11 Celebrities You Didn't Know Appeared In Video Games

Everyone loves video games. Well, not everyone I suppose; I have had some girlfriends that can't stand them, and I remember my parents saying they were a complete waste of time. So I guess we can agree that everyone cool loves video games and leave it at that.

What could be cooler than just sitting around all day and playing video games? Losing yourself in that world and just doing your thing, and getting into the fantasy world of gaming is one of the finest pleasures known to man.

Well, there is one thing cooler than playing video games I suppose, and that would be having a character based on you in a video game. All of these famous people, are so cool, or at least were thought of as being so cool at one point, that a video game character was based on them. Of course looking back on it, it seems silly that some of these celebrities were chosen to be in video games. Either way, it sure would be cool for most of us to see ourselves in our favorite game. Not much chance that will happen though.

Here is TheRichest's 11 Celebrities You Didn't Know Appeared In Video Games.

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10 Ricky Gervais - Comedian In GTA IV

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We all know Ricky Gervais. He is one of the most famous comedians in the world. So what would one of the most famous comedians in the world be if he was in a video game? Well, he would be a comedian.

Gervais appeared in Grand Theft Auto IV, which of course is part of one of the most successful video game franchises of all time. I am sure that Ricky would have much preferred being a character that was a hero, or even a bad guy to being a comedian, but hey, at least he got to be in a video game.

9 Christina Aquilera - Sims Superstar

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Unless you have been living under a rock, or were abducted by aliens, I am sure you know all about The Sims. If you did happen to be under a rock, Sims is the well known game where you watch characters stand around and do nothing for hours on end; it's actually one of the most popular video game series of all time.

It has sold around 175 million copies since it was first introduced in the year 2000. The series has had a bunch of celebrities appear in it over time, and one of them was the lovely and talented Christina Aguilera, who appeared in The Sims Superstar that was released in 2003.

8 Snoop Dogg - True Criminal

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Okay, this one makes a lot of sense. If you have to put someone famous in a video game, then Snoop Dogg is one of the first people that comes to mind. I mean he doesn't even seem real anyway when you think about it.

He appeared in the video game True Crime: Streets of LA. This game first came out in the year 2003 to mixed reviews and was filled with stars like Christopher Walken, Gary Oldman, and Mike Madsen. Snoop had his own mission in the game, as well as his own car, and how cool is that?

7 Bruce Lee - The Ultimate Fighter

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Bruce Lee is not only possibly the most famous fighter of all time, he is probably the most famous video game fighter of all time. Lee has appeared in many games, including Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee Lives; Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story; Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon; Bruce Lee: Return of the Legend; and Bruce Lee: Iron Fist 3D.

That is a whole lot of Bruce Lee. It makes sense though, if you are going to pick a video game character as a fighter, who would you rather have than Bruce Lee? Sadly Lee has passed away, so he isn't around to see his legacy.

6 Carmen Electra - Hef's Girl

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Carmen Electra is mostly just famous for being Carmen Electra. Okay that isn't quite fair. She was on Baywatch, and was host of a spring break show on MTV after all. What helps is her gorgeous face and body.

Even though her time has come and gone, you still have to give her props as she's managed to be featured in two video games. The first was Playboy: The Mansion where she hung around with Hugh Hefner. She's also a character in Def Jam: Fight For NY, where she's one of the five girlfriends a player can select.

5 Kiss - A Circus And A Nightmare

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What better band to put in a video game than Kiss? They already were cartoon characters to begin with; their image was way better than the reality of who they were. Although with that said, there was a time when Kiss was arguably the most popular band in the entire world. Don’t believe me? Look it up for yourself. So why not put them in video games too? Well it happened. A fictionalized version of Kiss was in a game called Kiss: Psycho Circus The Nightmare Child. They also had an appearance in Tony Hawk: Underground.

4 Mike Tyson - Punch-Out!

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Mike Tyson. Where do we begin? Well, first he was the most feared boxer of his generation, maybe even of all time. Then he was sent to prison for rape. Then he got back out and was even more feared for a while because of the reputation he garnered the tattoo on his face doesn't help). Then he kind of turned into a bit of a chump and a joke, not that I would say that to his face.

Through it all, he appeared in his very own video game called Mike Tyson's Punch Out where you could pretend you were around Tyson in real life, except for the rape part of course.

4. Jesse James - From Motorcycles To Skateboards

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Jesse James is known for a variety of things. Among them is his awesome custom motorcycles of course. Another is for being a fairly well known television personality. Then there are all of his awesome tattoos. Of course one of the things he is most known for is having sex with all sorts of women while married to movie star Sandra Bullock.

The one thing he is probably least known for is being in a video game, but he was. He appeared in Tony Hawks Underground II which was the sixth installment of that very popular video game series.

3 Burt Reynolds - Saints Row

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Sure Burt Reynolds is kind of old now. Sure he has had money problems, and yes he doesn’t look nearly as good as he used to. But hey whatever, this is Burt Reynolds we are talking about here! He was as cool as anything you could possibly imagine at one point. Every guy wanted to be just like him, and every girl wanted to have him. So for old times sake, Burt was put in a Saints Row game. While he might not really seem to fit in any current video game, you still have to give Saints Row props for giving Burt some respect.

2 Michael Jordan - Jordan The Hero?

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Michael Jordan is by far the best basketball player in NBA history. There really isn’t much debate about that, he just is. So of course Jordan has been in tons of sports video games, more than we could count, and if you wanted to beat your opponent, you were going to use Jordan as your avatar. But a lot of people don’t remember he had his own game once called Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City. This was not the most memorable game ever; in it Jordan attempts to save other basketball players for a charity all star game.

1 Eminem - The Detective

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Eminem is undeniably the best white rapper ever. He is also without a doubt one of the best rappers of all time. Those two things get you a lot of respect in the rap world, as well as the world at large. They also can do something even cooler; get you a starring role in 50 Cent: Bulletproof. Eminem appears as Detective McVicar. He and Dr. Dre, who plays another character in the game, help 50 Cent get revenge against some hitmen who tried to take him down. Not quite as exciting as being the best white rapper ever, but everyone needs a day job.

Source: en.wikipedia.org

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