10 TV Celebs Who Think They're As Famous As Kim K

It is safe to say that the only reality TV celebs that are actually famous are the Kardashians. Reality TV has taken on a life of its own and has breathed air into people who would have no chance at fame if they did not appear on these shows. That being said, some of these reality TV stars have taken their new found “fame” to new levels and truly believe that they have done something to garner attention. We hate to break it to you but being in an adult film, or a show about teen mothers or better yet, a show about being rich, does not make you a celebrity; in fact, it kind of makes you question what society has come to. Now, let’s be clear no one is saying that these shows are not entertaining, but some of these “stars” need to know that they are not as important as they feel they are (you have not won an Oscar, hell, you have not even won a Teen Choice Award). This idea of fame has consumed the minds of most of these “stars” who instead of humbling themselves, have decided to use social media as a platform to stay relevant; no one is arguing that it is not a good platform but let’s argue that it happens to provide a stage for people to make ignorant comments in the name of relevancy, and fill their head with popularity steam. This is a list of 10 people that got a peek of fame and now actually think they are famous.


10 Brandi Glanville

Before making her debut on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville’s claim to fame was being a “model”. Unfortunately, no one has seen a portfolio or an ad or anything that she has modeled for. Her real claim to fame was being the girl who was involved in a love triangle with country music singer, LeAnn Rimes. However, ever since Brandi has been dubbed a housewife she has been acting reckless; constantly thinking people want to hear her opinion and being a staple at all the LA hot spots just to be seen. Oh, and now she has a podcast because nothing says fame like a podcast.

9 Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn Lozada’s claim to fame is being a wife on VH1’s Basketball Wives and ever since she made her debut on that show, her mind has been playing tricks on her. For some reason Lozada believes that being on a reality show makes her just as famous as let’s say... Rihanna. However, Lozada did have a bit of a media stir when she hooked up with Football player Chad Ochocinco, and had a whirlwind romance that turned into a living nightmare when he thought it would be a good idea to put his hands on her. Lozada will be appearing in a new reality show with her new family that she has started with yet another athlete; baseball player Carl Crawford.

8 The Entire Cast of Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills

#RICHKIDSOFBEVERLYHILLS did anyone know that being Twitter famous is a real thing? The cast of the hit E! TV show will gladly inform you. The show is highly entertaining but now that they are in season 3, they truly believe that they have gained notoriety for something. They do not brag about the money they are rolling in (like NeNe Leakes) because let’s face it, the money they are making compared to the money that their parents deposit into their account (minus Brendon) is pennies. They do however, love to brag about how famous they have become and how many Twitter and Instagram followers they have gained.

7 Paris Hilton


Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has made a name for herself by staring in a “leaked” sex tape. However, she tried to ride the coattails of that incident by throwing herself and then best friend Nicole Richie, into a reality TV show where they live the Simple Life (AKA no maids, no fancy cars and oh, they actually have to work a minimum wage job). Unfortunately for Hilton, she has failed to realize that she is no longer the popular spring chicken that she once was. She keeps popping up at events and posing, dropping album after album which turns into flop after flop, and making cameos as herself in films like The Bling Ring.

6 Farrah Abraham

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham truly believes that she is a role model to young women. With the introduction of Teen Mom OG, Abraham has used it as a platform to constantly talk about her reputation and her fans. Firstly, her fans are mainly males 25-60 years of age who only know her because of her foray into the adult entertainment and second, her reputation. Really, how can someone who went from an innocent mom to a “backdoor queen” talk about her reputation? Abraham truly believes that she is a legitimate star bouncing from reality show to reality show; but really the success rate for reality TV stars when their shows end is not good. Look out Farrah.

5 Amber Rose


We have to blame society for making Amber Rose a thing. Actually we may have to blame Kanye West, he thrusted her into the spotlight and well, we took it from there. Amber is just a former stripper and she has been glorified into this fashion icon and role model of sorts. She has taken her level of fame to new heights, and even has an upcoming reality show, a baby by a pretty popular rapper, and she is apparently important enough to get paid to make club appearances. She may think she is more famous than she actually is due to book deals, magazine covers and the celeb friends she has made thanks to Mr. West.

4 Courtney Stodden

Since the shock of becoming a teenage bride has worn off, Courtney Stodden has managed to hang on to the tiny bit of spotlight she has left. Appearing on reality shows like Big Brother UK and Couples Therapy, and now staring in her own “self love” adult film (this has taken the cake). It says something when one thinks they are famous enough to create their own adult film and assume that it is going to be a hit. Even Stodden’s mom (her manager) had to jump ship. She has managed to trick herself into believing that walking around in short leather dresses and constantly having her mouth opened in a provocative way is what is keeping her famous.


3 Karlie Redd


The only reality show that Karlie Redd has been on is Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and granted it is hilarious, but it has kind of given a few people a big head, Ms. Redd in particular. She has been doing quite a bit; like opening a clothing store, appearing on magazine covers and doing club appearances, and that is all fine and dandy but it gets a bit awkward when on the show, she constantly talks about her fans and what they would want to see from her and experience with her. It is a bit cocky and weird considering that she is not even part of the main cast on LAHH: Atlanta.

2 Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt

These two are a piece of work; since appearing on MTV’s The Hills (which has now been of the air for almost 6 years), they have made complete fools of themselves. Both coming from pretty wealthy families, one would think that after having their fun on a reality show they would use their money to maybe get an education or start a profitable business. No. Instead they choose to try and stay relevant by bashing co-star Lauren Conrad in the media for a while, then appearing on other reality shows like Couple’s Therapy (as if anyone cares about their relationship). Their claim to fame now is doing random interviews complaining about being broke; Spencer, no one cares that you decided to spend your money (apparently millions) on some healing crystals.

1 Tiffany “New York” Pollard

Yes, this lady is still trying to reach for the stars; since appearing on VH1’s Flavor of Love, Pollard has been trying to hang on to whatever fame she has left (which does not seem like a lot considering she is almost non-existent). But do not count her out just yet, apparently she has just been behind the scenes working on her music. She recently made an appearance on Botched to fix a messy boob job and has reassured her Twitter “fans” that she will be back soon and has a few things in the works. Who can blame her? When you have people Tweeting you saying “it’s an honor to meet you”, who would not think they were famous after that?


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