10 Unbelievably Provocative Red Carpet Outfits

We are all used to the body hugging gowns, the deep plunging necklines and the thigh high slits by now, but each year, red carpet fashion spotlights at least one celebrity wearing something so revealing and provocative that it just makes us cringe. What prompts celebrities who are normally so well dressed, to go a little wonky at red carpet events? I mean, we have all heard the “what in the world is she wearing?” murmurs before but with some celebrities we never get to complete them. For we are still stuck on the “whoa!” So, here’s a list of the strange and bizarre dirty dresses that made it to the red carpet. Why dirty you ask? Well, see for yourselves. These dresses are just so revealing that they go from ‘suggestive and tantalizing’ to ‘baring it all’! Have a look.


10 The 2014 ‘Sheer Cut Out’ Dress

Joanna Krupa Red Carpet Outfit

Cut outs are all the rage right now, but Real Housewives of Miami star and model, Joanna Krupa took her outfit a little too far with the ‘sheer’ if you know what I mean. On the red carpet of Friends ‘N’ Family 17th Annual Pre-Grammy Party in LA, on  January 24th, 2014, Joanna appeared in a deliriously shocking black gown. It had sheer cut out panels right through the front that then veered to the right leg from her hips. As she struck poses after poses for the cameras, it was not just her stunning figure that was on display here, but what was revealed was a tad bit more than just a tame ‘cleavage’ and a toned stomach. You got to give it to the lass though, her hair, make up and accessories were impeccable, if you happened to notice them, that is!

9 The 2014 ‘Barely There’ Dress

Lady Victoria Hervey

Socialite, Lady Victoria Hervey prevented eyelids from blinking at the 2014 Golden Globe after-party. For most, it was not because she looked stunning or because she dazzled in haute couture, but rather because she chose to stun all the guests with a shocking ‘barely there’ dress. Lady Hervey seemed to have grabbed a Gaurav Gupta couture piece without any thought to understanding what wearing it meant. She posed unabashedly for the cameras while most photographers were trying not to notice her lack of… um… underwear! The lady was practically in her birthday suit, well on one side anyway.

8 The 2013 ‘Side-Butt Peek-a-Boo’ Dress

Gwyneth Paltrow Red Carpet Dress

At the 2013 Iron Man 3 premiere, actress Gwyneth Paltrow decided to play a little peek-a-boo. The actress donned a partly see-through, sheer-paneled Antonio Berardi gown. While the gown my not have been as vulgar as some other red carpet clothes, it certainly had the lady parading the red carpet sans her underwear. Gwyneth later admitted on the Ellen DeGeneres show that she had to have a rushed razor session before the event because she hadn't realized just how revealing the gown was, right until she actually wore it.

7 The 2012 ‘VHS Tape’ Dress

Micaela Schaefer Red Carpet Outfit

German model Micaela Schaefer seemed to really put in a hell of a fight on the Men In Black 3 premiere to upstage Will Smith and Josh Brolin from all the media attention. Michaela showed up to the event in a jaw-dropping VHS tape outfit (if one may want to loosely call it so) that was really just a little more than some strips of tape, precariously shoved together in a belt at the waist. There was definitely no bra there and while the wind flirted with the flimsy rags, one just happened to notice the tiniest bit of thong. Rest assured, everything else was right out there and it was really an “oops” moment just waiting to happen.

6 The 2012 ‘Sheer All The Way’ Dress

Melody Thornton Red Carpet Outfit

At the 2012 ELLE Women in Music event, former Pussycat Dolls band mate Melody Thornton extended her daring outfits mindset a tad bit too far. She came out dressed in a skin color outfit that was just so sheer that she was practically going nude. Despite the fact that all of her body was completely covered with cloth, Melody managed to show it all in sheer. She shook even the most liberal of ‘immodesty’ charts and yet, she didn't look at all uncomfortable as she posed for the cameras. She was probably fully aware that it was her gym-toned body that was completely on display through the fabric. If it was attention that she was going for, she certainly got it in the form of gawks.

5 The 2011 ‘Black Lace’ Dress

Candice Boucher Red Carpet Dress

South African model Candice Boucher stunned everyone at the 2011 Cannes film festival when she arrived in a floor length, sheer black dress with strategically placed lacey bits. The model posed for photographers in the Gavin Rajah creation that was entirely see through, both front as well as back. Though it was essentially just some lace that covered some strategic parts of her body, Candice looked completely unruffled by the attention she got in her revealing attire. Not to mention that she looked stunning, despite the shocking outfit that is.

4 The 2006 ‘Obscene Cowboy’ Dress

Jodie Marsh Red Carpet Dress

For the premiere of Just my Luck in 2006, Jodie Marsh went from bad to worse when it came to raunchy clothes. At this UK premiere, Jodie arrived in an open shirted cowboy costume and hat that had a major twist. It was completely and thoroughly open up front, with just a sequined belt of probably less than an inch, covering her bodice. The lady did not appear to be bothered at all about her state of undress, and she certainly did not shy away from making obscene poses for the benefit of the cameras. Needless to say, she drew quite a few audible gasps from the crowd and there were several twisted and craned necks that did not go unreported either.


3 The 2001 ‘Trailing White’ Dress

Toni Braxton Red Carpet Outfit

At the 2001 43rd Annual Grammy Awards, singer Toni Braxton walked the red carpet in a tiny white dress that had a trailing white train. The RnB star wore a shiny white number with a halter neckline that had a deep front plunge. Side cutouts revealed some serious skin above her waist, while both legs were on full display from the sides. Toni didn't seem to mind flashing a bit of her derrière either and her raunchy outfit was certainly a one tailor-made for the tabloids.

2 The 2000 ‘Little More Than A Swimsuit’ Dress

Kelly Brook Red Carpet Outfit

British glamour model Kelly Brook arrived at the Snatch premiere in London in a glittering pink swimsuit… um… beg your pardon, designer gown. She wore a Julien Macdonald creation that not only revealed her side boobs and back, but also a whole chunk of her derrière. There was a little extra back cloth, kind of like a halfhearted train that hardly amounted to anything either. If there was any slight modesty to the outfit, it was definitely in the plunging neckline area where only about an inch of her cleavage was visible, as opposed to, well, let’s not go there!

1 The 1998 ‘The Nothing’ Dress

Rose McGowan Red Carpet Dress

The 1998 MTV music awards saw Rose McGowan walk boldly down the red carpet in an almost nude state. Even the most liberal of us will have trouble calling what Rose wore that day, a dress. Her dress exposed every single inch of her body, in fact even the parts that were covered, because she chose to cover them with mesh! The back was totally nude if you discount the thin threads that ran below her waist. A thong was the only part of her outfit that could be determined to be a piece of clothing that actually covered something. The problem with such dresses is not that they trouble the wearer, but that they trouble the writers trying to report on them. I mean, how can one describe this tacky outfit?


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