10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Sylvester Stallone

facts about Sly Stallone

Actor, screenwriter and director Sylvester Stallone has been associated with historic movies that will live on for generations so long as older films continue to be released via new forms of media and continue to be featured on television stations. Stallone has given us several gems over the years. He played the role of Rocky, the ultimate underdog who captured our hearts via a series of movies that has spawned a new film that will open before the end of 2015. Stallone also, for those who need a little more violence in their lives, provided us with multiple Rambo films.

There is plenty about Stallone's life and career that is public knowledge. Odds are, for example, that even casual fans know that Stallone has earned awards and other honors for his work. Those who are not Stallone diehards, however, likely do not know certain information about the life of times of the entertainment superstar. For example, you may not be aware that the classic look and speech that Stallone has featured in movies and other appearances is not at all a gimmick. That comes from an incident that occurred when Stallone first entered the world, and that moment of his life ended up being a positive.

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10 Stallone's Early Life 

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Stallone was born in New York City on July 6, 1946. His birth was, as explained in an IMDB post, a difficult one. The forceps used to deliver Stallone accidentally damaged a nerve, leaving portions of his face paralyzed. This is what caused Stallone to have what some have referred to as his “droopy” face and also his somewhat-slurred speech that made him perfect to play the role of an out-of-luck fighter who tried to make it in Philadelphia. Stallone may have not realized it during his youth, but that moment of his young life would prove to be far more of a blessing than a curse.

9 His Mom Was A Wrestler 

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There is an irony in the fact that Stallone helped create what may be the most iconic boxing movie in history. His mother was involved in a different form of what has become known as sports entertainment. Jackie Stallone was, as Susan Reed and Michael Alexander of People wrote about back in 1988, a woman's wrestler and also a promoter in the industry. We suppose that it is probably not all that shocking that Sylvester Stallone was influenced by somebody in his family who had a pro wrestling background. Stallone did, after all, choose to put Hulk Hogan in Rocky III.

8 He Worked in a Beauty Salon 

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You know how Stallone has often played the role of the tough guy, such as the bruising boxer or the troubled war veteran who is out for revenge? It turns out that his life potentially could have gone in a much different direction. Stallone, per a piece written by Hugo Daniel of the Daily Mail, struggled in school as a teenager, so much so that his mother got him a job at the family salon. According to the Daily Mail piece, Stallone accidentally dyed the hair of a customer green on his first day at the salon. As much of a mistake as that was, things ultimately worked out for the best for Stallone.

7 Struggles With Bullying 

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As hard as it may be to imagine considering what he became as an adult, Stallone has, in the past, talked about how he was bullied as a youth. Stallone eventually fought back, per a story on the Lollipop website, and he was so hyped by earning that victory that he himself became the bully; that is, according to Stallone, “until someone bigger came along and beat me up.” That is a storyline that is, in a way, straight out of the Rocky script. An underdog was beaten up until he won a fight, earned himself some victories, but was then taken down by a new opponent. One has to wonder if Stallone ever earned a final real-life win as his character did in Rocky IV.

6 He Has ADHD 

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Stallone has not been shy about the fact that he has attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder – ADHD. He and his mother discussed this over the years when speaking about the actor's childhood. Jackie Stallone, according to the EveryDayWithADHD website, once believed that her son would “spend the rest of his life in jail” because of his behavior. Stallone, per his mother, jumped out of buildings when he was a youth. Stallone's mom also talked about the fact that her son was thrown out of “17 high schools.” The story had a happy ending, of course, as Stallone eventually found his feet and his calling.

5 He Almost Wasn't Rocky 

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It is almost comical, decades after the first edition of the Rocky series was released, to think that somebody else could have played the role of the main character. According to Archana Ram of Yahoo Movies, both Robert Redford and Burt Reynolds were desired by the studio to play Rocky ahead of Stallone. Stallone, per the Yahoo piece, insisted that he be given the chance to play the role that he was seemingly born to play. The studio that wanted Stallone to sell the script just so that he would not play Rocky obliged. That ended up being the best decision to ever happen regarding the Rocky series.

4 Other Plans for Rocky 

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Odds are that Stallone did not realize that the first Rocky movie was going to birth a series that currently has seven films to its name (even if we all like to pretend that Rocky V never happened). Stallone, according to Tom Hawker of IGN, had some plans for the Rocky character that never saw the light of day. There were ideas for Rocky to throw the original match. Stallone also had the idea to kill off the character in Rocky V. It is a good thing that final plan was thrown out the window, as Rocky Balboa was much better than the movie that shall not be named again in this piece.

3 He's Anti-Guns 

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Fans of Stallone have watched the actor gun down bad guys in those Rambo films. Those movies and others that have featured Stallone have not been devoid of violent scenes. Having this knowledge may lead you to be surprised to find out that Stallone is actually against guns. In fact, Asawin Suebsaeng of The Daily Beast once went so far as to claim that Stallone is “the most anti-gun person working in Hollywood today.” While Stallone is known as a Republican, he has also stated, during interviews, that the United States is in the “dark ages” because of gun policies that are found throughout the country.

2 His Net Worth 

There is a perception, largely because of the roles that he has played during his career, that Stallone is nothing more than a goon and tough-guy who has been blessed to land the right roles. That could not be farther from the truth. Stallone is not only an accomplished actor. He has also proven himself to be a talented and gifted writer. Stallone has had so much success over the years that he has what Celebrity Net Worth and other sources have claimed to be a net worth of around $400 million. Remember that the next time you may think that Stallone is not among the Hollywood elites.

1 He Quit Twitter?

Stallone once took to Twitter to refer to actor Bruce Willis as “greedy and lazy.” The actor, per the Daily Mail, must have realized that he made a mistake, as he stepped away from the social media website for a time. Stallone was quoted by the Daily Mail regarding that decision:

"I think George Clooney says it best. You’ve got to be an idiot if you use Twitter and you wake up in the morning sober and you realise your career is over."

Don't worry, everybody. You can still follow Stallone on Twitter as of the posting of this piece.

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