10 Things You Need To Know About Kylo Ren

Can you not wait for the new Star Wars film? Great, you are one of hundreds of thousands of people who have already pre-ordered their tickets for the amazing experience. Coming to theaters on December 18th, the film will hopefully help start a new Star Wars saga that will span the next several years.

The fantastic part is that a new Star Wars trilogy has never been a bad idea! People loved the Phantom Menace, right?...One of the biggest reasons for the anticipation of the new film, is the return of some of the classic characters. Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Harrison Ford are among 3 of the biggest names returning from the original trilogy. Yet, as exciting as the old faces are, the Internet is buzzing with the new "face" of Kylo Ren.

There is very little known about this new mysterious character. We know that he really hates the Jedi. The mystery of Ren's character just makes some of the smaller and more unique traits about him, such as his mask, all the more intriguing to theorize about. Regardless of what we learn about Ren in the film, one thing is for sure; his red cross lightsaber is sure to mean business.

Star Wars is only as good as a great villain. Darth Maul may have looked cool, but the character himself fell flat and severely hindered the series. In contrast, Darth Vader is arguably one of the greatest and most iconic on-screen villains of all time. You won't care what the classic characters are up to if you don't believe that they are even in any real danger.

Ren appears to be one of the primary villains, and the success of the character will be paramount to helping make sure fan expectations are met.

Here are 10 of the things that you need to know about Ren, going into the film.

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10 He Works With The First Order

Via Screen Rant

When we think Star Wars, one of the first things we think of is Storm Troopers. Unfortunately, there were quite a few of them on that Death Star when it was destroyed :( They appear to be "back," at least in spirit, in something known as the First Order, Described by JJ Abrams as being a group that thought the Empire’s work was not fulfilled, and as a result feel that responsibility falls to them. It is hinted through some of the trailers/teasers that Kylo Ren will be working with them. Any organization that has him as a figurehead is sure to be a force (no pun intended).

9 He Created His Lightsaber

Via Star Wars Wikia

One of the biggest talking points when the first trailer first debuted, was the shape of Kylo Ren’s lightsaber. Unlike the traditional up and down, Ren’s lightsaber emerges with two beams from the side, and then one above, forming a cross. The design may have looked a bit wonky originally, but is quickly growing on fans and I am sure it will get some serious screen time. People may mock it even less when they realize that Kylo Ren created the cross lightsaber himself, and even less when it is used to chop down some Jedi. the fact that it's home made will make it all the sadder if he ends up losing it.

8 That's Not His Name

Via Nerdist

While he's probably always going to be known by Kylo Ren, you may find it interesting to know that this is not his actual name. For those uninformed, the "Darth" in Darth Vader was not his name, but instead a title. It is a very similar situation for Kylo Ren who assumed the name when he joined the Knights of Ren. It is hopeful that the character's upbringing and his motivations will be pivotal in the story telling of the film. The mask that Ren wears is, however, a nod to the mask worn by Darth Vader.

7 Kylo Ren Knows Darth Vader's History

Via Herocomplex

Make sure you sit down and dedicate some time to checking out the better (read: original) part of the Star Wars trilogy before checking out the new one. It can be easy to forget little nuances, but Kylo Ren definitely won't have forgotten. J.J. Abrams has stated that Kylo Ren is well aware of what happened to the Death Star, and that probably isn’t sitting so well with him. The motivation for Ren, as well as the First Order, is set to be a major plot point throughout the entire series. This will make any interaction with Han Solo, Luke Skywalker or other classic characters all the more intriguing.

6 He Isn’t A Sith

Via Screen Rant

Now, I don't mean to make you worried. Kylo Ren is absolutely going to be able to lay some serious smack down on some Jedi. He is not, however, a Sith. It can be an easy mistake when you consider he rocks the heck out of that red lightsaber and your mind instantly goes to characters like Darth Vader and Darth Maul. J.J. Abrams has been insistent, however, that Ren “works under Supreme Leader Snoke” who is a character we are still awaiting to learn more about. Snoke is played by the fantastic actor Adam Serkis, who is best known as the voice of Gollum in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

5 He's Played By Adam Driver

Via HuffingtonPost

One of the things that will help bring Kylo Ren to life, is the fantastic acting of Adam Driver. Driver is best known for his role on the HBO series Girls. While he does not use any cool lightsaber moves in the show, his talent was good enough to earn him three consecutive nominations for outstanding supporting actor in a comedy at the Emmys. Driver has also been successful as a theater actor, performing in several Broadway productions, though hopefully there won't be a singing number in the film. Driver was also fantastic in Hungry Hearts in which he won best actor at the Venice International Film Festival.

4 He May Be Unorganized

Via StarWarsPost

Some of the best villains in cinema’s history are ones that were organized and had their plan all together. That might not be Kylo Ren, though. When asked about the character, screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan states “he hasn’t got his ****all together,” but that may only add layers to the character. Driver described the character as someone who, regardless of whether you see him as good or evil, feels they are morally justified in their actions. This will help add an interesting dynamic to the character as we see him hopefully grow over the course of the saga and learn about his motivations.

3 His Story Arc Is Set 30 Years After “Return Of The Jedi”

Via EntertainmentWeekly

While this is not necessarily a Kylo Ren fact, it is pivotal to know that this film is set 30 years after the last Star Wars film. This is perhaps the easiest way to explain why all the main characters have aged dramatically! Kylo Ren is described by director Abrams to be an admirer of Darth Vader and what he attempted to create. There is an ominous part in one of the trailers where Ren talks to the relic mask of Vader, stating that he will finish what he started. While we don’t exactly know why Ren is so "anti-good guys," there is something incredibly exciting about seeing how the universe has expanded in 30 years.

2 Could He Be Related To Someone?

Via Independent

I don’t know if you know this, but Star Wars has a knack for revealing people being related to one another. With that in mind, it probably isn’t all too shocking that people are starting to wonder if Kylo Ren is going to be related to one of the main characters. One of the top talks is that he could be Han Solo’s son. If this does turn out to be true, it would not be an incredible shock to see Ren kill his father at the climax of one of the films. This may all turn out to be nonsense, but it’s exciting to think of the twists and turns that could be ahead.

1 He Will Duel Finn (John Boyega)

Via GeekDad

John Boyega is one of the most exciting parts of the upcoming franchise. While not super well known, his character Finn looks to hopefully be a fundamental part of the series going forward. Part of what makes him awesome? He totally rocks a blue lightsaber (perhaps even Luke's?), which he is going to use in at least one duel with Ren. Boyega described fighting Ren as being a ton of bobbing and weaving, and I am sure will involve some great acrobatics. The fight has been teased in trailers, and will surely be placed towards the climax of the film.

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