10 Things You Didn't Know About Marvel's Jessica Jones

We're finally at the release date of the next show in Marvel's Netflix lineup with Jessica Jones. However, this was a bit of an odd choice from the comic book company, as even I (a self-proclaimed expert on all things superhero) was left scratching my head at the announcement. Who in the world is Jessica Jones? And I'm sure I'm not alone in that question.

After some digging and a few trips to my local comic shop, within a few days, I knew exactly who this character was and what she was about. Let me tell you all, I read some very brutal and heavy things. Now, I'll leave much of that for the rest of this article, but I will say that Jessica Jones is not your typical Marvel (or any other company for that matter) superhero.

Now that the show is on Netflix screens across the country, it'll be interesting to see how they adapt to the source material and what they leave out. However, her origin, albeit brief, is packed to the brim with fascinating tidbits and events that help her stand out not just as a hero, but as a person.

So for those of you still wondering who Jessica Jones is and what she's about, here are 10 things you didn't know about her that may give you a better idea of where the show's headed, as well as what it means for the rest of Hell's Kitchen.

Here are 10 Things You Didn't Know About Jessica Jones

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10 Jessica Jones Has More Than Just Super Strength

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Jessica Jones's origin is a very classic comic-esque kind of tale. During a fight in the car with her sibling, Jessica's dad ended up swerving off of the road and into a truck filled with (you guessed it) radioactive chemicals. The result gave her all sorts of new powers.

Now, from the trailers and bits we've seen of the show, they'll definitely be showing off her enhanced physical capabilities, such as flying and super strength, but it's unknown whether or not she'll have her third ability: psychic powers. They're probably saving the mysticism for Doctor Strange, but I think it'd be a compelling addition nonetheless.

9 Jessica Jones Had A Crush On Spider-Man

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This tidbit is quite interesting. When her backstory was revealed, we found out that Jessica actually attended the same school that Peter Parker went to. Marvel's universe really is small. We also discovered that she was in love with him, going as far to write "Jessica + Peter" on the cover of her journal.

Sadly though, he didn't really know she existed. However, on the day she finally decided to get up and tell him, Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, and well, we know how that turned out.

8 Spider-Man Inspired Jones To Become A Hero

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According to the comics, Jessica Jones managed to nab the attention of Peter Parker, albeit not in a romantic way she sought. He took the time to reach out to Jessica, but she pushed him away (this was after the accident, mind you).

However, it was when she saw Parker's alter ago, Spider-Man, that she was inspired to use her powers for the greater good of humanity and took the identity Jewel. So while she didn't get a boyfriend, she was inspired to become something much greater.

7 Character Is Relatively New In The Marvel Universe

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Unlike the bulk of the superheroes we've been seeing on popular media today like Iron Man, Captain America, and The Hulk, Jessica Jones isn't decades old. As a matter of fact, her first appearance (in a comic series titled Alias) came in November of 2001. That's only 14 years old.

Not only that, but she hasn't made many other appearances outside of that comic. It says a lot about how much Marvel liked the character to be able to include somebody so recent in their Netflix campaign. What it does is lower the expectation, and by extension the hype surrounding show, because Jessica Jones isn't well known.

6 Superheroes Don't Know Who Jessica Jones Is

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In a world where people like Iron Man, the Hulk, and Captain America are at the front page of every paper, you'd think Jessica Jones, also known as Jewel at the time, would have her time in the spotlight as well.

This wasn't the case, however. Many people and other superheroes had actually never heard of her (there are exceptions like Ms. Marvel and Luke Cage), and this later helped motivate her big decision regarding her superhero career. She would go on to make her mark, one way or the other.

5 Jones' Arch-Nemesis Doesn't Come From The Comics

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We all know that in the Jessica Jones show, our hero will come face to face with the villain Kilgrave, or Purple Man as the comic likes to call him. However, he was not an original character created for her story. Purple Man originally served as an antagonist for long-time superhero, Daredevil (you may have heard of him). It makes sense how they share a common enemy as both Daredevil and Jessica Jones live in Hells Kitchen.

That being said, he really screwed Jessica up when he started showing his face, sending her on a rampage against the Avengers, which resulted in her going into a coma.

4 Jones Gave Up Her Superhero Status

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Jessica Jones lack of acknowledgement as a hero combined with the damage Purple Man had done to her, she decided to give up the life of a superhero. She instead took to a CSI-type life and became a private investigator, opening up her own firm titled "Alias Investigations."

Life after saving people's lives. Not a comic book story you hear everyday. This is primarily where the show is taking place, playing with the noir feel of her broken past as well as connections to the superhero world.

3 Marries Luke Cage

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While this isn't a little-known fact, it's still one of the most important things about Jessica Jones. During her time as a private investigator, she had many encounters with Luke "Power Man" Cage and despite a complicated history, they eventually tied the knot.

This ends up becoming one of the most renowned and praised couple dynamics in all of comic book history, their realism striking a chord with almost every reader. Mixing the supernatural with common themes of love and marriage - there's something for every type of reader.

2 Jones Has A Drinking Problem

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The many Netflix trailers and clips we've seen have eluded to this: Jessica Jones has an addiction to alcohol, but it's for a good reason. You see, Kilgrave (Purple Man) continued to torment her for many years by speaking inside of her mind, and she found that the only way to shut it off was through the consumption of alcohol. It's how she deals with the madness in her brain so that she, herself, does not go insane.

1 Foul Mouth Vocabulary

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Marvel's intent with the Alias comic was to have something that was geared towards adult readers. They definitely hit their mark. Jessica Jones is one of the most foul-mouthed characters to ever be seen on the pages of a comic. No really, it's that vulgar. From the first scene, she's already dropping the F-bomb and continues to do so throughout her run. It was so frequent in fact that I eventually became numb to it entirely.

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