10 Upcoming Movie Sequels That Are A Waste Of Time

useless upcoming sequels

You may not have to look very long before you realize that Hollywood may be out of original ideas. Sure, there are some great new films every year, but they are being washed away by tedious sequels at an alarming rate. Every new film seems to be the start of a new franchise, and even popular book franchises that could have been made into three movies are being instead stretched into four (staring at you, Hunger Games and Twilight).

There is nothing wrong with making a sequel, provided there is some value that can be derived from it. Certain franchises however, should have been over after one film, yet they continue to make more and more. I understand the value financially, but it doesn't make these films any less awful or the characters any less mind-numbing.

It can be even worse when you have beloved actors that were once in their prime, perhaps for these very roles, come back to old characters to try and attempt a sequel. While there obvious exceptions to this line of thinking, such as Star Wars with Harrison Ford returning, there are still questions being asked with films such as Zoolander 2 as to "why now?"

Zoolander has been out for over a decade, and all of the actors that were in the primary cast are on a downswing in their career. Will Ferrell did the awful Get Hard, and Owen Wilson/Ben Stiller are far from relevant in contrast to their original Zoolander personas.

There is an even bigger risk when you consider the potential for sequels to ruin the franchise's legacy as a whole. With that in mind, there is no doubt that sequels are still going to be coming our way for the foreseeable future. It is the easiest way for the studio to guarantee an audience for the film, I just hope these upcoming films aren't as awful as they may sound.

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10 Alvin and the Chipmunks 4

Via TeaserTrailer

There should not have been an Alvin and the Chipmunks 1. Or at least if you were going to make it, why did you choose the version you did and not go with a traditionally animated film? While these films are financially successful, they ruin what was a cartoon version of Alvin that I held in my head throughout my childhood. A 4th one is set to come out in the very near future, which just leaves you shaking your head, knowing that it will be far from the last time you see these guys on screen. Perhaps my attitude will shift if I watch them with my younger nieces, but until then it's just a constant reminder that my childhood is being tarnished.

9 American Pie 5

Via HuffingtonPost

American Pie was an iconic film. The sequel was arguably even funnier, and I don’t really like to talk about the 3rd one, but at least it had some moments. Forgetting all the spin-off films, the main gang got back together for American Pie: Reunion. In May, Tara Reid came out talking about the potential of another film happening. I cannot imagine there will be a storyline that will be relevant enough to warrant bringing everyone back together again. The first film came out in 1999!! I get sticking with what you think works, but this is really unnecessary and just screams lazy writing.

8 Neighbours 2


Neighbors was a fantastic film. It was funny, had some great performances and cameos and overall totally worked for what it was. Not to mention it allowed Hollywood to see a funnier version of Zac Efron! With that all being said, I still don’t understand why they are making another one. I understand the whole “yay, money” thing, but the first one ended on a great note and the sequel is just going to feel forced. It has the advantage of brining back the same excellent direction of Nicholas Stoller and much of the primary cast, but if they all want to work together, why not try and create something that is original?

7 Die Hard 6/Die Hard: Year One

Via Polygon

Die Hard needs to die, and fast. The films are a mockery of what the first one represented, as Bruce Willis went from a guy we can relate to, to one of the biggest action stars in cinema. He stated that he’ll step away from the character when he can no longer run, and given that he can, we should expect a 6th one. There are talks that it will be set in 1979 as a prequel, entitled Die Hard: Year One. It’ll be amazing to see what they do to somehow make Bruce Willis look significantly younger than he is (plus you know, adding hair).

6 Hotel Transylvania 3

Via YouTube

The main appeal of the Hotel Transylvania films may be the artistic direction that was brought onto the project by director Genndy Tartakovsky. Tartakovsky will be stepping away from the 3rd film and that is right about when franchises should think about stopping, yet despite that the 3rd one is slated to come out in 2018. That should always make people cautious, not to mention that 2018 will place the film three years after the 2nd one. Not the most outrageous gap committed in sequel’s history, but it is another film that might take forever to come out only to really have not been worth all the effort.

5 Scarface

Via amazon.com

Scarface’s remake could be the best film ever and I would still wonder why they thought it needed to be made. The character, last touched by Al Pacino who killed it as Tony Montana, was a cinematic classic and created some of the most iconic lines of all time. The saving grace is that the project has been linked to screenwriter Jonathan Herman who recently was behind the incredibly successful film Straight Outta Compton. There is nothing firmly set about the film's future, but I cannot imagine anyone in Hollywood stepping up to the role and doing nearly as well as Al Pacino did.

4 Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Via UnionFilms

The saving grace of Bill and Ted may be that at least Keanu Reeves and Alex Winters have stated that they would be on board. Why? Well, they need to find out if they wrote the song that would save the world! The project may never get off the ground, but the excitement and enthusiasm to try and get it approved is representative of a growing trend of former cult classics trying to get a remake way too past their prime. Given that one of the last things we saw Reeves do was dispatch enemies in John Wick, it would be even more shocking to see him jump back to B&T. This may be the least likely sequel to be on this list, but that still doesn't make considering it a good idea.

3 23 Jump Street

Via BusinessInsider

There was cautious optimism in the air when the sequel was announced for 21 Jump Street. The first one was a surprising success, and the second one also had some fantastic moments. However, the main thing that worked for the second one was the self-referencing humor that might seem a little tired by the time a third one comes out. There are crazy talks that it may be merged with a potential upcoming Men In Black sequel. If that happens, let's hope seeing the movie also comes with the option of having your memory of it being erased.

2 Zoolander 2

Via Collider

Zoolander might be one of the most quotable movies out there. It helped further cement the careers of Will Ferrell, Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller, and is one of my own personal favorites. Is the sequel going to be any good? I have absolutely no idea, but I also have no idea why they are making it. We’re talking about another sequel that comes out over a decade later, and at a time where neither Ben Stiller nor Owen Wilson are doing tremendous projects. The incredibly high hopes that the first one has set in everyone's mind are only going to make the potential disappointment of the sequel all the harder to take.

1 Top Gun 2

Top Gun is one of the most fist-pump-inducing films of all time. Perhaps it's the awesome theme music, or Tom Cruise running, but something about the film can just get you feeling pumped! The biggest reason to not do the sequel is that the first one came out in 1986. The second reason as to why this film does not need to exist is that sadly the original director, Tony Scott, has since passed away. While Cruise has been linked, and Val Kilmer has been rumored to have been offered a part in the sequel, no matter how good it is I cannot imagine it being a film that needed to be made.

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