10 Weak Marvel Villains You'll Never See In Movies

Marvel Comics created some of the most popular superheroes and comic book characters ever through their long history that started in 1939. Along the path they were the ones to create Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, X-Men, the Fantastic Four and the Guardians of the Galaxy. To fight such amazing superheroes they also used their imagination to find some perfect antagonists for them and we have great examples of them with Doctor Doom, Magneto, Apocalypse, Loki, Thanos and Green Goblin.

With such a long-lasting career and so many issues coming out each year, there were some that didn’t quite hit the list of amazing villains, either due to their lack of super powers or simply due to the ridiculous design as in the case of Squirrel Girl, to give just one example. She can talk to squirrels and uses them to defeat enemies such as Deadpool, Doctor Doom or Wolverine and she even saved the world from Galactus.

The funny thing is that this is just one example from many that we wouldn’t consider successful and to make things even more amusing she joined a group called the Great Lake Avengers where the other members were Flatman, Big Bertha, Dinah Soar and Doorman.

Here are 10 Weak Marvel Villains You'll Never See In Movies.

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10 Dazzler

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Dazzler is usually associated with the X-Men since that is where she first appeared in 1980. She is a mutant with the ability of converting sound vibrations into light and energy beams. She was made to promote a record company (Casablanca) and she was a disco singer at first, but after a while transitioned to rock. She appeared in a lot of issues and was quite popular, despite the ridiculous idea, but the Simpsons made a parody comic entitled "When Bongos Collide" in which Lisa called herself the Jazzler and used her saxophone to make light beams.

9 Swarm

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The former Nazi sympathizer Fritz von Meyer started out as an antagonist of Spider-Man and he came out first in 1977. After working as one of the top scientists of Adolf Hitler, he fled the country and became a beekeeper, discovering a colony of mutated bees that devoured him and left just a skeleton. Their hive mind was absorbed into his remains and he became the swarm itself. Quite an odd story, his power is that the bees can take any form, fly through the air and use his mental ability to influence the other nearby bees.

8 Doctor Bong

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Another weird idea. This scientist is quite smart, but has a helmet shaped like a bell which he hits to create various effects but aside from that he doesn’t have any special abilities. He knows a lot about genetic engineering and he used some clones to lure Deadpool to join him. He gave up being a super villain to become a psychotherapist for a while and he went to a support group entitled Supervillains Anonymous along with Boomerang and others. His main enemy is Howard the Duck, another colorful Marvel character that was invented as a social satire.

7 Boomerang

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First appearing in Tales to Astonish, issue 81 in 1966, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby invented Boomerang as a former baseball player that took bribes and was thrown out of the major leagues. His next career option was to become a member of the Secret Empire criminal organization and he was given a costume along with several deadly boomerangs that would put his baseball skills to new uses. He fought S.H.I.E.L.D., Spider-Man, Daredevil and many others while being a part of groups such as the Sinister Syndicate and Masters of Evil. Just with the powers of an athlete, he uses his aim and special boomerangs to defeat stronger foes than him.

6 The Scarecrow

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The DC Comics supervillain came out in 1941, 23 years before Marvel thought it would be a good idea to create their own version of the character. Ebenezxar Laughton started his life as a circus escape artist and contortionist who changed his career to crime. He stole things while dressed as a scarecrow. He trained crows to work as his carriers and even as killers. He even died at one point and Stern the sorcerer raised him from the dead, a process that also left him with resistance to wounds that would be fatal to other humans.

5 Ruby Thursday

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Her actual name is Thursday Rubinstein and she was a member of the Headmen that appeared in 1976. She was a scientist that grafted a computer to her head to allow her to take any shape she wants and the first thing she planned afterwards was to run for President of the United States. The great thing about her power is that her head can become a flail or a sword and even a pair of wings; so her abilities are quite versatile even if it sounds quite ridiculous. To add to this she can simply launch her head away from her body or just explore it and she won’t die because of her artificial mind.

4 Egghead

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Elihas Starr’s only superpower is his intelligence and this made him a criminal mastermind. He built a device that could control ants but was then defeated by Ant-Man and then he spent years trying to get his revenge. He created the Emissaries of Evil to aid him in his criminal plans and along with his genius this made him quite an extraordinary foe. He built an anti-aging device but would eventually be killed by Hank Pym, the Ant-Man that was his lifelong enemy. Things didn’t end here though because he appears to have lived behind the A.I. Vengers.

3 Trapster

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Peter Petruski was a genius chemist without any special abilities, but he created a few technological devices that help him in his evil deeds. Among these devices the costume made of synthetic stretch fabric is the main one and it is what led to him taking the name Paste=Pot Pete. The weapon he uses is projectile glue from gloves in a manner similar to that of Spider Man’s web shooters. The boots he wears allow him to walk on walls. He also uses anti-gravity discs, ultrasound transmitters, an anti-gravity platform as well as other traps that can render his opponents immobile.

2 The Masked Matador

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An opponent fit for the Daredevil, Manuel Eloganto was kicked out of the bullfights due to his cruelty and took a career in crime instead. He joined the Emissaries of Evil to take his revenge against Daredevil. After further attempts to end the life of his nemesis, he just got thrown back into jail. Apparently it takes more than a sword and cape to defeat Matt Murdock and his bad skills along with the ridiculous idea makes him one of the worst Marvel villains you can find. The most amazing thing is that this isn’t some character from the 1940s when the company was still young; his first appearance was in 2006!

1 Asbestos Lady

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This one wins the title of the lamest Marvel super villain without any super powers but with a few items to help her fight her foes. The most important thing is her asbestos lined clothing that protects her from fire and she would rob banks, setting them on fire afterwards with her flamethrower. The villain appeared in 1947, an era when people didn’t know anything about the dangers of asbestos, but she finally died of cancer several years later. Her nemesis was the Human Torch and to help defeat him she created asbestos bullets that could penetrate through his defenses.

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