10 Video Games That'll Get Your Girl Into Gaming

We all have our deal-breakers in relationships: if she hates your dog, or your favorite TV show, or never offers to pay for dinner, for example. Hating your gaming console is definitely a deal-breaker.

You've probably tried to convince her already: "Come on, babe, you can't knock it till you try it!" And you sat her down to play two-player Call of Duty, where you tried to go easy on her. Or perhaps you tried Halo? Maybe Grand Theft Auto? Yeah, that's where you went wrong.

Video games are a new form of entertainment. Just like TV shows or movies or books, there’s something for everyone out there. Most people like at least some video games, they just need to find the ones that suit their tastes. For instance, your girlfriend that’s still addicted to Disney movies is probably not going to clamor for Grand Theft Auto, but she might love Skylanders!

And don’t allow that outdated excuse of, “video games are for boys.” Some of the most iconic female celebrities play video games, including Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Jessica Alba, Nicki Minaj, Angelina Jolia, and Mila Kunis. Enough said: video games are not just for boys, not anymore.

Assuming you’ve got a unique lady and at least one of many video game consoles, we’ve got some suggestions that’ll definitely turn your girl on to video games. If you can, get her to play all of these in order.  By the time you finish this list, your next problem will be getting her to give the controller back.

Here are 10 video games that’ll get your girl into gaming.

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10 LEGO Video Games

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Don’t roll your eyes, think about it. LEGO makes video games for almost every successful movie franchise out there: Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Avengers are just a few examples. If she’s tentative about trying video games, let her first game be a comfortable experience with a story she already knows and loves.

The LEGO video games are intended for people of all ages with all levels of skill in gaming: when a character “dies,” their LEGO pieces just fall apart and then reassemble. These games will introduce her to the basic controls and maneuvering in a virtual environment without feeling threatening: after all, her LEGO pieces will just pop back together again! Let her pick her favorite movie franchise and play through the storyline together (yes, they’re two-player). Before you know it, she’ll be hooked and you’ll be running to Gamestop together.

9 Final Fantasy X

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Most women love this game. Though the entire game is played from the perspective of main character Tidus, this game has some amazingly badass women. More importantly, there is a beautiful, romantic storyline between Tidus and the gorgeous heroine, Yuna. This game is basically a fantasy chick flick.

The gameplay is immensely simple and the combat-style is impossible to misunderstand. Furthermore, this game is all about story. This game will introduce your woman to video games as an entertainment form more complex than shooting and racing games. Video games can be just as visually impressive and emotionally provocative as any blockbuster film. Historically, this is the first video game in the Final Fantasy franchise that merited its own private sequel. When your girl finishes the game and watches the credits roll, she’ll be so eager to play the next installment that she’ll want to run to the store that same day.

8 Telltale Video Games

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Telltale is most widely known for their impressive emphasis on the story of a video game. Most of what you, as the player, do in the game is progress the story. It’s basically a “Choose Your Own Adventure” video game and it’ll show her how video games can completely change the way she experiences a story.

You’ve got three options. If your woman loves kids and is a bit of a sucker for sappy films, go for The Walking Dead: Season One. She’ll be playing as a man protecting a little girl in the zombie apocalypse. Adorable, right?

If she’s more into political TV shows or just more of a serious type in general, try Game of Thrones. The game centers around a family on the losing side of the War of Five Kings and their struggle to stay alive in their problematic political climate.

If she’s more of a True Blood fan, or perhaps Once Upon a Time, she should play The Wolf Among Us. This game sticks you in a universe where fairytale creatures live in our very own messed up world, and she’ll be playing as the big, bad wolf: a detective for fairytale crimes.

7 The Last of Us

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It’s evolutionary psychology: most women are suckers for men that are nice to kids. In The Last of Us, a post-apocalyptic game about a mutated strain of fungus infecting and effectively killing off most of humanity, Joel and Ellie traverse most of the overgrown and abandoned United States in attempts to utilize what is believed to be Ellie’s immunity and save the world. Problem is, Joel’s jaded from tragically losing his daughter years ago, and Ellie is a sweet young girl that reminds him too much of what he’s lost.

