10 Times The Marvel Cinematic Universe Angered Fans

Marvel's monumental success in their film franchise hasn't come without its numerous missteps in pleasing their evergrowing fanbase. Masterfully crafting a universe in which all their movies can coincide, the MCU has played victim to continuity errors, lazy writing, and plain old bad directorial moves.

While taking nothing away from what Kevin Feige and the rest of the Marvel production family have created, classic films such as the first Iron Man and The Avengers tend to allow catastrophes like Iron Man 3 to be swept under the rug. Without giving it all the accountability, there are quite a few reasons as to why a fourth Iron Man film hasn't been slated for production, and we're pretty sure the last movie sits at the top of that list.

For the sake of not being too nitpicky, fans don't demand perfection, just consistency. When valuable characters get shorthanded in order to complete some contractual obligation or hidden agenda, the audience will take notice. The following are some of the moments in the MCU that rubbed fans the wrong way.

10 Agent Coulson's revival


Let this be a lesson to any film in a cinematic universe let alone Marvel's. Bringing back a character that you killed off without any proper or believable explanation is a massive kick in the balls for the audience!

9 The Mandarin


For the casual Marvel movie-goer, this seemed like a highly unnecessary plot twist, but for the diehard fan this was nothing short of a kick in the balls.

8 Hawkeye spending most of The Avengers under mind control


Hawkeye has never been a crowd favorite for a number of reasons, however, the reason as to why he isn't popular within the MCU can be attributed to the poor directorial choice for his introduction.

7 Nick Fury's Fake Death


There goes Marvel again, yanking our chains. This ol' bait and switch technique was nearly as bad as the Coulson revival, and while they did provide an explanation as to why the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent faked his death, it still felt as though the producers were treating us as children.

6 Captain America's USO Tour


It's always a huge disappointment when you see a significant character sold short or underutilized in a movie, especially when it's one as symbolic as Captain America.

5 Firing Edgar Wright as the director of Ant-Man


Let's face it. Despite Marvel's proven track record, we were all fairly skeptical on the success of Ant-Man; that is until it was announced award-winning director Edgar Wright would be at its helm.

4 Tony Stark's convenient Suit Collection


The third Iron Man film wasn't a crowd favorite for a myriad of reasons, however this gigantic plot hole left everyone scratching their heads.

3 Tony's heart operation


While on the subject of the lackluster storytelling in Iron Man 3, let's revisit the scene toward the end of the movie where Tony finally gets the shrapnel removed from his chest that was deemed unremovable for the past two films.

2 Black Widow falls in love with the Hulk


Romantic pairings in major action franchises are very important and adds an element that is often underestimated, which is exactly why fans cannot get behind the sloppily established relationship between these two characters.

1 The Avengers only assemble when it's convenient


We can all recall where we were the moment we were first graced with seeing the titular Marvel superhero team assemble for the first time on the big screen. This film pushed the boundaries of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to new heights, thus raising our expectations for subsequent films.

While it wouldn't be fair to say that the films that followed didn't step it up, it is sorely addressed as to why the Avengers can't just raise hell in every movie, or at least half of the team. Apart from the complications in the canon, the real reason almost nearly comes down to budgeting issues; a sad but realistic limitation in a cinematic universe.



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10 Times The Marvel Cinematic Universe Angered Fans