’t always gotten along. They both appeared in Young Guns in the 1980s, and it’s been reported that they vie for the attention and approval of their father, Martin Sheen, constantly. The 1980s was also the time when the brothers started to feud with each other. They were going in different directions in their lives and careers. This was around the time Charlie started to experiment with alcohol and drugs as well. It’s clear that Sheen’s decisions have gotten him into a lot of trouble over the years. Since Charlie Sheen’s drug problems, custody battles and HIV status was released as public knowledge, we haven’t heard much from his brother Emilio. That speaks volumes.


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