10 Untalented Artists Who Don't Deserve Their Fame

Music nowadays has taken a dive compared to what it used to be. Sure, we still have some talented artists out there; however, the charts seem to be filled with catchy singles that are stuck on repeat. You use to be able to go buy an album and listen to it all the way through, without feeling the need to skip through half the tracks. It seems as if a majority of today’s musicians only care about making a quick buck, rather than producing a well composed assortment of songs. A real artist puts everything he or she has into their music, not just a couple ounces of their true potential.

Another huge problem with today’s artists are their attitudes; especially towards their fans. Now, when you’re in the music industry besides your music itself, your fans are the most important commodity, no? Well, it doesn’t seem to be that way anymore, at least not for a few egotistical artists that is. Unfortunately, simply showing respect and appreciation for your fans has become a sort of manipulated façade which is manufactured by the media to convince unknowing fans. This alone is enough to frustrate and baffle those who see past the deception. As much as some may want to deny the facts, the harsh truth is that many of today’s superstars are not only overrated, but are also ungrateful self-centred narcissists. So without further ado, here are 10 overrated artists who don’t deserve their fame:

10 Fetty Wap

9 Chris Brown

8 Miley Cyrus

7 Katy Perry

6 Silento

5 Iggy Azalea

4 Nicki Minaj

3 Drake

2 Justin Bieber

1 Kanye West

Ok, so Kanye West's first few albums weren’t that bad, but then something happened...he turned into the world's biggest narcissist. It’s almost as if he became so infatuated with himself that he lost the ability to differentiate his good ideas from the bad ones. Whatever popped into Kanye’s head was gold, at least to him that is. Take his clothing line for example; who wants to spend $500 on a shirt that looks like it was worn by a pleb in the 1700s? This guy should win a medal for his ability to rant about almost anything, even if he has no idea what he’s talking about. This egocentric rapper has had the audacity to compare himself to people like Pablo Picasso, Michael Jordan, Jimi Hendrix and even Shakespeare. Shakespeare, really!? Clearly, this guy is insane. Nobody is a bigger fan of Kanye West than Kanye West, and that will never change.

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10 Untalented Artists Who Don't Deserve Their Fame