11 Actor Combos With Incredible On Screen Chemistry

Casting the right actors for a film can make or break it. Onscreen chemistry is a must, but it’s hard to accomplish because aside from finding actors who actually mesh well onscreen, they have to have their acting chops down too.

However, there are those rare instances when two actors are so convincing in how they portray their romance, that the audience has a hard time believing that they're not together in real life. That’s called great acting and fantastic chemistry. The result? A box office hit at the tills and producers seek out the pair to play opposite each other once again in another movie.

So who are our favorite Hollywood on screen couples? There are only a few of them and fans wouldn't object if they're paired off again in future movie roles!

11 Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling (Crazy Stupid Love, Gangster Squad)

Though Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling played the supporting love team to Steve Carell and Julianne Moore in the 2011 film Crazy Stupid Love, their onscreen chemistry was undeniable. Who can forget that scene where they were at Jacob’s (played by Gosling) place and were both stripped to their underwear? They made such a hot pair! Many weren't surprised when they were cast together again in the 2013 mob drama, Gangster Squad, where they played lovers in the midst of violent mob crimes.

10 Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio (Titanic, Revolutionary Road)

After the 1997 blockbuster hit Titanic enthralled audiences and critics alike, many marveled at the closeness of its lead stars, Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet. After playing the ill-fated lovers Jack and Rose in the film, the pair became great friends in real life. Winslet even went so far as to call Dicaprio “the love of my life.” They starred together again in the 2008 film Revolutionary Road, where they portrayed a young married couple. Incidentally, Kathy Bates appeared with Dicaprio and Winslet in both movies as well.

9 Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey (How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days, Fool’s Gold)

We'll never forget how Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson’s characters schemed against one another and eventually fell in love in the 2003 film, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Romantic comedies are obviously a favorite genre of these two together because they appeared in a second rom com in 2008, Fool’s Gold. In this movie, they played a divorced couple who eventually rekindle their romance.

8 Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise (Vanilla Sky, Knight and Day)

After starring together in the critically-acclaimed box-office science fiction drama, Vanilla Sky, where they played a couple in a dream-like state, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz paired up again nine years later in 2010 in the action comedy film, Knight and Day. In this film, Diaz’s character got ensnared in the dealings of Cruise’s character’s secret agent activities. Both films were highly praised and raked in millions, proving that the onscreen chemistry between Cruise and Diaz is potent and profitable.

7 Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal (Brokeback Mountain, Love and Other Drugs)

The onscreen chemistry between Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal lies in the off-beat couple roles they've played in the movies they've done together. In the 2005 film, Brokeback Mountain, they played a married couple whose relationship was strained due to the fact that Jack (played by Gyllenhaal) was homosexual. Both actors starred together again five years later in Love and Other Drugs, where Gyllenhaal’s character played a med rep in love with a quirky woman (Hathaway), who had the beginning stages of Parkinson’s Disease.

6 Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock (Speed, The Lake House)

When Speed crashed its way into the box office in 1994, Keanu Reeves was catapulted to action star and heartthrob status. Aside from the action-packed sequences, the film’s success can also be attributed to Reeves’ chemistry with Sandra Bullock, who played the passenger that helped Reeves’ character keep the bus running at a certain speed to prevent explosion. The pair starred together again eight years later in The Lake House, where they played two lovers who communicated with each other via letters, as they were from two different time periods.

5 Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron (Devil’s Advocate, Sweet November)

In 1997, Keanu Reeves appeared opposite Al Pacino in Devil’s Advocate, a mystery thriller that centered around a law firm that was run by Satan disguised as Al Pacino’s character. Reeves’ character played one of the lawyers sucked into the law firm’s evil snare and then-unknown actress Charlize Theron played Reeves’ wife. Reeves and Theron appeared together again in the 2001 romantic drama, Sweet November, where they were ill-fated lovers who decide to enter into a relationship for a limited time-period, the month of November, because Theron’s character had a terminal disease.

4 Cate Blanchett and Brad Pitt (Babel, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)

Two Hollywood A-listers who make for a great onscreen couple definitely results in a successful film. The 2006 drama Babel, starred Cate Blanchett and Brad Pitt as a married couple caught in an international tragedy while on vacation in Morocco. The film was lauded by critics and audiences and its success called for a second pairing of Blanchett and Pitt two years later in another critically-acclaimed film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. In Benjamin Button, they played lovers, though in a tricky situation because Pitt’s character aged in reverse.

3 Julia Roberts and Richard Gere (Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride)

2 Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman (Days of Thunder, Far and Away, Eyes Wide Shut)

Many Hollywood real-life couples steer clear of working together on film, not wanting to mix their personal with their professional lives. Couple Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman defied that belief and teamed up in three movies together, two of which were shot when they were already married. They met on the set of Days of Thunder in 1989 and married the following year. They went on to star in Far and Away in 1992 and Eyes Wide Shut in 1999.

1 Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks (Joe Versus the Volcano, Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail)

Most actors with great chemistry star together in just two films, but not Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, who appeared in not two, but three romantic comedies together! They first worked together in the 1990 cult film, Joe Versus The Volcano, where Hanks played a man who was told to jump into a volcano because he was terminally ill and Ryan played the woman who taught him how to live life to the fullest. The pair teamed up again three years later in the highly successful film Sleepless in Seattle, where they shared a mutual attraction for each other, a bond that started on a radio show. Hanks and Ryan appeared together yet again in 1998, in You've Got Mail. In this Nora Ephron film, they portrayed e-mail lovers who kept their identities anonymous from each other, but were foes when they'd see each other in person.

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