10 Uncomfortably Awkward Award Show Flubs

If there is something we collectively love to hate, it's awards show mishaps. With the sheer number of celebrities present, and the highly emotional atmosphere, there are bound to be some blunders. A large percentage of the nation tunes in to these awards shows, which causes even the slightest trip up or mispronunciation to be thrown into the spotlight. The following snafus run the gamut from typographical errors to full on rants.

Whether the incident is viewed in a positive or negative light depends upon many factors. It must be taken into account who makes the blunder, as some celebrities become more loved for their awkwardness. Also making a difference, is whether the incident was an accident or the result of an impulsive act. Another variable impacting public opinion is the aftermath of the awards show. Errors are usually seen more positively if the celebrity makes an apology, either privately or publicly. Lastly, the effect that the flub has on any other people who may be involved will be a deciding factor in how the general public feels about the person who makes the blunder. You can most likely recall at least one faux pas made at an awards show this year. However, there is a long history of errors that have been made.

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10 Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie, Golden Globes: 1/11/2009

There were two separate incidents that occurred at the 2009 Golden Globes, both involving Angelina Jolie. In the first flub of the night, Cameron Diaz and Mark Wahlberg were presenting the Best Actress in a Motion Picture award. Angelina Jolie was a nominee in this category. While listing the nominees, Diaz had some trouble pronouncing Angelina's name correctly. Kate Winslet, the winner of this category, for her role in Revolutionary Road, came on stage to give her acceptance speech. While acknowledging the other nominees for the category, Winslet seemed to temporarily forget about Angelina Jolie, until someone reminded her of Jolie's name, in the second flub of the evening involving Angelina.

9 Kanye West, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, VMAs: 9/13/2009

At only seventeen years old, Taylor Swift was awarded the Best Female Music Video award for her song You Belong to Me. In what was not his first awards show rant, Kanye West interrupted Swift's acceptance speech by taking the microphone out of her hand to announce that in his opinion Beyonce should have won the Best Female Music Video award for Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It). West was later escorted from Radio City Music Hall. When Beyonce took the stage to accept her award for Best Music Video, she graciously invited Swift onstage for the opportunity to complete her speech. Kanye later issued an apology to his fans via his blog.

8 Justin Bieber, CMT Awards: 6/08/2011

2011 was a strange year for the CMT Awards, an awards show where the winners are voted on by fans. Kid Rock hosted the event, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift won awards, and performances were given by Rihanna and Eminem. Justin Bieber won the Collaborative Video of the Year award for his collaboration with country act Rascal Flatts for the song “That Should Be Me.” To make things even stranger, while accepting the award, Bieber thanked the Country Music Awards, instead of the CMT Awards.

7 Brooke Shields, Tony Awards: 6/12/11

6 Chris Brown, Drake, Rihanna, BET Awards: 6/26/11

A BET viewer and contest winner had the chance to present the Viewers Choice Award at the 2011 BET Awards. The actual winner of this award was Drake for his song "What's My Name," which was a collaboration with Rihanna. However, due to a mishap with the tablet she was reading from, the presenter mistakenly announced Chris Brown as the winner. Everyone remembers the Feb 2009 incident involving Rihanna and Chris Brown, who were dating at that time, which made this flub especially cringe-worthy. A BET president eventually issued an apology via twitter for the error.

5 Sofia Vergara, Golden Globes: 12/15/11

Sometimes, these awards show snafus are due to simple errors of mispronunciation. This is what happened to Sofia Vergara, who was also a best actress nominee, when she was a presenter at the Golden Globes. The Modern Family star was confronted with some very difficult to pronounce names while announcing the Best Director nominees. Most anyone would find it daunting to get their mouths around names like Michel Hazanavicius and Martin Scorsese. Fortunately, Vergara was able to find humor in the situation, even making a funny face after her part in announcing the nominees was complete.

4 Jennifer Lawrence, LA Film Critics Awards: 1/10/13

This was not Jennifer Lawrence's first awards show blunder and it most likely will not be her last. The accident prone actress garners love and support from her fans as she fumbles her way through acceptance speeches. The Silver Linings Playbook star was presented the Best Actress award from the LA Film Critics Association by her co star Bradley Cooper. During the course of her acceptance speech, Lawrence managed to announce that she was sick and taking sudafed, stumble on her heels while standing still, and refer to herself as "all three of the stooges."

3 Jennifer Lawrence, Bill Clinton, GLAAD Awards LA Ceremony: 4/20/13

The loveable, albeit mishap prone, Jennifer Lawrence is back with another awards show flub. Lawrence appeared on stage with producer Harvey Weinstein to announce that  former president Bill Clinton was the winner of Advocate for Change award. When announcing Clinton as the the winner, Lawrence misspoke, referring to the former president as "Gil" before quickly correcting herself. Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, then presented the award to her father. Fortunately, Lawrence's new hairstyle drew more attention than her blunder, and Clinton later joked about the situation.

2 John Travolta, Idina Menzel, Oscars: 3/02/14

At the Oscars earlier this year, the major blunder that had everyone talking involved John Travolta and Idina Menzel. Travolta had the job of introducing Menzel when she was performing "Let It Go" from the animated musical Frozen. After stumbling through the words leading up to Menzel's name, Travolta uttered what sounded like "Adele Dazeem," instead of "Idina Menzel." The flub was parodied on numerous talk shows over the following days. During one interview, Menzel announced that Travolta had reached out via email to apologize to her directly.

1 Jessica Alba, Zac Efron, MTV Movie Awards: 4/13/14

It was another case of name mispronunciation at this year's MTV Movie Awards. Zac Efron was the winner of the award for Best Shirtless Performance. Efron won this award for his role in the movie That Awkward Moment. Jessica Alba, who was on hand to present the award to Efron, mildly mispronounced his name as she announced him the winner. After the awards show, photos surfaced showing Efron and Alba posing together, so apparently there were no hard feelings that stemmed from the error.

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