11 Actors Who Would Be Great In True Detective Season 2

HBO is on fire right now. The cable channel just keeps coming up with winning shows - one after the other. Shows like Game of Thrones, Veep and Girls can all be found on the HBO roster, and also True Detective. The latter was an impressive and extremely gritty 8-episode drama that starred A-list actors Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. Even though the finale of this show was a tad bit underwhelming, the viewership was so high that it actually crashed HBO Go. It has already been announced that Season 2 is coming with a new story arc and a fresh set of actors. We think the actors below would be great choice for the cast of True Detective Season 2. Read on …

10 Brad Pitt:

Let’s be honest, the great Brad Pitt (or Mr. Jolie) hasn’t had a true hit in a while. He has been making some really strong moves on the production side with projects like 12 Years A Slave and the television show Resurrection. But with regards to his acting, recent movies like Killing Me Softly and The Counselor have fallen short. True Detective is the type of gritty, well-written cop drama that can really bring him back. Do you remember how deeply he sunk his acting teeth into the movie Seven? He would certainly knock this out of the park.

9 Edward Norton:

8 Jessica Chastain:

If you saw the 2012 movie Zero Dark Thirty about the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden by Seal Team Six, then you know just how talented and efficient Jessica Chastain is as an actress. The gradual pacing, raw emotion and dark ambience of True Detective Season 1 created a mood that would consume any dainty/prissy actress. This HBO series requires an actress who can dive in head first and embrace the darkness of the story, and Jessica Chastain is just the woman for the job. Actually, Kathryn Bigelow, the director of Zero Dark Thirty could even be brought on as part of the Directing Team to really take Season 2 to the next level.

7 Tilda Swinton:

How can you not love the body of work of the talented Scottish actress Tilda Swinton? She likes to pick the quirkiest art house movies to star in, and when she takes on bigger movies like the George Clooney helmed Michael Clayton, she does a smashing job. She always stands out on screen with her aquiline and androgynous features, and she would be just excellent as a soft-spoken, unpredictable and ruthless villain on the next season of True Detective. In the hands of skilled writers, she could turn in a role that could win multiple awards.

 Idris Elba:

6  Sean Penn:

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When it comes to Hollywood actors, Sean Penn definitely belongs in the elite tier. In almost every movie he does, he totally immerses himself into the role and delivers staggering powerhouse performances. Think back to movies like Carlito’s Way, Mystic River and Milk, and it’s immediately obvious that Sean Penn is an absolute master at his craft. Even when he appears in half-baked movies like Gangster Squad, he still brings his quality to the table and shines in every scene. If he is cast in True Detective Season 2, there’s no doubt that he’ll bring magic and true quality to the series.

5 Javier Bardem:

Okay, there are just four words that justify Bardem’s inclusion in the next season of True Detective: No Country for Old Men. This bloody 2007 drama was an instant masterpiece, and it wouldn’t have been so without the Spanish actor’s bone-chilling portrayal of the psychopathic killer Anton Chigurh. That bowl haircut alone he sported in that movie (see above) is enough to give a child severe nightmares for weeks. Of course he belongs in TD 2, and come to think of it, Josh Brolin (also in that movie) could be a nice addition to the cast too.

4 Naomi Watts:

There’s something intriguing about Aussie actress Naomi Watts. On the surface, she looks so soft, adorable and innocent, but at the drop of a dime, she is able to reveal a tough “don’t mess with me” alter-ego which really aids in her movie roles. She has enormous scope too, as is shown in her wide range of movie choices, The Painted Veil, Eastern Promises, The Impossible.  She could play the ultimate chameleon-like character in True Detective 2.

3 Benicio Del Toro:

2 Julianne Moore: 

There’s a reason why Julianne Moore has been so successful in Hollywood playing mostly emotionally troubled women. She has an uncanny ability of bringing both beauty and heartache to the characters she plays - it’s a combination that immediately lodges in the minds of the viewers. Movies of hers like Boogie Nights and Magnolia are perfect examples of her abundant talent, and she would undoubtedly bring several layers of depth and texture to Season 2 of True Detective.

1 Matthew McConaughey: 

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We saved the best for last. Even though Woody Harrelson was a major reason for the blazing success of the first season of True Detective, we all know that the main reason we tuned in every week was for the acting phenomenon that goes by the name of Matthew McConaughey. The character he played was Rust Cohle, and each episode, this character would spew twisted, existential philosophies about why humanity was a bottomless cesspool of depravity and evil. But yet, whenever he spoke about his deceased daughter, there was a glimmer of love and hope that you could still see come from the inner recesses of Rust’s soul. That type of nuanced and scintillating acting is what we’ve come to love from the new and improved McConaughey - and because of that, he deserves an encore appearance in the second season of True Detective.

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