10 Worst Celeb Meltdowns Over First-World Problems

Being a celebrity is one of the hardest jobs in the world. You have to make a billion dollars, travel the world filming on opulent movie sets, and have sex with really attractive people. So with all the good that comes out of it, it can be really annoying when something bad happens. That's the theme of the following stories. They involve famous people breaking down under the watchful eyes of millions. Perhaps that's the worst part of fame—the fact that everyone is watching you, even when they aren't. You never know when you're going to be front-page news. So, you've always got to be on your best behavior.

If you're dreaming of one day being a celebrity, know that the stranglehold of fame can sometimes be your downfall. The noose can be so constricting, sometimes you lash out to breathe. And the results can be calamitous. So without further ado, let's get into the madness.

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10 Michael Richards Ends His Life In Show Biz

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” This popular axiom was seemingly lost on Michael Richards when in 2006, he went on a racial diatribe aimed at two hecklers in the audience. They allegedly made a jab at him being a one-trick pony, albeit making millions in the process, and Richards hurled a laundry list of epithets their way.

Now he is nowhere to be seen.

Everyone knows what he said, so there's no need to repeat it here. Let's just say all the worldly success and international endearment for his iconic Seinfeld character was tossed to the wayside for 15 minutes of hate-fame. Perhaps Kramer's skin became thin living a cushy Hollywood existence, because it only took a pair of noisy audience members to kill his reputation forever.

9 Chris Brown Gets Ornery Over $10

Sure, the Rihanna incident isn't exactly exclusive to the First World, as relationship problems are universal. But it's glaringly obviously that crap seems to stick to Chris, so here's a different incident for good measure.

In 2013, Chris Brown attended a charity event in Studio City, CA. When he left the venue a mere 30 minutes later, the valet charged him $10. This didn't sit well with Chris, nor his posse. He got in the valet's face and tossed some F-bombs. A source told E! Online that Brown's side of the story—that he gave the valet $100—isn't veritable: “Chris Brown arrived with his entourage in two vehicles. He spoke to the attendant and requested VIP parking. He told the valet he would pay them $100. The valet told him that wasn't necessary, that each car is $5. He did not give them $100.”

Brown later told a Los Angeles radio show that he indeed did pay the $100, in which case it's chill. But either way, considering Brown sleeps on a mattress filled with Benjamins, it's never a good thing to wreak hell at a valet stand. Cough up the cash, Breezy, and be on your merry way.

8 Bret Michaels Cries After Trump Fires Him

The Poison singer probably won't be voting for The Donald.

In March 2013, coincidentally during the same week as Chris Brown's blunder, Bret Michaels reportedly bawled when he was fired from All Stars Celebrity Apprentice. It's never a good thing to lose your job, but let's be real, it wasn't a real job to begin with. Michaels said on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, “I thought they were pinking me. I looked around to see what they were talking about.”

What happened next is the reason he's on this list. According to an insider for Radar Online who was on the scene, Michaels couldn't believe that the ginger mogul didn't like what he brought to the table. “He couldn't believe it that he was let go so quickly. It was brutal to watch him freaking out the way he did. He couldn't stop crying and even the producers were there to comfort him.” Every rose has its dewey tear, I guess.

7 Bill O'Reilly Says Eff It, Let's Do It Live!

Let's be real, Bill O'Reilly has always been a bit of a sour puss. That's why it came as no surprise when a clip surfaced from his days at Inside Edition, in which he has a wildly entertaining hissy fit. The teleprompter text was changed. Oh, the humanity!

His “F*** it! We'll do it live!” has become legendary, and picturing veins protruding from his sweaty temple brings a smile to my face. If you've been driven batty over a teleprompter alteration, maybe it's time to realize life's been peaches 'n' cream. And though O'Reilly himself might consider this moment regrettable, it did inspire the name of a horror-punk album. So that's good.

