10 Tips To Help You Win the Lottery

Everybody has their own theory when it comes to playing the lottery. Some are superstitious and others prefer to make educated guesses. There are those who believe the whole thing is rigged right from

Everybody has their own theory when it comes to playing the lottery. Some are superstitious and others prefer to make educated guesses. There are those who believe the whole thing is rigged right from the start. The truth is lottery enterprises go to great lengths in order to keep the draws random. Machines are serviced on a regular basis and ball sets aren’t used for very long.

When Darren Brown, a well-known British mentalist so-to-speak, made it public that he was attempting to predict the lottery on national television everyone paid attention. Needless to say he had to get past the lotto authorities because they hold the rights for revealing the lottery results first and his stunt might give the impression that foul play is involved with their setup.

The scenario unfolded with Mr. Brown correctly predicting the numbers, but due to many professional viewpoints from various professions, it was concluded that Darren mislead the public. In turn people accepted that the drawings are once again completely random and impossible to predict.

Even so, there are studies that show certain numbers tend to show up more than others. If meticulously followed a pattern might become visible. Richard Lustig managed to win the jackpot 7 times and he testifies that there are ways to optimize your chance of winning. He is rather tight-lipped about his methods and offers his secrets in his book.

For those who are still hoping to win, it can’t hurt to try something different than the normal routine. If you haven’t seen results yet, maybe it’s time to shake things up and get into the winning spirit. After searching high and low I have managed to find the best 10 ways to win the lottery.

10 Choose Your Own Numbers

The one thing lottery experts like Richard Lustig have in common is to stay away from quick picks. This rule represents number 10 on the list because it forms the basis of playing. Even though it is not recommended that you use numbers that are linked with birthdays and telephone numbers, it is still a better choice than making use of the “lazy” way of participating.

After you have chosen your numbers stick to them. According to the specialists, getting different numbers every time will only lower your chances of winning.

9 Research Your Numbers

Don’t choose numbers which have won the big jackpot before. The chances of guessing the lottery numbers might be more than 14 million to one, but using a combination that has gone through the system already will stack the odds even higher. After selecting your combination do some research and find out if it has popped up already. It seems like a lot of work for something that gives you a better chance of getting struck by lightning twice before winning, but it might just be worth the effort. In mathematical theory it will take more than a hundred years for a winning combination to show itself again and nobody wants to wait that long.

8 Join or Create a Syndicate

This tip is rather far down the list because simply put, you won’t win the big prize. It does however elevate your chances of winning something. There are hundreds of syndicates out there and other people’s luck just might fall in your favor. If you don’t want to share a big portion then start your own little group with some close friends or co-workers. When you think about it, splitting a few million between 5 or 6 of your best friends doesn’t seem like such a bad idea and you don’t have to break the bank in order to play.

7 Keep a Balanced Combination 

Some people like to make combinations with either all odd or even numbers. Given that anything is possible with a random drawing, one would think there is nothing wrong with this idea. Others prefer choosing combinations like 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 6,12,18,24,30,36. These individuals might as well go and stand outside in the rainstorm because they will get struck by lightning first. Following the history of drawings across the globe, scenarios with these combinations showing up haven’t happened yet. A routine drawing will consist of either 2 or 3 odd numbers and a range of numerical places like 10,23,42 etc. This is why keeping track of previous draws is so important.

6 Play the Additional Draw

Many lotteries offer an additional or bonus chance with a second draw where the prize isn’t as high as the original, but is still significantly big. Usually this option is available when buying the ticket and going for the second draw costs a little bit extra. This almost doubles your chances to win and shouldn’t be discarded because of the smaller prize. There are numerous smaller prizes that can be won and even though it might not help for early retirement it can help to pay the bills.

5 Make use of Lottery Software 

This might sound like more of a scam than the lottery itself, but modern software, or wheels as they are called by some, works on a mathematical system. These systems provide statistics that follow years of results and an educated guess a better than dumb luck when you are investing money, even if not a substantial amount. In comparison to the first mentioned tips, legit lottery software can do all the work you don’t want to do. Few people have enough time to do research and keep track of winning combinations and this is a great way of getting the facts quickly. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t just use the first program available. Make sure it’s basis of calculations makes sense.

4   4. Spiritual Guidance

Moving into the top 4 it would be foolish not to consider those who believe in creating their own luck. Not everybody is bound by numbers and statistics and these individuals have the same chance of winning on the mathematical scale. There are some winners who confessed to using numbers they dreamt about or their spirit guide revealed results. Nobody can dispute these facts and neither can it be proven. Even the lottery experts who give logical advice recommend keeping a positive and winning outlook. If you laughed at the sub-heading of this tip than you should consider yourself a negative person because more and more individuals are becoming aware of their inner-selves and their capability to see into the future. 

3 Mimic the Draw 

After Camelot (lottery enterprise) had paid their 2600th millionaire they decided to interview a hundred of the winners and find out the tactics used to choose numbers. Believe it or not, most of the winners had make shift drawings at home. Some drew numbers from a hat and others threw ping pong balls in the dryer. The point is they mimicked the randomness and it worked for them. For those who don’t like the logical and educated guesses and who can’t be bothered with spiritual guides, this is one of the best and simplest ways of getting objective numbers. It has proven itself in many situations and will probably continue to do so in the future.

2 Play All Possible Combinations

This is the only failsafe way of winning the lottery. You are probably thinking what’s the point if you have to spend millions? Remember that rollover jackpots can become huge totals. Not too long ago there was a group of people who played every combination and it added up to about 20 million pounds. The jackpot they took home was 200 million. It’s not an easy feat to accomplish but it does give guaranteed results.

1 Buy a Ticket

Given all the methods on the list, this is probably the best way to win the lottery. Each section has its own respective benefits and chances to help the person become a millionaire, but if you don’t buy a ticket nothing is going to happen. The other important thing to remember is checking your ticket. According to statistics millions of dollars get lost in washing machines, dashboards and gutters. In some instances the jackpot was never claimed because the ticket holder either lost the ticket or forgot about it. You can’t win anything by sitting on the side line.

The best advice I’ve read about playing the lottery is to not use money that will cost sleepless nights. If you are able to part with your change without needing it to pay bills or buy food then by all means play. Winning the lottery shouldn’t become a need but a fun activity if it can be afforded.

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10 Tips To Help You Win the Lottery