11 Celebrities Who Actually Get Starstruck

We all seem to forget that amongst the crazy lives of celebrities, the chartered flights, traveling around the world, meet and greets and awards shows; that they too dream of meeting their idols. The idea of celebrity is intoxicating. When society thinks of fame and fortune, they think of canoodling with the best of them and attending lavish parties; it seems like a tight circle of friends that you’re just not cool enough for yet. There are several cases of celebrity best friends and acquaintances, like Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake and George Clooney and Brad Pitt. However, if you’re anything like me, you live in a fantasy world and imagine all of your favorite stars being best friends, popping Champagne, partying, shopping and going on girl trips, basically everything you see in the movies. Believe it or not, it does not go down like this in Hollywood. In fact, you would be surprised to know that just like us regular folks, celebrities get starstruck too. Some of the greatest actors, actresses, musicians and athletes have admitted to coming down with a case of starstruck; Adele, Anna Kendrick and Mark Ruffalo are just a few of the people you will see on this list. Luckily for us, with the popularity of social media, most of these incidents are caught on tape or in photographs. Read on below to find out which one of these celebrities gets starstruck just like you

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11 John Krasinzki and Bryan Cranston


Early on in 2014, the epic meet up of John Krasinski and Bryan Cranston went down. The two high profile stars met backstage after Cranston’s Tony nominated play, All The Way about the life of Lyndon Johnson. Krasinski tweeted “There’s great acting... and then there’s @BryanCranston!! Oh MAN! Go see him in #alltheway !! Incredible!!!”. Krasinski also tweeted a photo of him and Cranston embracing, he looks thoroughly pleased. This is not the first time Krasinski admitted to being starstruck though, he also admits he was starstruck meeting the likes of Morgan Freeman and having the opportunity to work with Matt Damon.

10 Mark Ruffalo Meets Paul Rudd


9 Adele Meets Beyonce


In 2011, "fan" girl Adele gushed about meeting queen Bey at the Grammy’s. In an interview with digitalspy.com, Adele claimed it was the highlight of her life. Admitting to collapsing when she heard praises from Bey herself, Adele was even more shocked when Beyonce asked her for a photo, stating that she was overwhelmed and excited. In return, Beyonce and Jay Z also freaked about meeting the young songstress. It was later reported that Beyonce wanted to work on a song with Adele. Being ranked by The Guardian as the most powerful person in music, however even the most powerful and successful artists can get starstruck.

8 Emma Stone and Mel B

Caught on tape for your enjoyment, in March 2014, Emma Stone was surprised with a video by Spice Girl Melanie Brown. During an interview with Jules Merrick and Sophie, Mel B sent the delightfully sweet video to Stone, after finding out she was a huge fan of the Spice Girls. Shocked, overwhelmed and appreciative, Emma Stone can’t help but come to tears with disbelief, asking the hosts several times “is Mel B talking to me?”. Stone proves her loyalty by accepting a challenge from Scary Spice herself, to do a rendition of any Spice Girls song. She somewhat successfully pulls off a rendition of the hit Wannabe, with the help of Sophie. Since Mel B put the wheels in motion, it has opened the door for more Spice Girls to crash Stone’s interviews such as Mel C and Baby Spice.

7 Cheryl Cole Meets Beyonce and Jay Z

In 2013, self professed "fan" girl and British songstress Cheryl Cole met Beyonce and Jay Z at two different events and turned into an utter fool. She was so starstruck when she met Beyonce that she couldn't speak and she tried to run away from Jay Z, as opposed to running towards him. She was even more struck when she was praised by Beyonce for one of her music videos. Admitting to screaming like a child when she met Jay Z, this was apparently not the first time Cole had an interesting run-in with a celebrity she loves; when she met Prince William and Kate Middleton at the Diamond Jubilee at Buckingham Palace, not only was she surprised at how “normal” they were, she was also surprised that they were fans.

