10 Tiny Stars You Didn't Know Attacked The Paparazzi

Celebrities lashing out at paparazzi is nothing new. Everyone from Alec Baldwin to Russell Brand to Kanye West has had run-ins with their relentless tormentors whose life work it is to capture them in a moment of embarrassment. But even something as normal as grabbing lunch with a friend, something so banal, nonetheless becomes fascinating when done by a celeb.

Basically, celebrities are the equivalent of a paycheck for paparazzi, and the more shocking the photos are, the more money they rake in. They take what they can get, and for their prey, often that is more than just their photo, as some celebs seem to have lost their sanity, as well. So it is not hard to see why stars get frustrated and on occasion even react without thinking. But the aforementioned unstable Baldwin, quirky Brand, and hot-headed West are just a few examples of men involved in highly talked-about paparazzi encounters. There are many more, and also many women who have gone down this road, surprising only because all of the starlets on this list are so tiny that it is hard to picture them attacking anyone at all, much less being successful at it.

It can be argued that a majority of paparazzi are men. The average American man stands at 5'9'' and weighs 195 pounds. While definitely not defined as average, the women on this list vary in height between 5'2'' and 5'8'', and weigh between 104 and 126 pounds, petite by any measure. This vast difference in physical stature is the reason that trying to picture an attack by such a small celebrity seems silly, but it does happen.

Whether because of typical, so-called "model behavior", mama-bear instincts, drunkenness, or because they are just plain ridiculous, there are many reasons that the following 10 famous women have taken it upon themselves to show the paparazzi who's boss, because (at least in these instances) size doesn't matter!


10 Cara Delevingne - Revenge


Cara Delevingne is an English fashion/runway model and actress, and younger sister to model/actress Poppy Delevingne. She has been romantically linked to Harry Styles, Rita Ora, and Michelle Rodriguez. The face of Burberry, Chanel, and YSL is 5'8" and 112 pounds, but her small size did not stop her from chasing down and charging photographers at London's Heathrow Airport in 2014 after flipping them off.

9 Kate Moss - Attacked The Paps With Her Umbrella!


8 Miley Cyrus - Don't Film Her Leaving The Gym...Or Else


Known for her rebellious ways, perhaps it is not shocking that despite her size, pop star Miley Cyrus would do what she damn well pleased, even if that meant assaulting a cameraman. Well, that is what happened on March 2011 (though there are several instances of her fighting with her tormentors, many of which are documented on camera).

7 Jodie Foster - Don't Mess With This Mama Bear


When you think of Jodie Foster, you likely do not think of a paparazzi brawl. Whether due to her age, or the respect she has garnished as a talented (though notoriously private) actress, her name is by no means synonymous with violence. She is known for her husky voice and athletic figure, and athletic though she may be, she is still quite small: she stands at 5'3'' and weighs just 119 pounds.

6 Sienna Miller - Felt Harassed Before Attacking


At 5'5'' and 120 pounds, American Sniper actress Sienna Miller would not stand much of a chance against... well, anyone. And yet, she acted when she felt threatened. At Los Angeles International Airport in May 2008, the petite star hit paparazzi with her purse. There are many (blurry) photos of the incident that produced a lot of subsequent headlines. Sienna says she felt constantly harassed, and thus sued the photo agency Big Picture. She was awarded 53,000 Euros in damages and costs.

5 Lindsay Lohan - Punched A Pap In Nose


No surprise here! Lindsay Lohan is pretty well known for partying, DUIs, arrests, and all-around debauchery. But in 2008 she punched a paparazzi in the nose, and was then overheard talking on her cell phone and saying, "Oh my God, I just hit a paparazzi." She had been on her phone when the incident occurred outside the Bowery Hotel in New York. Basically, she was walking and talking (apparently too much for her to manage at once) when she accused them of tripping her.

4 Paris Hilton - Paris Being Paris


3 Bjork - "Protective Instincts"


2 Britney Spears - SUV Beatdown 


The queen of celebrity paparazzi attacks is, of course, none other than troubled pop princess, Britney Spears. At 5'4'' and 126 pounds, she is small but fierce. She proved this in 2007, a year full of questionable behavior for Britney, from shaving her head in what appeared to be a mental breakdown, to checking in and out of rehab several times (further supporting the breakdown theory), and skipping custody hearings with her ex-husband Kevin Federline.

1 Lily Allen - Stay Away From Lily's Car!

Via buzzfeed,com

At just 5'2'' and 115 pounds, Lily Allen is another celeb who infamously physically attacked the paparazzi. The English singer, songwriter, actress, and television host was arrested in 2007 after kicking and punching a photographer outside a club in London. In 2009, history repeated itself: she claimed she was provoked after a photographer "accidentally" drove into the back of her car, and she thus proceeded to punch, kick, and throw a water bottle at him. The incident almost jeopardized her U.S. tour and visa, but luckily for her, she ended up being awarded a legal injunction preventing certain photography companies from following or pursuing her.



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10 Tiny Stars You Didn't Know Attacked The Paparazzi