11 Famous Faces Photographed At Their Worst

Celebs are usually skilled in the art of posing for pictures. Since they are photographed all the time, it’s not surprising some pictures, every now and then, don’t come out exactly as expected. Either taken at a bad angle or bad timing or the result of bad hair, makeup and wardrobe choices, some perfectly stunning stars become stunning in a not so good way sometimes. Here are 11 celebrities who took some pretty bad pictures. Either way, a bad day or a bad decade makes for some regrettable photography. None of these people should have left the house on the days these pictures were taken.

11 Jennifer Aniston


We can all agree that Jennifer Aniston rarely (if ever) takes a bad picture. But here, she has short hair, no makeup and awful skin. She actually looks her age. Also, what’s that scar on her neck? We’ve never seen that before. Is she hurt? It turns out that Ms. Aniston is just in character for her latest movie, Cake. We all know playing ugly pays off well during awards season and she was just nominated for a SAG Award for looking pretty bad. Sometimes taking the worst picture can mean winning Best Picture or at least Best Actress.

10 Lady Gaga


Ahh, our favorite little weirdo, Lady Gaga. Unfortunately though, no one is really going gaga for Lady Gaga in this unfortunate picture of the pop star. The only thing less flattering than her wig/toupee is that bra she’s wearing. Furthermore, someone should have told her that the year 1993 called and it wants its necklace back. This picture was taken in Cannes, but someone should have told the singer she can’t wear that entire ensemble. Also, where are her eyebrows? Shouldn't she have at least matched them to her two-colored wig? Maybe, one white and one black...

9 Khloe Kardashian

8 Lindsay Lohan


7 Pippa Middleton


Sometimes “Her Royal Hotness” is just her royal notness. The sister of Kate Middleton is known for having equally stunning looks to the princess, but it certainly doesn't show in this picture. Photographed on a bad day, looking tired and unfortunately without makeup, the only way to describe poor Pippa is this picture is royally awful. Not to mention that sweater. With so little sleep, she probably wasn’t thinking clearly when she made that fashion faux pas. Also, why didn’t she at least comb (or at the very least, wash) her hair?

6 Mischa Barton


OC, more like oh no! Mischa Barton looks like an absolute mess. Before she was a huge television star (and then decided to walk away from it), Mischa was actually a child model, who graced print ads for designers such as Calvin Klein and in magazines like Martha Stewart Weddings. So, even Mischa should know how to take a good (or at least decent) picture on a not so good day. Maybe it's the wind or the terrible outfit? Maybe she's just hungover.... We'll try to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she just simply wasn't ready to pose for the camera.

5 Bruce Jenner


In the 70’s Bruce Jenner won a gold metal for both Track & Field and his hot looks, but since then, he just looks run down. First of all, it goes without saying that he needed a haircut about a year (or two) before this picture was taken. Very few men can pull off long hair and Jenner certainly isn't one of them. And it’s not even full, it’s just long, stringy and frizzy. He should have borrowed some hair products from Kris Jenner. Let’s just hope this picture was taken in the parking lot of his barber shop.

4 Kate Moss


3 Kim Kardashian

2 Amanda Bynes


In recent years, Amanda Bynes has had a breakdown of both her mental state and her looks. Ironically, she’s gone on multiple rants calling everyone ugly from Drake to Rihanna to Jay Z, but these days, she’s looking pretty ugly herself, which is sad because she used to be quite attractive. In this picture, she is at court, which maybe isn’t the best place to get a good shot, but makes you wonder if she looked in the mirror before she left the house in that awful wig. At least she could have brushed it. Also, her lip injections are awful. And why the lips and wig, but no makeup? And only one polished nail...

1 Britney Spears

It’s a really bad picture of Britney, b****. She looks genuinely surprised that the paparazzi are taking her picture. This disaster can’t even be blamed on a bad angle- bad timing and a horrible expression on her face. If you let that slide, you can’t do the same with her outfit, which looks like it was bought at Wal-Mart as part of a three-pack from Hanes that came in a transparent, plastic bag. Britney should have at least worn a solid t-shirt bra. But, it is certainly fair to say that Britney takes just as many good pictures as bad ones.

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