11 Celebrities Involved With Wrestling Entertainment

Wrestling organizations, such as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and defunct World Championship Wrestling (WCW), have been known to bring in major Hollywood celebrities to help gain mainstream media attention. It is usually the case when a major event happens, such as WWE's Wrestlemania,which is like the Super Bowl and the Oscars rolled into one. Often times celebrities, like Aretha Franklin and Nicole Scherzinger, will sing the national anthem. Others, such as Regis Phibin and Kim Kardashian, handle interviews. However, many celebrities like to take on a much bigger and more imprtant role, and some will actually get in the ring and wrestle. Here is a look at 11 celebrities that were involved with wrestling.

11 Pamela Anderson

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10 Kevin Federline


9 David Arquette


David Arquette's involvement with WCW in the early 2000's is considered to be a disaster by those in the wrestling business. He comes from a well known acting family and appeared in the horror film, Scream Series. He starred in the film Ready To Rumble, which revolved around wrestling, and Arquette appeared on WCW TV to promote the film. He ended up winning the WCW world title, which angered fans and wrestling pursuits. Arquette, a lifelong wrestling fan, was against the idea of winning the belt. He donated all the money he made from his wrestling appearances to the families of deceased wrestlers, Brian Pillman and Owen Hart as well as Droz, who became paralyzed after an accident in the ring.

8 Pete Rose


7 Maria Menounos

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6 Mr. T


5 Snooki


4 Andy Kaufman

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Andy Kaufman rose to fame as a stand up comedian and was on the ABC Series, Taxi. He was a lifelong wrestling fan and wanted to be involved. This led him to Memphis, Tennessee where he engaged in a legendary feud with Jerry "The King" Lawler. Despite it widely being known that wrestling is "fixed", the media and fans thought that their hatred was real. In 1982, they had a match where Jerry gave Andy a pile-driver that injured Kaufman's neck. The two had a very memorable fight on the air on Late Night With David Letterman, that resulted in Lawler slapping Kaufman so hard across the face he fell out of his chair. Letterman and his staff were unaware that Kaufman and Lawler had planned that. Many thought the incident was real. Andy Kaufman is considered by many in the wrestling business, to have been the greatest celebrity villain.

3 Donald Trump


2 Cyndi Lauper


1 Mike Tyson


Mike Tyson is one of the most famous, controversial and feared boxers of all time. He was the undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the world and he unified the WBC, WBA and IBF titles. Tyson is a lifelong wrestling fan and was supposed to be the referee at WWE Saturday Night's Main Event, in February 1990. However, a few weeks earlier, Tyson lost his world title to James "Buster" Douglas, who then took his place as referee. He made his first appearance in January of 1998 and had a memorable altercation with mega star, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin on WWE RAW. He was the special referee at Wrestlemania 14 for the the Steve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels main event. Weeks Prior to the event, Tyson shocked everyone when he became a member of wrestling stable, D-Generation X (DX). However, at the event he betrayed DX. This was the start of a major boom period for the WWE known as the Attitude Era. His involvement with the WWE is considered to be one of the most successful celebrity appearances in wrestling. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012.

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