11 Celebrities You Probably Forgot Were Arrested In 2015

There is a lot of pressure that goes with being a celebrity. We at TheRichest understand that. But still, they have so much money, and are so famous, can't they just stay out of trouble, or at least be smart enough to not get caught? Apparently not, as celebrities get arrested all the time.

Some of them steal when they obviously have enough money to buy anything they want. Other get in fights in bars when they know that it is going to be splashed all over the media; others drive drunk or get arrested for sexual assault. I mean seriously, these guys are supposed to be celebrities, not members of a gang.

But we get it, everyone has problems, famous or not. Still though, some of these guys should just stay home by themselves and watch themselves on TV, before they wind up in a lot of trouble.  A lot of these celebrities are repeat offenders, others are in trouble for the very first time, and hopefully the last.

Here is TheRichest's list of 11 Celebrities You Probably Forgot Were Arrested In 2015.

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11 Shia LaBeouf - Public Intoxication

via www.eonline.com

10 Wiz Khalifa - Hovercraft Speed Chase

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If you are going to get arrested, there are all sort of things you could do to make you seem bad like a hardened criminal. Riding a hovercraft around in LAX Airport is not one of them, but that is exactly what Wiz did to get arrested. The rap star had just landed in Los Angeles after returning from Finland when he decided to cruise all around in the hovercraft. According to witnesses, it took 6 cops to get him off it and cuff him. As much as we hate to admit it, that is one crime on this list we would have loved to see.

9 Steve-O - Climbed Seaworld Crane

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8 Malika Haqq - Crash Car While Intoxicated

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Malika is supposedly an actress, but what she is really known for is chilling out with the Kardashians all the time, especially Khloe. Malika was just cruising along in Los Angeles on the highway when she crashed her car. This tends to be a red flag to cops. When they checked her out, she showed all sorts of signs of intoxication, and then she failed a field sobriety test. Come on Malika! If you are going to get wasted, either do it with Khloe, or don’t do it behind the wheel when you are cruising down the freeway.

7 Nicholas Brendon - Arrested 3 Times

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Things have been rough for the former star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for a while now. He has been arrested 3 times in 2015 and seems to be suffering from depression, as well as from some addiction issues. The first few times he was arrested for property damage and public intoxication. The last time he was arrested, he took it up a notch. After an altercation with his girlfriend he choked her and didn’t allow her to leave. He was arrested for robbery and battery. He has gone to rehab in an attempt to get help.

6 Jax Taylor - Stole $300 Sunglasses

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Jax, who is a bartender, model and the star of reality show Vanderpump Rules walked out of a store with a pair of sunglasses worth over $300. Because they cost that much, it is technically a felony. Taylor has said that it was an accident, that he meant to pay for them and so forth, but TMZ caught him on video and it is pretty obvious he is doing the dash. At least he got some free promo photos though. In his mug shot, it looks like he is posing for a demo reel to try and land a big role.

5 Flavor Flav - Marijuana, Suspended License, And Stupidity

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"Hey everybody, you know what time it is?" Well sadly, it is quite probably time for Flavor Flav to go to jail. Flav, whose real name is William Drayton, and is one of the most famous performers in rap history, was arrested in Vegas for suspicion of DUI, possession of marijuana, driving with a suspended license, having an open container in the car, and a few other minor crimes, just for good measure. Flav, who was the hype man in the legendary Public Enemy and the star of the less legendary reality show Flavor of Love posted his $7,000-bail

4 John Stamos - Drunk Driving

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You mean that guy that played Uncle Jessie from Full House got arrested? Please, say it aint so. Sorry, it is true. Stamos was pulled over in Santa Monica after numerous 911 calls came in saying that a car was careening all over the road. When all sorts of people call in to say that you are driving drunk, well, you probably are. When he was pulled over, the police at first thought there was something medically wrong with him, but they soon found out the only thing wrong was that Stamos was totally hammered.

3 Ricardo Medina - Allegedly Stabbed Roommate With A Sword

via i.huffpost.com

Medina, who is known for playing one of the Power Rangers in movies, took things a little too far when he killed his roommate with a sword that he kept by his bed. Big red flag here for a prosecutor; I mean you own a sword and you keep it by your bed? Anyway, supposedly Medina was in bed with his girlfriend when his roommate forced his way in and Medina killed him with a sword. Medina played the Red Ranger in the movies, which probably doesn’t matter too much to him now that he is sitting in prison awaiting trial.

2 The Weeknd - Punched Cop In The Face


via washtimes.com

The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, was arrested in Vegas for punching a cop in the side of the head. He was said to have punched the cop with a closed fist. You know, sometimes you not only get arrested for doing things like that, you get a good beating as well. The arrest was a result of a big fight, which Tesfaye was a part of. He pleaded no contest in November and was given no jail time, but had to do community service and take some anger management classes. Not bad for punching a cop.

1 Emile Hirsch - Choked Vice-President Of Paramount

via www.shemazing.net

Okay, so this is probably the most clean cut mug shot of all time. Hirsch, star of Into the Wild, was hanging out at a nightclub during the Sundance Film Festival. He approached a woman named Dani Bernfield, who is a vice president at Paramount pictures. After asking her if she was a “spoiled rich kid,” he started choking her, then pulled her to the ground, got on top of her and continued to choke her out. He was arrested for a felony count of assault and could have gotten 5 years in prison, but wound up only being sentenced to 15 days.


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