The game, like most amazing movies, is genre busting; it doesn’t fit neatly into one category. It’s more of a blend of action, adventure, science fiction, and horror. The complexities of this game will get your girl so emotionally invested, she’ll have to hit pause to cry, scream, and cheer for her own accomplishments.

6 Batman Series

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Maybe your lady’s not into superheroes, and that’s totally understandable. However, you get her to play this game, she’ll change her mind. Get her to play the games in order: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, (skip Arkham Origins, it’s not a very good game), and finish off with Arkham Knight. The games show a wide range of story: you get to see all the villains you know from the movies as well as villains you wouldn’t recognize; you get to see all the allies from the comics that were scarcely mentioned in the movies; and you get to problem solve using all of Batman’s gadgets.

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, this game introduces her to games that are combat-based. When you get down to it, these games are about beating up brutish bad guys. The fighting style is very easy to catch on to and, as she progresses through the games, she’ll get harder challenges to increase her fighting skills.

5 Fallout 3

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Arkham City and Arkham Knight might have introduced your girl to open world gaming, but in a very small and contained way: she only ever had access to Gotham City. Now it’s time to blow the doors off. Fallout 3 throws your character into an unknown world, letting your girl basically play herself: someone who has no idea what is going on and is trying to make the best of it.

Additionally, Fallout 3 allows us women to do something no other game has allowed us to do up to this point: play as a woman. It might sound like a silly qualm, but women want to be able to play other women characters. It’s frustrating to play badass characters and for them to always be men. Finally, she has the ability to identify with a female character that makes her feel empowered. She’ll love it.

4 Skyrim

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While Fallout 3 threw her into scary situations and allowed her the freedom that an open-world game provides, Skyrim is going to push her boundaries and make her realize that she really loves fantasy universes. While she’ll also be allowed to pick her own gender (and species, for that matter), she’ll have even more choices in this game than in any game prior.

In the main storyline, she’ll fight dragons and become arguably the most powerful person in the fantastical realm. However, she doesn’t have to care about the main storyline. In Skyrim, she can do or be anything! If she’s the tough type, she can be a master thief, a professional assassin, or a war lord; if she’s the sweeter type, she can build her own home, adopt orphans, or go on treasure hunts. The game is whatever she wants it to be, giving her ultimate freedom and power.

3 Mass Effect 3

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Go ahead and have her skip Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. They’re not bad, they’re just not nearly as good as Mass Effect 3 or 4. However, if your girl is completely into gaming at this point, having her play through 1 and 2 will affect some of what happens in 3.

Besides the genuinely impressive graphics and visuals in this game, any person that appreciates a complex, thought-provoking storyline will appreciate Mass Effect 3. The game series was written with a certain main theme in mind: the ‘organics,’ or natural born humans, versus the machines, and their inability to see past that small difference. It’s a game that’s got a fairly relevant story, given the political climate of the world today. Any woman that keeps up with current events will appreciate the questions posed by this well-written game.

2 Destiny

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First off, the star power behind the voices in this game will blow your woman away. Peter Dinklage, Lauren Cohan, Lance Reddick, and Gina Torres all voice roles in this game; it’s a nerd-lover’s dream. Additionally, this game’s beautiful visuals and refined graphics will leave your woman in awe.

Continuing on, this game is how you introduce your lady to playing some of the games you love playing with your friends. Destiny’s gameplay is very similar to many of the Call of Duty games, it just has the complex and interesting story that many Call of Duty games lack. Furthermore, upon finishing its story, your girl may be interested enough in the genre to give Halo a try. Destiny is certainly revered as having a better story than Halo, but it’s definitely similar. Having her play Destiny is how you get her to finally agree to your games.

1 Alien: Isolation

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This is the ultimate game to get your girl open to playing whatever games you want to try. Alien: Isolation is a genuinely terrifying game that, if your girl is able to finish, will give her the courage and ability to take on almost any video game. She’ll play as Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda Ripley, who gets stranded on a space station with the formidable alien while investigating her mother’s disappearance.

Unlike all the games she’s played before, this game is about stealth and observance. It’s just as much a logic puzzle as it is a game. It’ll teach her skills she hasn’t yet learned to utilize in the gaming environment, and it’ll make her a threat to anyone she ends up gaming with. By the time she finishes this game, your woman will be a force to reckon with in almost any online gaming community.

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