6 Alec Baldwin Is A Smartphone Game Addict

If you haven't downloaded the game Words With Friends on your iPhone, know that Alec Baldwin loves it. He in fact loves it so much, that he locked himself in an American Airlines lavatory after yelling at the crew to play it. He was then kicked off the plane. Per a statement from the airline, “The passenger ultimately stood up (with the seat belt light still on for departure) and took his phone into the plane's lavatory. He slammed the lavatory door so hard, the cockpit crew heard it and became alarmed, even with the cockpit door closed and locked.”

Since we are all keen to the modern rules of flight, it's common sense that you're supposed to turn off your phone when the captain says so. But in December 2011, Baldwin thought himself above such petty procedure. “The passenger was extremely rude to the crew, calling them inappropriate names and using offensive language.” This isn't the first time and surely won't be the last Baldwin gaffe, but it takes the cake for tiniest First-World problem and biggest emotional breakdown.

5 Ivana Trump Hates Kids

In the same month Ivana Trump announced that she'd be leaving her fourth husband, she reached a heated tipping point during a flight leaving Palm Beach, FL. As it's true that a plane full of rowdy children is never pleasant, the ex-Olympic skier and model felt no need to suck it in. She dropped nuclear F-bombs on children and even babies.

According to officials, the crew tried to calm her, but that only pissed her off more. The pilot eventually asked her to leave, to which she didn't budge. The aircraft then went back to the terminal and police “physically escorted” her out. An official said, “From the initial contact until Miss Trump left the property, she was saying 'f*** you' to all the deputies and called the children 'little f******'.”

One Xanax to go, please.

4 Andrew Dice Clay Hates CNN

To call a spade a spade, some journalists are scum. They like to get a rise out of people they know will make good TV. One reporter succeeded in 2006 when he began prodding and poking OG comedian Andrew Dice Clay.

The reporter infers that Dice Clay was once a “headline guy” and that he was aiming to make a comeback. This didn't settle well with him, and the reporter sensed it, so he poked on. “For a while you were actually running a gym.”

“Running a gym?” responded Dice Clay. “You're supposed to be a news guy. Where are you getting your f***ing information?” Awesome. The comedian, who once sold out Madison Square Garden on two consecutive nights in 1990, couldn't handle the annoyance of one sleazy instigating journo, and he stormed off the set—only after dropping a few other F-bombs to audible gasps from the crew.

3 Kanye Does Kanye

To be honest, I chose Kanye for this list even before I began it. Kanye is a walking blooper. He does it with such gusto and veracity that one could call him disaster-prone. It got so bad that even the leader of the free world called him a “jackass.” Let's take a look at a brief list of some of his foibles:

2004: Said he was robbed and stormed out of the auditorium at the American Music Awards after he lost to country singer Gretchen Wilson.

2006: Said George Bush didn't care about black people in front of a visibly flummoxed Michael Myers, causing cringe for everyone.

2008: Got in a fight with the paparazzi after someone took his picture; he slammed the camera down and eventually was charged with felony vandalism.

2009: Grabbed Taylor Swift's trophy and said Beyonce deserved it more.

He'll be back. You can bet your lucky stars.

2 Miley Cyrus Weeps on Stage Over (Friend's) Dead Pet

It's never a good thing when your friend's pet dies. But neither is it a good thing to cry about it years later on Saturday Night Live. One should take priority over the other. That's why it was almost like an acid trip to watch not only Hillary Clinton announce Miley Cyrus to the stage, but to see someone on the verge of a mental collapse singing about karate and aliens. In the same vein as Kanye, this won't be the last you'll hear from Miley.

1 Russell Crowe Throws Phone at Hotel Desk Clerk

One lonely night in 2005, Russell Crowe couldn't get a hold of his wife in Australia. So he did the only logical thing left to do: go down to the lobby and throw the phone at the desk clerk's head.

Staying in a $3,000 a night suite in the Mercer Hotel, Crowe didn't exactly have a “beautiful mind.” According to The New York Times, “The injured employee was identified as Nestor Estrada, 28, who lives in a building with a broken buzzer and peeling paint on Metropolitan Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.”

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