10 Unbelievable Things You Didn't Know About Kanye West

When you think about Kanye West, there are several different areas of his life that are well worth evaluating. As a musician, there is nobody in music that has had an impact like Kanye has. West’s talents extend not only to creating his own content, but he also possesses an outstanding ability to produce music and has worked with countless talented artists in helping them find their own sound.

It was announced in January, 2016, that Kanye West’s newest album Swish will be available on February 11th, 2016 (read more about it here). The album is set to be one of the biggest of 2016, and while we only have snippets of what to expect, it is sure to be a success both critically and financially.

If you step away from Kanye’s ability as a musician, then you are left with Kanye West the person. West has been no stranger to controversy, and has had several scandals that have led to a public perception that he may be a bit of a jackass. One of the most prominent examples was when he interrupted Taylor Swift on stage during the VMAs in 2009, which elicited scorn both from other celebrities, and the general public.

If you also want to step away from the scandals, then you’re left with a man who is married to Kim Kardashian. Arguably one of the most successful and prominent“power couples,” Kardashian and West have now started a family together.

There are a lot of elements that go into making Kanye West who he is, and they aren’t all great - but who he is, is one of the most interesting and successful artists of all time.

Here are 10 things you might not know about the controversial superstar.

10 He Has His Own Fashion Line

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9 He’s Been Producing Since 1996

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8 Southpark Parodies Him

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7 Most of The College Dropout Was Recorded At Home

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6 He Has Known Kim Kardashian Since 2004

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5 Kanye’s First Album Got Leaked

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4 Kanye Started In A Hip-Hop Group

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3 Kim and Kanye Are Selling Their Bel Air Estate 

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2 Kanye’s Ring To Kim Cost Roughly $8 Million

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1 Obama Called Kanye West A Jackass (Twice)

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When you are the POTUS, there are a few things that you need to be careful of. One of them is making sure you don’t call someone famous a jackass, which Obama did in 2009.

It was clearly an off the cuff moment when someone asked Obama his thoughts on Kanye interrupting Swift at the award show, and he responded that Kanye was a jackass. This was not the last time Obama would stand by that opinion though. When asked in 2012 his thoughts on Kanye, Obama stated that “He is a jackass, but he’s talented” and that he prefers the music of Jay-Z and Beyonce.

When Kanye was first notified of the president’s comments back in 2009, he stated

"When Obama called me 'jackass' after the Taylor Swift incident, I thought that must have been speaking off the record. Obama has way more important stuff to worry about than my public perception...if he said that to relate to the room or lighten the room up and the whole mood, then I'd be more than happy to be the butt of all of his jokes if it in some way helps his overall mission... I'm a soldier of culture. I'm resilient. I'm sure I'll still beat him in basketball."

This is not the first time Kanye has had issues with the president. Kanye famously stated “George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People” while on the air during an event to raise relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina. There is no telling who will be the next American president, but I bet you Kanye will have an opinion about it!

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10 Unbelievable Things You Didn't Know About Kanye West