10 TV Good Girls We Loved To Watch Turn Bad

Growing up there were a lot of reasons to be obsessed with your favorite show. Maybe it gave you all of the “feels” because you related so much to a particular character, or it had an amazing soundtra

Growing up there were a lot of reasons to be obsessed with your favorite show. Maybe it gave you all of the “feels” because you related so much to a particular character, or it had an amazing soundtrack that introduced you to incredible music, or a plot line that had you at the edge of your seat for all of the twists and turns. Or maybe you were a little kid who spent hours learning from a character’s mistakes, revelling in their successes, and growing up alongside them.

Then there were the other shows, the ones that became a part of your own personal must see TV line-up, even if it was a secret guilty pleasure, not for the content, but for your own personal small screen crush who made even the most groan worthy laugh track bearable, or elevated a good show into something great.

Binge watching your object of affection back in the day could only happen by recording episodes of a show on your VCR or if you were lucky enough to have the ability to watch your show in syndication, readily available after school, or on weekend mornings.

No matter what your connection was with a particular leading lady, there was nothing quite like finding out what was next for them, especially when the goody-two-shoes girl next door went from sticky saccharin sweet to bad to the bone. Sometimes it happened onscreen, other times it was in their personal lives, but either way we couldn’t look away when these TV good girls went bad.

10 Nicole Eggert


In the late 1980s families everywhere watched Nicole Eggert play popular and boy-crazed girl next door Jamie Powell on Charles in Charge. Guys wanted to date her and girls wanted to be her best friend. Almost immediately following her time on Charles in Charge she played one of the youngest members of the lifeguarding team as hardworking teen Summer Quinn on the popular bathing suit clad series Baywatch. In 1993 she decided to upgrade her “assets” and got a set of saline implants that she had reduced a year later because she felt they were too big, but not before she showed them off in the movie Blown Away. This girl next door has also posed for Playboy and was the nude cover model for the band Sugar Ray’s first album Lemonade and Brownies.

9 Alyson Hannigan


In 1997 we were introduced to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her best friend sidekick, a quiet, kind and pretty dorky Willow Rosenberg, played by Alyson Hannigan. For the most part Hannigan played one of Buffy’s greatest allies in the Scooby Gang fighting against all the “big bad” in the demon infested Hellmouth that is Sunnydale, California as she came into her own, growing up, becoming a witch and discovering her own sexuality. Like most of us, even Willow would lose her way, although with Willow there was always something a little erotic about it. From flashes of Hannigan as a leather clad, BDSM loving vampire in an alternate universe to an out of control witch drunk on the drug of magic, Dark Willow was always very bad, and incredibly sexy.

8 Charisma Carpenter


Most of us met Charisma Carpenter when she played the spoiled, albeit good girl and cheerleader Cordelia Chase on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A once reluctant fighter of evil, we saw this character grow into a strong, demon fighting badass when she became a lead character on the spinoff show Angel. Well known for her curves, the former San Diego Chargers cheerleader posed in the nude for the first time in Playboy in 2004. In 2015, the 44 year old actress proved that she still has a great body and took off all of her clothes to star in the 50 shades of BDSM inspired movie Bound about a woman with a newly awakened sexuality who begins to take charge of her own life.

7 Tiffani Thiessen


Even if you refused to admit you watched this show, everyone loved to watch Zack Morris and AC Slater fight it out over the beautiful Kelly Kapowski. Kelly was a sweet cheerleader and all around All-American girl with a rock steady reputation as a kind, “good” girl. After many mornings spent with the clean-cut morning crew on Saved by the Bell Tiffani Thiessen joined the cast of Beverly Hills 90210 to help fill the gap of Shannen Doherty’s departure by playing bad girl Valerie Malone. Val Malone was a drug user who readily seduced many of the zip code’s leading men leaving everyone to wonder, what Mr. Belding would think!

6 Elizabeth Berkley


Elizabeth Berkley played straight A student and supposed avid feminist Jessie Spano on Saved by the Bell. She was often the second choice girlfriend to AC Slater (whenever he wasn’t fighting Zach Morris for the affections of Kelly Kapowski). On Saved by the Bell, aside from a brief, one episode arc into the dangers of caffeine pills, Jessie was a good girl, and all around buzzkill at Bayside High. In 1995, post-Bayside, Elizabeth Berkley took off her clothes to star in the erotic movie Showgirls, a classic tale of a stripper who dreams of one day becoming a “real” dancer and Las Vegas show girl.

5 Laura Prepon


We first met Laura Prepon when she played Donna Pinciotti, the smart, fiery, feminist redhead and next door neighbor of love interest Eric Foreman on the television series That 70s Show. Donna Pinciotti was intelligent and had aspirations of becoming a reporter and news anchor. After playing the sought after girl next door Prepon took off her top for the 2012 movie Lay the Favorite. She then went on to play the smart and manipulative drug smuggling and on and off love interest of main character Piper Chapman inmate Alex Vause in the highly acclaimed series Orange is the New Black.

4 Alyssa Milano

For nearly 10 years we watched Brooklyn born and bred Alyssa Milano grow up from a young tomboy to a hot young woman in Connecticut who was brandishing the covers of teen magazines everywhere. People loved Sam for her charming smile and wall of chestnut brown hair, it was the eighties after-all. By 1995 and 1996 it was clear that Tony Danza was no longer “the boss” when Milano decided that it was time to take on characters dramatically different from family focused Samantha, by starring in the box office blue light films Poison Ivy II Lily and Embrace of the Vampire.

3 Neve Campbell


In the mid-nineties we were introduced to the Party of Five, a show about five orphaned kids who had to band together and fend for themselves after their parents were killed by a drunk driver. Neve Campbell played the smart, sensitive teen, Julia Salinger. In 1998, just two years before the series ended, we got to see a whole other side of Neve, when she was cast as bad girl Suzie Toller in the erotic thriller Wild Things. Neve stripped off her clothes to partake in a highly talked about lesbian pool make-out scene with Denise Richards, and also a threesome alongside Matt Dillon and Richards.

2 Jodie Sweetin


Jodie Sweetin played sometimes loveable, often annoying kid sister Stephanie Tanner on the TGIF series Full House, and was well known for her obnoxious catch phrase, “How rude!”. While she was too young to be a viable crush during her time on the small screen she was a household name who was known for being a goody-two-shoes. In her shocking memoir, unSweetined, she shares the truth about her methamphetamine addiction and struggle to get clean. While no one wanted to see Sweetin addled with drug addiction, her candor about the other side of the white picket fence life perceived post TV alter ego Stephanie Tanner was the epitome of TV good girl gone desperately bad. Today, a now clean, and rather buxom Stephanie Tanner can be seen revisiting her role on the Netflix original Fuller House.

1 Miley Cyrus


In 2006 kids everywhere were introduced to the adventures of a teenage pop star who wanted to keep her fame a secret. By using a disguise on stage Miley Cyrus lived a dual life, one as “regular” teen and the other as pop star sensation Hannah Montana. Since her departure from the wonderful world of the Disney Channel, Miley has done everything in her power to separate herself from her child star role. Regularly incorporating racy dance moves and costumes into her shows and video along with posing nude quite regularly (most recently posing completely nude for V Magazine Diary in 2015), she’s determined to get her previously squeaky clean image dirty. Cyrus has notably been very public about her love of pot (she named her dog Mary Jane), posing nude, and her bi-sexuality, although publicly she’s only been connected with men. What kind of jaw dropping publicity stunt will she plan next to convince everyone she’s really naughty?

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10 TV Good Girls We Loved To Watch Turn Bad