10 Things You Didn’t Know About Joe Manganiello

Let’s be honest – pretty much everyone lately is obsessed with Joe Manganiello. Sure, the ladies love him because he’s absolutely gorgeous with abs of steel, as his performance in Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL prove. However, he’s earned quite the male fan base as well. Why, you ask? It’s because he’s, quite simply, a guy’s guy. He loves to work out, indulge in things like beer and burgers, watch football, and just relax after a long day on set. Plus, need we mention the reason he’s been in the news lately, his marriage to super sexy Hollywood star Sofia Vergara? Suffice to say, any man would likely trade places with Joe Manganiello in an instant.

However, apart from his workout regime and his relationship, Manganiello is a bit of a man of mystery. Prior to scoring his role as werewolf Alcide Herveaux on HBO’s True Blood, he bounced around from one small recurring role to another, and apart from his role as Big Dick Richie in the Magic Mike franchise, he hasn’t really been the A-List lead in any of his projects. However, that’s all changing – his star is definitely on the rise, and we have no doubt that he’s going to be the star power behind countless film and television projects to come.

Here’s 10 things you didn’t know about Joe Manganiello.

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10 He has terrible eyesight

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Joe Manganiello has been spotted in glasses once or twice, but he’s far more often spotted without them, rocking his signature locks and scruffy beard. However, if you were under the impression that the glasses were just for vanity and his eyesight is just fine, think again – apparently, Manganiello has awful eyesight. He’s even mentioned that his vision is so terrible that it can’t even be corrected by laser eye surgery. Whether he needs to get a second opinion or not, it’s safe to say that Manganiello’s eyesight is a bit of a surprise to many. I mean, thick prescription glasses and a ripped, athletic body? It’s not something you see every day.

9 He can sing

Joe Manganiello can act, from his performance in the Magic Mike films we know he can dance, he can apparently write well enough to compose a book, he’s a skilled athlete… I mean, what can’t the man do? Well, if you’re thinking perhaps he’s tone deaf, you’d be wrong – Manganiello is apparently a good enough singer that he managed to contribute back-up vocals for both Goldfinger on their song “Wasted” and The Used on their song “Hospital.” So, if he hadn’t ended up becoming a successful actor, we’re pretty confident it would have only been a matter of time before he became a successful rock star. Let’s hope he and Sofia Vergara end up having children together, because those are genes that need passing on!

8 He’s a published author

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Most celebrities nowadays are in absolutely incredible shape, but the majority of them credit nearly all of that to their trainers. Sure, they’re the ones actually doing the work in the gym, but they’re basically just following the instructions of their trainers. Manganiello has a passion for fitness and is a bit more hands on in his training, so eventually he decided to compile his knowledge in a book, entitled Evolution: The Cutting-Edge Guide to Breaking Down Mental Walls and Building the Body You’ve Always Wanted. I mean, if you’re going to take anyone’s advice, why not someone who looks like his body is Photoshopped 24/7? The simple book has black and white photographs and includes a ton of insight into the star’s workout routine and high protein diet. That’s right – anyone who buys the book could very well transform themselves from Average Joe to Joe Manganiello.

7 He’s a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan

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Before he moved out to Los Angeles to seriously pursue his acting career (after graduating from the drama program at Carnegie Mellon University, that is), Manganiello made his home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While many celebrities who move from their home state to sunny California end up becoming die-hard Los Angeles sports fans, Manganiello remains rooted to his home state – when it comes to the NFL, he’s a Pittsburgh Steelers man 100%. In fact, he even directed a short documentary entitled DieHardz about Steelers fans in Los Angeles who meet at bars over drinks and snacks to watch their beloved team play. Now that’s fandom!

6 He made the junior Olympic volleyball team at 16

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If you look at Joe Manganiello, you can pretty much immediately tell that he was, and is, an athlete. I mean, the physique definitely took hours and hours at the gym, but just the way he moves and carries himself has a certain grace particular to skilled athletes. In fact, Manganiello didn’t limit himself to any one specialty, playing for the football, basketball, and volleyball teams while he was a student at Mt. Lebanon High School. However, he definitely showed some extraordinary skill in volleyball, as he managed to snag a spot on the junior Olympic volleyball team when he was 16 years old.

5 He was a bit of a late bloomer

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Looking at Manganiello today, it’s a bit impossible to imagine him as anything other than a handsome jock. However, he wasn’t always as good looking and physically fit as he is today, even if he’s always loved sports and being active. Manganiello shared a picture at the beginning of his book of when he was a young basketball player at St. Bernard School in Pennsylvania, and the transformation is absolutely astounding. He’s wearing thick, thick glasses in the picture, seems to have a bit of a mullet going on, and has the scrawny, stretched out physique common of many pre-teen boys. Who would have thought he would end up having one of the best bodies in Hollywood?

4 His favorite book is Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead

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Manganiello definitely looks like a jock, but he has quite the brainy side as well. He’s fairly vocal about his love of reading, and while many celebrities tend to reference only the new, hot books on the New York Times Bestsellers List when talking about reading, Manganiello’s tastes are a bit more diverse. His favorite book, by his own admission, is Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, an incredibly dense fiction text with complex plot lines that attempts to explain an entire philosophy. Not exactly beach reading for this mega babe! There’s something oddly endearing about the fact that he’ll gladly follow up a monstrous gym session by settling in with a 1,000+ page book.

3 His favorite city is Venice, Italy

While he’s just starting to climb his way up the ranks in Hollywood, Manganiello has definitely been around the world promoting his various projects on the red carpet. He’s likely seen many fantastic cities, so it’s only natural that he’d have a favorite. With a name like Manganiello, it’s safe to say that this celebrity has some Italian in his blood – he’s Italian from his father’s side. However, his connection to his father’s home country is deeper than you might think – it turns out that his favorite ever city is Venice, Italy. We’re betting that Manganiello and his new wife Sofia Vergara will eventually end up purchasing a cozy Italian pied-a-terre for when they want to escape Hollywood for a bit.

2 He worked as a roadie 

It’s no secret that many celebrities spend quite some time chasing their dream before making it big, and since all those unsuccessful auditions don’t actually help pay the rent, they have to find ways to make money elsewhere. Aspiring actors end up waiting tables, serving up lattes, answering phones, and more, all to support themselves while pursuing their dreams. Joe Manganiello did things a little bit differently – before he became a Hollywood hunk, he put his muscles to good use by working as a roadie for the band Goldfinger. So, before he was touring the world promoting his film and television projects, he was touring the world and carting around equipment for a rock band.

1 He was once employed as a teenage Captain Morgan

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Okay, let us clarify this. In case Joe Manganiello didn’t seem like enough of a baller, check out what gig he managed to land at 16. While other 16 year olds were sweeping the parking lot or ringing up groceries, Manganiello was donning a Captain Morgan costume and starting the party at clubs. Apparently, the teenage Manganiello had a friend who worked in booking for promotional jobs, and was desperate when he Captain Morgan promo guy cancelled at the last minute. Manganiello agreed to help her out and donned the Captain Morgan attire before heading out to bars with a tank of rum and a bevy of beautiful women. So, guys have been jealous of Manganiello’s life since he was 16.


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