10 Wild Things You Want to Know About Hannah Davis

You may have seen Hannah Davis here or there or you might have her Sports Illustrated covers plastered on your walls, with her commercials on a continuous loop on your television. Either way, there are 10 wild facts you need to know about this Caribbean beauty, who is now engaged to New York Yankee and hard-to-pin-down bachelor Derek Jeter. If you hadn't heard of Hannah Davis, you won't want to miss reading this article and ogling at her photos. At only 25-years-old, this 5'9" brunette with the most striking blue eyes is from St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. She wears a size 6 dress and her body is sampling smokin'. Those are all the things that are easy for you to find out, and the basics you do probably want to know. For some more shocking facts, you'll have to read on to find out.

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10 She Refuses To Be Photoshopped

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Hannah isn't a fan of airbrushing or Photoshop. She says people look like Barbie dolls when they remove the natural lines on your face after the photo shoot. When she smiles, she likes the creases on her face and says it is much more natural than the face and body-altering changes they make on model's photos for magazine covers. She also won't work with someone who tells her she needs to lose weight. The 25-year-old model says she is now confident enough in herself that she eats what she wants and works with who she wants without changing herself. She's said that if she goes to a birthday party, she'll damn well eat a cupcake if she wants to, because what is the point of life if you really can't enjoy it. Haters will have to find someone else to gossip about.

9 Her Private Photos Were Leaked

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During an iCloud hack in 2014, Hannah's selfies were also hacked. In them, she stands in various photos in her underwear and nothing else, posing for herself. She mostly covers herself up in these pics, but these were definitely meant to be photos for her eyes only (and maybe fiancé Derek Jeter). Although the quality is that of a cell phone, the photos are not much more racier than the ones she's posed for in Sports Illustrated, to be honest. Still, any leaked photo is news for the gossip kings and queens of the world and Hannah's name was on their tongue for just a little while. Now back to Kim Kardashian.

8 Her Sports Illustrated Cover Infuriated People

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Hannah has appeared in the Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit edition every year since 2013 and was featured on the cover in 2015. Many people were angry with the cover, depicting the sexy Hannah pulling her bottoms down to where she almost might not bother wearing any as trashy and not in good sportsmanship. Haters felt it depicted women in the wrong type of light and that the magazine was supposed to be Sports Illustrated and not Playboy. Hannah defended her sexy cover stating it is the "year of the torso" and that things just needed to be switched up a bit. Sports Illustrated's take on it was that one person might see it risqué and another as sexy. Could be a little bit of both. Next year we might only luck out to see something just that much more revealing or Sports Illustrated could switch gears and dub 2016 as the year of the cover-up.

7 She Was The Highway Temptress in Vacation

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Remember the iconic scene in National Lampoon's Vacation where Chevy Chase is being seduced by a beautiful Christie Brinkley in an even hotter car? The new Vacation movie has a similar scene where Rusty experiences the same lusty looks from a model in a red Ferrari. That model is none other than Hannah Davis and she does a bang-up job of seducing Rusty, so much so that Christie would be proud. Even though Christina Applegate plays Rusty's gorgeous wife, she really can't compete with a Caribbean Queen in a candy-apple red sports car!

6 She's A Tennis Fiend

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Hannah admits that she began modelling as a teen just to pay for more tennis gear. She competed in the Caribbean, where she grew up, and ranked as a junior player. But, being a smaller girl, she couldn't perform like her idols Venus and Serena Williams and when modelling took off, she took off with it. She had trouble hitting the ball hard as her figure isn't one of muscle like most of the pros, as she is more on the slim side. She still loves to play and keeps her body toned for tennis when she can.

5 Jeter Didn't Give Her a "Bye-Bye" Gift Basket

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Rumour has it that Hannah's fiancée, Derek Jeter, used to send gift baskets of autographed memorabilia to all of his one-night stands, after bedding them in his Trump Tower hotel room, where he lived for a while. The baskets included things like a signed baseball and apparently if Jeter had forgotten he slept with you once, you'd get a second basket. Hannah says the rumour is ridiculous and she didn't get any such gift basket. Could be because he knew she'd be more than a one-night stand? Jeter also said the rumour was one of the most inane he had ever heard and just the thought of giving someone a baseball after a one-night stand seriously sounds unbelievable.

4 She's Very Marketable

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While she is best known for her SI cover shoot (as mentioned above), she is also the face of DirecTV. After getting rid of the un-funny Rob Lowe, DirecTV cast Hannah in their new ads. One of the ads shows her in a white bikini riding a white horse on the beach. Another she is a magic genie. No one wants to see that! Bring back Rob Lowe and his corny jokes! In all seriousness, she is just as comical in the ads and so is the singing horse.

3 She Could Join The Circus

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Among her other skills like tennis and pleasuring Derek Jeter, Hannah can also add stilt walking and unicycling to her resume. She says she is basically a clown in disguise (and that disguise is a very skimpy bikini, but I don't hear too many complaining). While the 5'8.5" star doesn't need stilts, she enjoys practicing on them and the unicycle for fun. What more can you ask for than a stilt-walking, tennis-playing, baseball-player loving model with gorgeous tanned skin and a sense of humour. Does this girl seriously do it all?

2 She Was Linked To Model Chad White

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Before Jeter, there was Chad. Chad White is also a model, and a very good one at that. Like Hannah, he has modeled nude and for Ralph Lauren. The down to earth dude dated Hannah earlier in their careers, although because she was more of an unknown until she started dating Jeter, there isn't much media about their relationship. The funny thing is that Chad somewhat resembles Jeter, without the $185 million. Hannah only adds $3 million to that amount, but she isn't really wanting for much. Chad isn't either, voted one of the hottest male models of 2015.

1 She's Not A Party Girl

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While the heroin chic look is now out, heroin was never in for Hannah, who describes herself as more of a homebody than a partier. This is the polar opposite of her fiancée Jeter, who is often seen out in the party scene, sometimes with multiple women. Hannah has said she chose Jeter because of his closeness to family, but that doesn't mean it keeps him at home with her. As we saw above, she seems to like to keep the party at home, even if it means taking hot selfies in a mirror. Run home, Jeter, run!

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