11 Annoying Stars Who Always Bring Their Kids To Work

Even though some stars make it big on their own merit, it’s no secret that nepotism is real in Hollywood. Some of the celebrities that we’ve come to know and love have famous parents who have paved the way for them. There are also some famous people who are bringing their small children to work with them in order to have more family time. While this may seem adorable on the surface, the reality is that having small children running around set may affect the day’s productivity.

Some celebrities also bring their older children to work to teach them the business. Again, this is pretty endearing from a parent’s perspective, but it could be a bit annoying for the rest of the people working on a project. After all, a star’s children are often shoe-ins for roles, which means other talented actors miss out on their chance to work. And we’ve all heard the stories about entitled celebrity kids who make working on a movie or television show more difficult for the rest of the cast and crew. But since everyone wants to keep their jobs, the production staff just goes along with it. Here are 11 stars, who, annoyingly, bring their kids to work.

11 Jessica Simpson

10 Billy Ray Cyrus

9 Victoria Beckham

8 Sofia Vergara

7 Jada Pinkett-Smith

6 Will Smith

5 Leslie Mann

4 Sharon Osbourne

3 Madonna

2 Jennifer Lopez

1 Angelina Jolie

Even though she hasn’t acted in many movies for the past few years, Angelina Jolie is still one of the most famous actors in Hollywood. She even brought one of her twins, Vivienne, to the set of Maleficent, where Vivienne played Aurora. Jolie stated that her daughter was the only child who wasn’t afraid to get close to Angelina when she was wearing her full Maleficent costume. That’s likely how she got the part. Of course, there’s a bit of nepotism there, but it’s nothing Jolie isn’t used to. We’re pretty sure no one on the set argued with her, either.


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11 Annoying Stars Who Always Bring Their Kids To Work