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11 Beautiful Blondes Poised To Be The Next Kate Upton

11 Beautiful Blondes Poised To Be The Next Kate Upton

Kate Upton became a household name after she made her grand debut on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue back in 2012. Of course, her success had something to do with the blonde bombshell’s good looks, which is also why she was featured on Maxim’s Hot 100 List. Since then, Upton went on to appear again on the cover for a second time, model for the likes of Vogue and has appeared in several movies.

But every celeb has his or her moment and it may be time for Upton to pass the baton. There are certainly a lot of lookalikes who may just take the bombshell’s place. Don’t cry just yet. Instead, be happy about all the Kate Upton clones that will trail behind her. They are all just waiting for you to make them your next screen saver. With that, here are a list of girls that are poised to be the next Kate Upton. Some have followed a very similar career path while others could simply pass as her sister. But without a doubt, you will be looking some of these hotties up by the time you get to the end of this list.

11. Danielle Knudson



Although 26-year-old Danielle Knudson, hailing from Alberta, Canada, hasn’t officially been touted as the “Next Kate Upton,” there are some similarities between the two. Not only is Knudson blonde and pretty, but she is an up and coming model, modelling for Guess and even appearing in Sports Illustrated. She initially gained a lot of attention as Milos Raonic’s girlfriend (the famous tennis player), as well as catching the attention of Justin Bieber, who called her “stunning” after he posted a picture of her on Instagram with the caption: “Who is this Guess model? She’s stunning.” In fact, she credits Bieber with boosting her career. Could Knudson be the next Kate Upton? Quite possibly.

10. Stella Maxwell



26-year-old model Stella Maxwell bears some similarities to Kate Upton with her good looks. It probably had something to do with becoming Miley Cyrus’ girlfriend back in 2015, which drew a lot of media attention. Although Maxwell and Upton are arguably different kinds of models (Maxwell models for more high-fashion magazines like Vogue Italia instead of Sports Illustrated) they do have that in common, as well. Maxwell is also now an official Victoria’s Secret Angel, which is sure to cause a lot of stir and might even make her the next “It Girl”, even if she hasn’t “officially” been called the next Kate Upton yet.

9. Alexandria Morgan

Back in 2014, some were throwing around the idea that Alexandria Morgan could be the next Kate Upton due to her looks alone. She’s got the classic Upton curves down pat. If you saw Morgan walking the streets, you might have to do a double take, thinking that you’d just seen Upton. She is definitely one of the contenders on this list who looks most like her. Morgan initially garnered attention on her Instagram page, where she currently has 88.8k followers. However, Morgan has yet to do any high-profile shoots like some of the other contenders on this list and we haven’t heard a lot about her since the original comparison was made back in 2014. This might be evidence for the fact that her chance at being the next Kate Upton may be already behind her.

8. Samantha Hoopes



And what do we have here? Another Kate Upton lookalike who has been dubbed as the next, well, Kate Upton. 25-year-old Samantha Hoopes has had a very similar career trajectory to that of Upton with her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue appearance in 2014, modelling for Carl’s Jr. (for which she is most recognized for) as well as modelling for Guess. In terms of her looks, she obviously has the blonde hair and ample bosom to match that of Upton. Will she be the next Kate Upton? She will need to come out with a bang in the near future in order to do so because the next big Sports Illustrated swimsuit model is bound to make any appearance any day now. Time is running out.

7. Lauren Hanley



Lauren Hanley has most recently been touted as the next Kate Upton by none other than Maxim Mexico, who have a pretty good idea of what they’re talking about. She definitely has the goods to rival Upton, if you know what we’re saying. She originally got a lot of attention after it was suggested that she was in a relationship with Johnny Manziel in 2010, the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. In the meantime, however, she has amassed quite a lot of followers on Instagram. She might just be on her way to becoming the next Upton – she has already been featured on the Sports Illustrated website as “Lovely Lady of the Day.”

6. Hannah Davis


26-year-old Hannah Davis was dubbed “The Next Kate Upton” three years ago. She is basically known for her appearances in the swimwear edition of Sports Illustrated, similar to Upton and obviously has the good looks to match. Davis was even on the cover back in 2015. However, the cover has yet to launch her into an overnight sensation like it did for Upton, but time will tell. Davis has a career that is markedly similar to that of Upton, with her Sports Illustrated covers and going on to model for other big names like Victoria’s Secret. She even had a part in 2015’s Vacation, a somewhat popular comedy film.

5. Antje Utgaard

Antje Utgaard has been regularly called “The Next Kate Upton.” She definitely has the bombshell good looks that rival Upton has, with her blonde hair and plenty of assets, which she often bares via her Instagram page. Arguably she has a more mature looking face than Upton, who leans toward babyface. Nevertheless, the Scandinavian model, who grew up in the United States, rose to social media fame with her racy booty and bikini snaps – she has almost 400k followers on Instagram. Since then, she has posed for Playboy and has been featured on the Sports Illustrated website as “Lady of the Day.” Things are beginning to heat up for Utgaard and it seems we might be seeing her face a lot more often.

4. Hailey Clauson



Hailey Clauson has been touted as the “Next Kate Upton.” In fact, she is already a pretty big deal in her own right. She has modelled for Gucci and most recently she was one of three women to appear on the cover of the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Clauson hasn’t just been considered the next Kate Upton; in fact, her poise has made people compare her to American model Karlie Kloss, as well. With her 2016 Sports Illustrated cover, which garnered a lot of worldwide attention for Clauson just this year, along with her bombshell good looks and swimsuit body, she may just be the next Kate Upton.

3. Charlotte McKinney


If anyone has been touted as the next Kate Upton, it’s Charlotte McKinney – after all, she describes herself as “a curvier bombshell with extremely big boobs” (we can’t argue). Some might say McKinney has the face of Taylor Swift with the body of Upton. It was her commercial for burger-joint Carl’s Jr. which aired during the most recent Super Bowl that particularly led to comparisons between her and Kate Upton – and, rightfully so: they are both blonde and looked super sexy handling those burgers. McKinney initially became famous on Instagram with her, you guessed it, bikini pics, which led her to be featured in the commercial, as well as Esquire. She then went to appear on Dancing with the Stars and even a film. There are definite similarities between the careers of McKinney and Upton.

2. Gigi Hadid


If the second-coming of Kate Upton has arrived, it might just be in Gigi Hadid. Vogue has even poised her as the next Upton. She’s already the talk of the town and is definitely the new “It Girl.”  Hadid is practically a drop-dead gorgeous new species, almost too beautiful to be part of the human race. Nevertheless, there are many similarities between the careers of these two ladies, which has naturally led to comparisons between the two. From modelling for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and Guess and even appearing on television via her mother’s reality show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, their careers are quite similar. In other words, Hadid may already be the next Kate Upton.

1. Kelly Rohrbach


26-year-old Kelly Rohrbach first rose to prominence in the pages of Sports Illustrated and even won the Swimsuit Issue Rookie of the Year as did Kate Upton, which has led to comparisons between the two (in addition to Rohrbach’s stunning good looks). Rohrbach, however, got her start acting, which is different from Upton. She had small roles on Two and a Half Men and Rush. Rohrbach’s other notable achievements include Leonardo DiCaprio and most recently landing the role of C.J Parker in the movie Baywatch, formerly played by the bombshell of all bombshells, Pamela Anderson. Rohrbach’s career is in the midst of heating up – expect to hear a lot more about her.

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