10 Ways To Make The MCU's Spider-Man Last Forever

With Captain America: Civil War fast approaching this April, many fans look forward to the long awaited arrival of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, finally coming into the fold with the other heavy hitters from Marvel Comics, with exception to the X-Men and Fantastic Four, of course.

At its initial announcement, some viewers were wondering if it would be Peter Parker once again taking reigns under the red and blue suit, or if another character from the comic's past would instead take up the moniker of the Spectacular Spider-Man. As most expected, the Marvel Cinematic Universe opted to run with the most recognizable webhead and skip the arguably overplayed origin this time around, making the character pre-established alongside the likes of Iron Man and the Hulk rather than marching through old history revolving around the death of Uncle Ben.

The disappointment was noted, as some were hoping to see Miles Morales swing into cinemas in his predecessor's place, but the possibility isn't completely gone, the chance for the torch to get passed on is a very real possibility for the franchise's future. After all, dozens of people have claimed the title of Spider-Man since the 1960's. A significant portion of MCU fans wonder how their beloved franchise will end; by way of reboot or the alleged pop of the superhero bubble, or if it ever will reach an end in the first place.

If the MCU chooses to trek on continuously, then we need to think about how to make the Amazing Spider-Man last indefinitely without succumbing to mundanity or submitting viewers to watching a web-slinger so old that he could very well be Uncle Ben himself.


10 Peter Parker / Spider-Man


Estimated Run: 2016 - 2032

Kicking off this list with classic "pow" sound effects is the legendary Peter Parker. No surprise here as Tom Holland is already confirmed to be playing the character from now until whenever Marvel Studios decides to terminate his contract.

Most everyone is familiar with this character's background, thanks to the five movies featuring the titular character, so we won't need to go over it. But it's safe to say that Tom Holland would like to stick around for a while, but fans will get disinterested around the time Parker starts to have his own children with whatever love interest he winds up being with in the end.

It's possible Marvel may kill off this version a-la Ultimate Spider-Man, but it would be a much wiser decision to instead let him pass the mantle on to someone else.

9 Miles Morales / Spider-Man

Via Marvel Comics

Estimated Run: 2033 - 2048

Once Parker retires from his spidery persona, it would only make sense to establish the next Spider-Man that fans have been very verbal about getting to see sometime in the future. This version is, of course, Miles Morales from the Ultimate line of comics.

Miles is a character who is inspired by the legend of Spider-Man, and uses the famed hero to gauge his own morals by, something that could make for an interesting spin in an MCU story.

In addition, his move-set and powers are slightly different than the original Spider-Man, possessing venom blasts which allow him to paralyze his enemies or destroy most technology upon contact. Along with this he also has what he likes to call "Spider Camouflage" which acts similarly to invisibility, something that would be interesting to see if Marvel never actually regains the rights to the Fantastic Four.

8 May Parker / Spider-Girl

Via Marvel Comics

Estimated Run: 2049 - 2064

If Peter Parker's run as Spider-Man were to end with him having a child, then May Parker would be about seventeen years of age by the time her run comes around. This would be very close to the age that Tom Holland's iteration is allegedly playing, fifteen, despite the actor himself actually being four years older.

May is supposed to be a teenager when she begins her run as a superhero in the comics, so it would be splendid timing to bring her into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Holland would be reaching the age of a senior citizen at this time as well, so he would fit well returning to mentor the young hero on how to become Spider-Girl.

7 Jessica Drew / Spider-Woman

Via Marvel Comics

Estimated Run: 2065 - 2082

Jessica Drew is Spider-Woman, a character who has extremely thin connections to Spider-Man, only going so far as to ask him permission to use his name for herself before going on to her own endeavors before working alongside him in the New Avengers out of coincidence.

In this plan for the MCU however, Parker would be far too old to be swinging from building to building anymore, so Miles may step in to fill the shoes of naming rights.

Jessica Drew would also be interesting because she's more of a super-spy than a superhero, previously being a member of HYDRA before going turncoat and fighting for justice.

6 Ben Reilly / Scarlet Spider

Via Marvel Comics

Estimated Run: 2083 - 2088

With Tom Holland's Spider-Man having started nearly seventy years prior to this, it'd be understandable for Marvel Studios to play him for nostalgia. A way to do this would be to introduce Ben Reilly, an imperfect clone of the original, amazing, and spectacular Spider-Man.

The character would definitely be interesting to see, as his internal conflicts would be unlike anything seen in film before. The knowledge alone of not being truly human could weigh on him like a ton of bricks, but it could also mold him into an improved hero, perhaps even claiming to be a superior Spider-Man.

5 Martha Franklin / Spider-Woman

Via Marvel Comics

Estimated Run: 2089 - 2092

Martha Franklin is a relatively unknown character in general, even to most hardcore Spider-Man fans. Her only real connection is that she's the niece of J. Jonah Jameson, and that she filled in for Spider-Man when he mysteriously disappeared, later to be killed by the Kravinoff family.

She is a much darker character than others who have taken a Spider title, often finding herself in drug-fueled stupors, but also had powers such as telepathy, psionic spider-legs, and occasional precognitive flashes of future events. These are a few things to draw upon that could set her apart from the five Spiders who came before her.

4 Oliver Osnick / Steel Spider

Via Marvel Comics

Estimated Run: 2093 - 2098

Originally something of a joke, Ollie Osnick was an intelligent teenager who was overweight and happened to idolize Doctor Octopus. One day he'd decided to craft his own robotic tentacles and ran amok in the streets of New York. Spider-Man eventually put a stop to this, and Ollie turned in those tentacles and began to shift his focus towards his new hero: Spider-Man.

Ollie disappeared from the comics for a long while before returning fit and firm as a costumed crime-fighter known as The Steel-Spider. He only saved the day a handful of times before again retiring, but this time to be with the woman he loved.


3 Miguel O'Hara / Spider-Man 2099

Via Activision

Estimated Run: 2099-2119

How could Marvel reach the year 2099 and not immediately include Miguel O'Hara into their roster of heroes? It would be an outright shame.

Miguel O'Hara's world of Marvel 2099 is drastically different from where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently, so it would take a significant amount of forethought and world-building beforehand to make the character's world more consistent with his comic book counterpart.

But with that set aside, along with the fact nearly anyone reading this article won't be around to see it, it would be spectacular to see Miguel O'Hara one day in cinemas as part of the MCU nearly a century after it began.

2 Anya Corazon / Spider-Girl

Via Marvel Comics

Estimated Run: 2120-2125

Another relatively unknown hero, Anya Corazon was a Mexican immigrant who entered America with her father, an investigative reporter.

She was given her powers by the Spider Society after nearly dying to save a complete stranger, marking her with all the benefits that it entails; increased strength, agility, etc.

Though she's not a commonly mentioned hero in the Marvel universe, she would still make an interesting inclusion none-the-less due to her background growing up in a foreign country that hasn't been made use of yet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

1 Web Warriors

Via Marvel Comics

Estimated Run: 2126+

Essentially since its inclusion into Marvel Comics lore, fans have been clamoring for an adaptation of Spider-Verse, due to the nostalgic wild ride that it provided to all readers, as well as the new series that followed titled "Web Warriors," which saw a smaller cast of Spider-Men traveling between dimensions.

This would be a fantastic way to bring about new ideas for future Spider-Man related films, having the cast travel throughout different universes while simultaneously paying homage to the incarnations that'd come before them would grab just about anyone's interest.

After this point, possibilities become innumerable and the franchise truly could continue on forever.


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