10 Things You Didn't Know About He-Man

He-Man: "The most powerful man in the universe" (and the most popular character amongst children of the 1980s - well, children of the male variety at least) ... With that level of popularity in min

He-Man: "The most powerful man in the universe" (and the most popular character amongst children of the 1980s - well, children of the male variety at least) ...

With that level of popularity in mind, surely everybody knows everything there is to know about the muscular hero? Well, you'd think so, but there's a lot more to He-Man than meets the eye.

Having started out in the early 1980s as a toy line and in mini-comics, a He-Man cartoon (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe) began airing in 1983. Subsequently, He-Man and his pals began appearing in their own lines of mainstream comic books (as recently as 2012), a live action movie released in 1987 (starring Dolph Lundgren in the titular role), numerous revamped cartoon series (the most recent in 2002), and additional toy lines have been released based on different He-Man media (a classic line beginning in 2008 being the most recent).

This article will take you through a list of little-known facts about the hero. Here are ten things you didn't know about He-Man:

10 He Fought Superman

via DC Comics

There has recently been a DC Vs. Masters of the Universe comic book arc (2014) in which various characters from DC Comics and Masters of the Universe crossed paths. That may be something you're aware of, but did you know the two universes clashed as far back as 1982?

9 His Movie Made A Loss

via Cannon Films

This movie was terrible - there's absolutely no denying that - but the fact that it was based upon such an iconic 1980s franchise like He-Man should really have ensured it was a commercial success. However, 1987’s Masters of the Universe actually bombed at the box office in a big way.

8 He Never Hurt Anybody Or Anything In The Cartoons

via Filmation

He-Man was as tough as they come; incredibly strong, massively durable and wielding a powerful magic sword that could do all kinds of damage should he wish it to, and yet he managed to go through the entirety of his original cartoon without hurting a single living creature (often relying on his brains to outsmart his foes or even actively avoiding conflict altogether).

7 He Was Almost A Viking

via WallpaperUp

Early concept sketches of He-Man by Mark Taylor resulted in sculptor Tony Guerrero fashioning the first prototype He-Man toy into a very stern-looking viking type character. However, his angry, scowling expression and viking-esque horned helmet were seen as looking too menacing for a children's toy line. Simply put, he looked too angry to be played with.

6 The Cartoon Was Initially Turned Down By Everyone

via Filmation

After the success of the Mattel toy line, the toy company started looking for television companies to help them launch a cartoon based on it. Hanna-Barbera flat-out refused the idea of producing the cartoon, but Mattel had better luck with Filmation - a company who had worked with them in the production of an animated cartoon for their toys.

5 He's Half Human

via Filmation

He-Man is famously a citizen of the planet Eternia. He was born there, raised there and lived out his adventures there. It's a planet with all kinds of weird and wonderful creatures and beings including, of course, the very human-looking individuals of which He-Man himself was one.

4 He Only Exists Because Of Star Wars

via Filmation/Lucasfilm

He-Man and his Masters of the Universe buddies only exist because of Star Wars or, more specifically, because Mattel passed on manufacturing the Star Wars toys. Kenner took on the task of making the Star Wars toys and turned them into toy line goliath, resulting in Mattel feeling the need to catch up.

3 Conan The Barbarian Vs He-Man: Legal Battle

via:Universal Pictures / Filmation

In the 1980s, it was heavily rumoured that Conan the Barbarian was a source of inspiration for the concept of He-Man. However, this was refuted by Mattel, and any links between the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and the toy manufacturers was deemed false, with Mattel claiming that the concept for He-Man had been dreamt up before the 1982 film.

2 He Has His Own Charity

via Power and Honor

Believe it or not, there is actually a registered charity that is entirely dedicated to preserving the work and legacy of artists and creative minds who helped to define the He-Man franchise. Founded in 2010, the Power and the Honor Foundation runs on a completely non-profit basis.

1 He Made $2 Billion

via YouTube

Roger Sweet - Mattel's lead designer who worked extensively on the Masters of the Universe toy line - once estimated that when sales of all He-Man products (toys, clothing, curtains, duvet covers, etc.) were tallied up, the franchise brought in over $2 billion before the bubble burst in the late 1980s (when competition from the likes of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers and video games harmed the franchise).

That's mega money in today's financial climate, so to think He-Man generated that kind of cash thirty years ago really is something special  and remarkable when you consider that he was essentially just a pacifist in furry trunks!

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10 Things You Didn't Know About He-Man