10 Untold Facts Behind Batman's Batcave

Despite the ever-increasing glut of superheros parading their tights across the big screen, one hovers above all others (including those who fly): Batman. Still the most popular superhero on Earth, the character has enjoyed numerous outings in comics, television and, of course, the movies. We've seen the Batcave in Adam West's Batman shows. We've seen the Batcave in the Batman movies of the 80s and 90s (the latter of which we try to forget). And we've recently seen the Batcave in the more popular Christopher Nolan-directed Batman movies.

One of the most treasured hallmarks of the Bat-mythos: it has provided untold numbers of fans with inspiration for a secret hideaway, not to mention countless toy retailers with megabucks made off selling toy replicas. For as well known as the Batcave is within pop culture though, not every element of the Batcave has made it into the zeitgeist. Here, find the untold tales of the cave that makes a home for the bat.

10 It's A Popular California Hiking Spot


Yes, really. The 1960s Batman TV series, which starred Adam West, used locations around Los Angeles to double for Gotham City. These were the days when movies and TV shows were actually filmed in Hollywood, of course. Besides making a home for actual filming, Los Angeles also hosts a number of cave systems throughout the Hollywood Hills.

9 It Had A Caretaker


Meet Harold Allnut, deformed super genius!

Harold debuted in Batman comics in the 1990s as a lackey of The Penguin. Hunchbacked, deformed and mute, he nonetheless possessed incredible mechanical skills. The Penguin had employed Harold to build super weapons designed to conquer Gotham City until Batman intervened. Taking pity on poor Harold, Batman relocated him to the Batcave. There Harold became, along with Alfred, custodian of the cave. He also helped Batman develop a new line of gadgets to help him fight crime.

8 Batman Didn't Originally Use It


7 It Has A Trophy Room


6 There Actually Are Several Batcaves

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Batman doesn't like to get taken off guard, and as such, he prepares for all possible emergencies. That includes building satellite Batcaves.

5 It Was Once The Home To King Kong


Yes, really.  Again.

The Batman television series filmed in Hollywood at Desilu Studios, the television studio owned by Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball. When Lucy & Desi split, Ball herself maintained the studio, using her vast industry influence to create new TV series, including Batman and Star Trek.

4 It Was Used In The Underground Railroad


Not content with Bruce Wayne being the first hero in the historic line of Gotham City's prestigious Wayne family, the writers added a fun twist to the Batman mythology.

3 It Once Had An Interrogation Room


Batman v. Superman invited a lot of criticism by portraying Batman as a militant, violent neurotic, reaching a new level of on-screen brutality for the character. Those critics might do well to revisit some of the Dark Knight's more questionable origins and techniques.

2 It's Based On The Shadow's Sanctum


Long before Batman dominated comic book shelves, another mysterious detective combed the streets at night, scaring the daylights out of criminals and solving crimes. His name: The Shadow.

1 There's A Vault Full Of Kryptonite


Batman has more than his own share of paranoia which keeps him up at night...along with a bunch of super criminals trying to take over the city. While he and the Last Son of Krypton are friends--most of the time, anyway--Batman has his own fears when it comes to Superman.  What if he went crazy and tried to take over the world? What if he went on a killing spree? What if a weird starfish alien suctioned onto his body and started controlling his mind?

Actually, that last one happened. Fortunately, the Dark Knight came prepared! Within the confines and security of the Batcave, Batman, with Superman's knowledge, keeps a hoard of Kryptonite locked inside a vault. In the past, when Superman or any renegade Kryptonians have unleashed havoc on the planet, Batman has retaliated with weaponized Kryptonite. While any lesser storage unit would prove perilous, the well-hidden location, and the numerous security systems that Batman has installed to the cave make it one of the safest locations on the planet.

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10 Untold Facts Behind Batman's Batcave