10 Things You'll Never BELIEBE About Justin Bieber

Like many people, Canadians hate being asked stereotypical questions: do you say "eh" a lot? Do you live in an igloo? Do you ride a moose to work? To answer many of these questions, a simple face-palm will do. But there is one question which is more difficult to answer: "How do you feel about Justin Bieber"?

Canadians have always had mixed feelings about Justin Bieber: is he a talented singer to be proud of? Or simply an embarrassment to Canadians? If you go to Stratford, Ontario (Bieber's birthplace) you'll notice streets littered with Bieber Fever. However, if you so much as mention Justin Bieber outside of Ontario, people will usually make a face similar to when you eat gorgonzola for the first time. We will soon find out just how popular The Bieb is in his home country when he heads to Canada for his Purpose World Tour.

Whether you're a fan or not of the young star, you will be shocked to find out some of situations he has found himself in. Read on to learn 10 things you (probably) didn't know about Justin Bieber.

10 His Mom Exploits His Fame

9 2nd Most Followed Celeb on Twitter

8 Even his Hair is Worth a Fortune

Allegedly, J-Biebs spends more on haircuts than most students spend on rent. AOL claims he has spent up to $750 for his haircuts. Perhaps his high maintenance is why he was able to sell his hair for $40,688 on Ebay.

7 His Song "Baby" Has More Than 1 Billion Views


6 Binges on Junk Food


5 Usher Initially Turned Him Down

4 Never Say Never (2011) Grossed 100 Million


3 He "Married" One of His Fans


2 He was Two Hours Late to His Own Concert


1 He Threw a Tantrum at a Concert in Norway

Just a few months ago, Justin Bieber was supposed to perform at a concert in Olso, Norway. Things were forced to a halt as a fan in the front row spilled water on the stage (silly Biebs, everyone knows the show must go on). As Bieber attempted to clean up the mess, fans repeatedly attempted to touch him. Irritated, he started saying "Guys, listen to me! Ok I'm trying to wipe the floor. Give me a second". However, the fans did not stop. Fans had no idea just how upset Bieber was until he walked off stage saying "Never mind, I'm done, I'm not doing the show". Despite leaving his fans in tears, Bieber hopped on his private jet and headed home (though he did stop to take pictures with fans at the airport). Indeed, Bieber failed to be professional and keep his emotions in check.


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10 Things You'll Never BELIEBE About Justin Bieber