10 Underrated Comedies You Probably Haven't Seen

We've all seen modern classics like Knocked Up, The Wedding Singer and American Pie a million times. However, what about all those movies we haven't seen? Those laughs that have yet to be laughed? A lot of very funny movies aren't given a real chance to be successful commercially. Sometimes it's because they aren't marketed properly. Other times, the stars of the movie don’t do everything they can to promote it, as it is in the case of at least two of the titles listed below. Sometimes, movies just aren't critically well received. We often forget that professional film critics have much higher standards and are more, well, critical than the average person.

Here are ten underrated comedies you might not have seen yet. All of these films are available online digitally or on DVD or Blu Ray. One of these films is also currently out in theaters, but in limited release. This list has a little something for everyone from dark comedies, bro comedies, to gross-out, sex and sports humor. Some of these films were critically panned, but well received by audiences. Most of these trailers really don't do a good job of expressing how funny these movies truly are, but are all are certainly worth watching.

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11 Bad Johnson (2014)

Bad Johnson is the only new movie on this list. Having a limited theatrical release and available on Amazon , iTunes and On Demand, it’s a super funny flick worth checking out. Written by first time screenwriter Jeff Tetreault, this movie is about handsome womanizer Rich Johnson, played by Cam Gigandet, whose, well, johnson sabotages every real relationship he has. Frustrated (but not sexually), he wishes his penis would go away. He sort of gets his wish when his appendage, played by Nick Thune, leaves his body and takes on a human form. This movie, which actually has less penis-related jokes than you would think, is a lot smarter of a comedy than the title would imply and is destined to become a bro comedy classic. 

10 Malibu's Most Wanted (2003)

Malibu’s Most Wanted was written by and stars Jamie Kennedy and an all star cast, including Ryan O’Neal, Anthony Anderson and Taye Diggs. Kennedy plays Brad or as he calls himself, B-Rad, a clueless white rapper who thinks he’s black. An embarrassment to his family, B-rad’s father, O’Neal, who is running for Senator, arranges to have his son kidnapped by highly trained actors and brought to the ghetto of Compton, in order to scare him white. Kennedy’s performance and commitment to his character is nothing short of brilliant, as are B-Rad’s hilariously bad rapping skills.

9 Movie 43 (2013)

A truly all-star cast, including Halle Berry, Kate Winslet, Emma Stone, Dennis Quaid, Hugh Jackman, Naomi Watts, Anna Faris and many more, Movie 43 is a modern day “Kentucky-Fried Movie.” The film consists of several vignettes all connected by one wraparound story. There are actually two different cuts of this film, one for the American market and one for the European market, with completely different wraparound stories, but the same vignettes. This movie has so many laugh out loud moments by actors who are more known for their dramatic performances, you might think of some of your favorite stars in a completely new way.

8 Zack and Miri Make A Porno (2008)

Directed by Kevin Smith, Elizabeth Banks and Seth Rogen star in Zack and Miri Make A Porno. Zack and Miri are platonic friends and roommates, hard up for cash and realize the answer to their problem is to, as the title suggests, make a porno. Real life porn star, Katie Morgan, who is absolutely adorable, plays a supporting role. As they make the movie, Zack and Miri realize, as it is inevitable in all romantic comedies, that they might actually just be in love with each other. Kevin Smith combines just the right amount of gross-out and sex humor to make this hilarious rom-com work.

7 Dirty Work (1998)

Dirty Work was directed by Full House dad, Bob Saget and stars Saturday Night Live’s Norm MacDonald and future Howard Stern sidekick, Artie Lange. MacDonald plays Mitch Weaver, an underacheaving loser who can’t hold down a job. He doesn't have many skills, except for getting revenge on people, so along with Lange, they open up a revenge-for-hire business. MacDonald is best known as the Weekend Update anchor and much to the audience’s enjoyment, doesn’t stray too far from playing an extreme version of himself. In supporting roles, Chevy Chase and Don Rickles also deliver the laughs. This delightfully low-brow flick will leave you in stitches.

6 Grandma's Boy (2006)

Grandma’s Boy has become a modern cult-classic. Allen Covert stars as Alex, a stoner and video game designer who is forced to move in with his grandmother, played by Shirley Jones. Nick Swardson co-stars as Jeff, the ultimate man-child who lives with his parents and wear’s footie pajamas. Oscar nominee, Jonah Hill also has a small, but very funny part. Filled with cougar (before being a cougar was a “thing”), stoner and gamer humor, this offbeat flick, directed by Nicholaus Goossen, wasn't a big hit at the box office, but will certainly be in your living room.

5 Very Bad Things (1998)

Very Bad Things is actually a very good movie. Starring Christian Slater, Jeremy Piven, Jon Favreau and Cameron Diaz, this dark-humored film was The Hangover before The Hangover was The Hangover. Set in Vegas, during a bachelor party, things go horribly wrong when they accidentally kill a prostitute. What happened in Vegas doesn’t end up staying in Vegas and the boys go on to do some very bad things. Christian Slater fans will love his performance as the evil, manipulative, drugged-out best man. One of the most memorable moments in the film is delivered by a screaming, but hilarious Cameron Diaz. Very Bad Things is a funny, sinister ride.

4 Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)

Before the days of Honey Boo Boo and Toddlers and Tiaras, there was this movie. Staring a great ensemble cast including Kirsten Dunst, Kirstie Alley, Brittany Murphy, Denise Richards, and Ellen Barkin, Drop Dead Gorgeous shows the ugly side of beauty pageants. Future Academy Award winning actress Amy Adams also makes her film debut in a supporting role. Making fun of beauty pageant contestants, their whacko mothers, the State of Minnesota and its absolutely distinctive accent, small town life and of course, rednecks, Drop Dead Gorgeous is laugh out loud funny.

3 Party Monster (2003)

Party Monster is based on a documentary of the same name about New York City Club Kid King turned murderer, Michael Alig. Starring Macaulay Culkin as Alig and Seth Green as his sidekick James St. James, this movie was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance. A very dark comedy, this movie follows the hilariously drugged out Alig, who goes from club promoter, to appearing on shows like Geraldo and Joan Rivers to inmate. The performances in this biopic are incredible and certainly not what you would expect from Culkin or Green. You will laugh, cry and feel fabulous. The real Alig was released from prison on May 5th 2014, so this movie is a great way to get caught up on this story.

2 Accepted (2006)

Accepted stars Justin Long as a slacker high school senior who manages to get rejected from every college he applies to. So, what’s a loser to do? Long creates a letter of acceptance from a fake school called the South Harmon Institute of Technology” (S-H-I-T), in order to fool his parents. To keep the ruse going, he leases an old psychiatric hospital, creates a fake building facade and hires a fake dean, played by Lewis Black. While the story is a little far fetched, anyone who remembers the agony of trying to get into college can relate to this funny flick. A pre-Oscar nominated Jonah Hill co-stars as Long’s sidekick as does Blake Lively.

1 The Hammer (2010)

The Hammer was written by and stars podcast king and former Loveline host and Man Show creator, Adam Carolla. Part romantic comedy and part sports movie, while many films which cross genres fail to deliver to anyone, The Hammer succeeds at entertaining a variety of audiences. In a semi-autobiographical story, Carolla plays Jerry Ferro, a construction worker who hates his job and is stuck in a dead-end relationship. A boxing instructor by night, Ferro rediscovers his passion and finds romance in the process. Laugh out loud funny and filled with subtle moments and shots with plenty of in-jokes about the not so glamorous side of Los Angeles, it’s a great story that both men and women can laugh at and appreciate.

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