6 Rihanna Meets Aaron Paul


Ever the dramatic, Rihanna described her meeting with Aaron Paul as “life changing”. According to an article on MTV.com, despite being honored by the Guys Choice Awards that night as most desired woman, RiRi was more interested in getting backstage to meet Breaking Bad star, Aaron Paul. After posing for a cute picture, Rihanna Tweeted it with the caption “My life has been completed”. Keeping with the momentum, Paul also ran into Drake who said Rihanna got him hooked on Breaking Bad and was anxious to meet the young actor. In an interview with Capital FM, Paul stated, “Rihanna was “obsessed” with Breaking Bad and she was the one who got Drizzy on to the TV show.”

5 Anna Kendrick Meets Beyonce

Beyonce is a popular one on our list, everyone wants to meet her, be her, smell her or in Anna Kendrick’s case “get some of her aura”. As a presenter at the 2014 Grammy’s, Kendrick had the pleasure of canoodling with the biggest of stars but by far, Beyonce took the cake. Admitting to not looking her in the eye because she was “not worthy”, during an interview with Conan O’Brien, Kendrick said she was motioned over by queen B herself she was also introduced to Jay Z and received compliments from them both. Kendrick immediately Tweeted about their encounter with a cute picture to follow, captioned, "Guys, it happened. I met Beyonce. And she is an angel. And I am not worthy. And I will never stop shaking. #PatheticFanGirlOfTheYear."

4 Ariana Grande Meets Jim Carrey

In true dramatic fashion, Ariana Grande pulled a "90’s girl obsessed with a boy band" move, when she met Jim Carrey (whom she has always been a huge fan of) and started crying immediately. An Instagram video shows her asking for a hug, crying and saying how happy she is. MTV.com stated that Grande explained via Twitter why she cried; stating, “Met my childhood crush Jim Carrey. Could even speak. He was kind, warm and human. I’m so happy.” Judging by the error filled Tweet, we are going to assume she was frantic and starstruck when she wrote it. Grande then went on to Tweet that Carrey’s message to her when they met was “stay human”. Wise words from a wise man.

3 Meghan Trainor Meets Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato

Music newcomer and everyone’s favorite voluptuous pride girl, Meghan Trainor had some of her own dreams come true in January, at the Z 100’s annual Jingle Ball. Bumping into the likes of Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas, Trainor could do nothing but have a complete "fan" girl moment. Trainor, who opened the show with her hit All About The Bass, tweeted later that night a photo with her hugging up to Jonas and Lovato, captioned with, “I love these two! So nice, down to earth, and insanely talented. See you both soon ?? @nickjonas @ddlovato #JingleBall,”. The veterans in this scenario took the time to Tweet back and follow Trainor. It looks like she is in good company.

2 Oprah Meets Mick Jagger

In 2013, at a pre Emmy bash, Oprah Winfrey (one of the richest, well known women in the world) met Mick Jagger. Now, we all know Oprah knows how to get excited, but the excitement she unleashed when she met front man of The Rolling Stones, was unlike any other. The queen of talk has met and interviewed so many celebrities, she calls herself friend to some of the top names in the business; Brad, Angelina, and Jennifer you name it, but it took a Sir to ignite her inner "fan" girl. She took a photo wide-eyed and opened-mouth with excitement and posted it on her Twitter, with the caption “My first time meeting Mick Jagger! And yes he dances like Mick Jagger!”. She even posted a follow up picture of Gayle King dancing with Jagger to prove it.

1 Jennifer Lawrence Meets Jack Nicholson, Damien Lewis, Jeff Bridges


Perhaps the queen of being starstruck and possibly some of the cutest reactions ever, Jennifer Lawrence is taking full advantage of her shot at stardom. It seems like almost everyone she meets, she greets with a starstruck reaction; from Jack Nicholson to Jeff Bridges, musicians, athletes and actors alike, she is genuine and appreciative of every encounter. This is what makes J-Law number one on our list of starstruck celebrities. Lawrence’s meeting with Nicholson is probably one of the funniest episodes on her long list. While walking the red carpet of the 2013 Academy Awards, Lawrence couldn't contain her nervous giggle when Nicholson snuck up behind to say hi. Vanity Fair Magazine even reported that they had a “flirty back and forth”, oh la la.

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