10 Untalented Actresses With The Body To Make Up For It

Many factors go into being known as an incredible actress. For one it’s the ability to make someone feel every emotion that is being displayed on your face. There's also the ability to take on a role and truly become one with it, to evoke sadness and joy in the viewer, to make your audience believe everything you say and heed your next words.

Unfortunately not every actress can do this, and with the way the media sexualises women and casts them deliberately on their looks, well it’s fair to say that not everyone gets a fair shot.

Some roles simply need to be filled by certain ‘looks’ and sometimes the need for talent can be bent by the need for a certain ‘je ne sais quoi.'

Here is a list of famous celebrities who have been somewhat carried by their ‘big booties’ and ‘hot bodies’, to all heights in the acting world.

10 Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez has been on top since she started her career. Today she still acts, sings and dances and at the rate she’s going, it doesn’t look like she plans to stop anytime soon. Although Jenny from the Block is considered a triple threat, there is one department she is lacking in. Acting might not come as naturally to Lopez as singing and dancing does, but that does not stop her from appearing on camera. After all, with a derriere like hers you have to lose a little to win a little.

9 Pamela Anderson


Pamela Anderson is most commonly known and appreciated for her curvaceous body even though she is much more than that. She is an activist for both human and animal rights, a proud vegan and an actress. Although her roles were never “life-changing”, her personal endeavors are. But it is definitely arguable why she gets any roles at all when her acting isn’t always as on point as her assets.

8 Jenny McCarthy


Jenny McCarthy, big time Playboy Bunny, actress, model and author has come a long way in show biz. Her ditzy blonde attitude has been captured time and time again only to be toned down later on when McCarthy became a mother. Although this celeb is quite hilarious, she owes the début of her career to her curves. But she does not owe the end of her career to it. McCarthy is now an author and a Radio host and does not use her caboose to help her in those fields whatsoever. Well maybe just to sit down.

7 Jessica Simpson


Jessica Simpson is most known for her blonde hair, big smile, busty figure and killer legs. Oh, and also for her singing and acting. However, it is definitely questionable as to why she’s ever been cast in any movie. When she played Daisy in The Dukes of Hazzard, I don’t think anybody was impressed by her killer acting skills and so it isn’t too mean to say that she was cast purely based on how she looked in a pair of little jean shorts and cowboy boots.

6 Beyonce Knowles


Beyonce can be attributed to any spectrum of fame; she continuously remains on top and her fans are ever growing. Although Beyonce has a lot more to show than her body, it’s definitely helped out her career, a lot. She even went as far as inventing the word bootylicous but unfortunately for Bee, her acting skills are mostly carried by the fact that her figure looks great on camera.

5 Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba is a beautiful actress who made quite a few movies back in her day and will be resurfacing in 2016. Alba even went as far as winning various Best Actress Awards. Most people would remember her from her role in 2005’s Fantastic Four but in truth most people remember her for her gorgeous beach body.

4 Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardadian is the head of the Kardashian clan, and in this family, this position gets filled by whoever has the biggest butt. Kardashian has transformed herself into a creature more fake than not, but hell, it seems to be working for her. Kardashian has been the star of her reality TV show Keeping up with the Kardashians, season after season, but why? What makes her life so interesting when in fact, she sounds like a dolphin on Ritalin? What makes her special enough to gain an audience? Well, it’s her huge, powerful, multi-millionaire derrière of course! And that’s about it.

3 Nicky Minaj


Nicki Minaj is a singer/rapper that has repeatedly come out with new songs that drive the public loco, by now she is extremely well known, but not only for her music. It seems that this diva has pushed her assets to the limit and the attention she’s received from this has even caused her to appear in movies. You can find Minaj in 2014’s The Other Woman parading her bedonkadonk on the big screen. Although she is a charming actress it is definitely not her outstanding talent that landed her the part.

2 Megan Fox


Megan Fox is an American actress who is simply classified as ‘hot’. She is so hot in fact that she was handed the lead role in a movie called Jennifer’s Body, a movie that revolves around well, her body. Fox has had to defend her career many times, and at the end of the day the verdict is that she’s not that bad of an actress, but not that good either. She’s still good enough to give roles to so that she’ll attract male viewers.

1 Janet Jackson


Janet Jackson is no doubt a talented and much loved performer. She is, however, not the best actress. Although her roles are often sweet and soft spoken, she is not the type of actress that will make you shed a tear. Her curves and beauty have no match against her voice, but when put them up against her acting, they kick her butt. Her petite figure and curvaceous booty have definitely carried her through her acting career, but hey, we don’t mind.



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10 Untalented Actresses With The Body To Make Up For It