10 Unreal And Spooky Celebrity Ghost Sightings

Just like all of us mere mortals, even ghosts have celebrity crushes it seems. Take all the celebrities who have had ghostly encounters and get at your own verdict. Yes, some celebrities do like to embellish their rendering of events while they are retelling them, unbeknownst to the fact that ‘we can tell’ when they do. Still, celebrity ghost sightings are definitely entertaining to read or hear about.

Especially when you hear about scary beings trying to get closer to celebrities, trying to form unseen bonds (pun intended) with them, trying to scare them off with pornographic messages and of course, trying to have sex with them! Yes, you read it right! There indeed are some ghosts who have tried that (success rate unknown). Let’s countdown some of these interesting encounters, starting with the ones that appear totally frivolous, to the ones that ring true or seem meaningful and worthwhile.

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10 Miley Cyrus


Of course if a list has to start with something that should be ‘frivolous’, Miley Cyrus in her current state of ‘whatever’s going on in her head’ is certain to be the starting point, no? Miley has been scaring a lot of people out of their skins, what with her wrecking ball videos and her totally censor-worthy Instagram pics and twitter posts, but thankfully some paranormal activity gave ‘her’ the jitters for once. Miley Cyrus claims to have seen the ghost of a scary kid at her old London apartment. Freakishly enough, the ghost boy was sitting on her bathroom sink, watching Miley take her shower. A few more things (which Miley refuses to talk about) happened after that, making her adamant about never staying in that apartment again!

9 Ke$ha


What is it with singing sensations and their unreal, unbelievable and totally extra-ordinary stories? We’ll probably never know. But the retelling of one such encounter by Ke$ha, definitely has us wanting to forget the mental images that it paints. Ke$ha claims to have had several encounters with the inhabitants of the ‘other world’ but they have mostly been of the ‘sexy’, rather than ‘scary’ kind. Well, Ke$ha has actually had the weirdest possible encounters if one were to account for the fact that her particular ghosts have been ‘caressing’ her. This, though still difficult, can be easier to digest than the fact that she claims to have actually had a ‘vaginal exorcism’ to get the clingy ghosts off her back. After all, sex with invisible ghosts can hardly be the same as umm, the normal kind!

8 Demi Lovato


X Factor gal, Demi Lovato had her own scary encounter with a being of the other world, and she loves to relate it to anyone who’d listen. Her encounter is definitely a scary one, after all, who in their right minds would not die a million deaths, in the very second that they see a little girl dressed in vintage clothing, standing right in front of them in their wardrobes! Well, Demi managed to survive the scare of finding such a girl from the 1800s in her closet. If this wasn't scary enough, it was a million times scarier when Demi’s mom told her how she had caught her talking to herself as a 5 year old. Apparently, Demi used to talk to the photo of a little girl in the same costume, claiming that she was a friend named Victoria. Ouch, this is some seriously freaky stuff!

7 Keanu Reeves


The Matrix star, Keanu Reeves is not the type to blow a paranormal encounter out of proportion, so when he says that he had one, we tend to believe him. Even the part where he says that he keeps having nightmares about his encounter! Keanu claims to have seen a suit (not filled with a body, or with arms and legs for that matter) walk into the room towards him and suddenly disappear into thin air. If there was any background music to this scene, it would probably sound like a scene from a Casper movie, only unfortunately for Keanu, it was a reality he wishes he’d forget.

6 Joan Rivers


5 Matthew McConaughey


4 Taylor Momsen


3 Cynthia Rowley


Now here’s a truly terrifying celebrity ghost encounter. When designer, Cynthia Rowley moved to Connecticut, she was expecting peace and tranquility and not an unforgettable life event. While Cynthia had been seeing a lady wearing a grey scarf that covered her face many times in and around her country house, she didn't quite make it out to be a spirit. On Christmas however, a series of events confirmed her fears. On Christmas, Rowley had placed a wreath on top of her fireplace as part of the decorations. Her husband had warned her not to light any candles nearby, and yet, some unknown compulsion made her do exactly that. Of course, there was a fire and only when the slightly spooked firefighters recounted another tale did the puzzle really come together. Apparently, the house had belonged to a heiress who had been burned down in her father’s match factory. It seemed that her ghost had been haunting the house ever since. No wonders that the house was promptly put on the market again.

2 Michelle Williams

(2) Michelle Williams (Via jestherent.blogspot.com)

Now, here’s a ghostly encounter that touches the heartstrings. Michelle Williams, the ex-fiancé of the late actor, Heath Ledger claims that his ghost often comes out to visit her. 3 months after his death, Heath’s ghost first visited his fiancé at 3 a.m in the morning. He only intended to move around some furniture and give Michelle a good look at him this time, it seems. The second time he visited, he was in a more conversational mood. This time, Heath apologized to Michelle for not being around to help her raise their daughter, Matilda. Heath is officially the sweetest, most emphatic ghost ever!

1 Diana Vickers


We kept the creepiest ghost story for last, of course, for this one involves attempted murder! Former X Factor star, Diana Vickers had a ghost trying to kill her by bashing her skull, once when she was 15. Her encounter sounds just as horrid as one imagines it to be. She claims she was pulled back on her bed with some force, and her head hit the wall behind her. After the incident, Diana moved to a new house, but it seemed the ghostly spirits haunting her did not relent. Even here she’d hear voices, see things and get scared out of her skin with unreal events. The poor girl was so persistently bullied by these horrible, horrible beings that she even celebrated her 17th birthday by holding an exorcism. It seems that worked. Thank god, for this girl’s story is nothing short of a nightmare!

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