10 Things You Didn’t Know About Chanel West Coast

Can you say ‘emerging star’? The very beautiful, talented and well rounded rapper Chanel West Coast, can definitely be classified as an emerging star. If you are not familiar with the name yet, you will be very soon. Chanel West Coast was introduced to the world after her roles in MTV’s popular series Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, and also the hit show Ridiculousness. However, this young lady has many layers and many avenues of talent. Most young artists and actresses have role models and people who have influenced their lives, and Chanel West Coast is no different. This young lady's chain of associates and mentors is a coveted one, and the world would be surprised at some of the little known facts about this young lady. Although she has not sent the media in a frenzy yet, she is well known, well respected, and a very interesting and intriguing person. Not to mention her childhood life is one a lot of people would have been envious of. So, walking into the world of Chanel West Coast and highlighting some of the things people did not know but should, here is a list 10 things that you did not know about Chanel West Coast.


10 Her Childhood Involved A Coveted Travel Arrangement

Born on September 1st 1988, Chanel West Coast has had a very interesting and exciting childhood. Most children dream of the day that they can take a fun trip to another state or another city. However, Chanel West Coast had a far more consistent travel arrangement as a kid. Born in California and mostly residing with her mother, she was accustomed to great weather and beautiful beaches, however that was not the extent of her childhood. Due to her parents being separated, living in two different places, Chanel West Coast was bi-coastal living before she even realized how awesome that was! Chanel West Coast’s father lived in New York, therefore she traveled between California and New York her entire childhood life.

9 Her Passion Was Exposed Early On In Her Life

Many know Chanel West Coast from her television roles in Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and the hit MTV show Ridiculousness; however, her true passion was exposed years before any of those opportunities presented themselves. At the very young age of 14-years old, Chanel West Coast knew that she wanted a career in performing arts. Not only did she know what she wanted to do with her life, but she also began pursuing her dreams immediately and began rapping at the age of fourteen. As expected she had the support of her family and continued to hone in on the craft that she has chosen for a career.

8 Chanel West Coast's Appearances and Features

It definitely is not uncommon for celebrities to take on cameo appearances and alternative jobs in order to turn heads and make fans wow at the sight of them in a different avenue of the lime light, or to broaden their own horizons in the industry, and Chanel West Coast is no different. Chanel West Coast appeared in Mike Posner’s video, “Cooler Than Me”. Also in 2009, Chanel West Coast appeared on the song, “Melting Like Ice Cream” by artist Tiffanie Anderson. She followed up that project with a collaboration with reality television personality and rapper Somaya Reece, on her song “Tramp”.

7 Album Releases

In the spring of 2012, one of Chanel West Coast’s dreams became a reality when her ability to rap landed her a deal with Lil Wayne’s record label, Young Money Entertainment. As soon as she was signed to the label, she and the Young Money Entertainment team worked feverishly to expose her talent to the world. In the early part of 2013, Chanel West Coast and Young Money Entertainment released her first mixtape entitled, Now You Know. The album received positive feedback from critics and that later propelled her into two successful tours, the Punch Drunk Love tour and the Now You Know tour. Also in August of 2015, her secondary album Waves, was released for digital download.

6 She Has More VALUE Than People Know

Of course, the industry is built upon value of one's character or name, and definitely one's net worth. Well, the talented and hard working Chanel West Coast is no slouch when it comes to making a name for herself, but even more importantly, making a living for herself. Chanel West Coast has now a reported net worth of $1 million. Not bad for a girl who started out with humble beginnings as a receptionist for the famous and popular celeb Rob Dyrdek’s mother. That led her to her role in Fantasy Factory, and her other appearances and music features that has given her the acquired wealth that she has currently.

5 Accolades


Chanel West Coast has been working hard on the craft of rap and also her acting skills since she decided that she wanted to be a rapper at the tender age of 14-years old. However, her accolades made her hard work evident to the world when she received the Best Group Award at the 2014 BET Awards for her collaboration with popular artist Shanell, on the very popular song, “Hittin’ Like”. The song was a hit for several weeks and definitely gave Chanel West Coast recognition for her constantly improving rap skills. Chanel West Coast has since been working on her music and has received great reviews from music critics on her most recent album Waves, as well. Therefore, the world can be on the look out for more awards and accolades to come!

4 Sorry Fellas, She’s Taken

Chanel West Coast is indeed a beautiful and talented woman who any man would be lucky to have, but one lucky man has already snatched her up. Scottish singer Liam Horne and Chanel West Coast have been an item now for some time. Liam Horne made a home in Los Angeles, California, where the two met and have been inseparable ever since. Liam is very well known himself from his single “Tragedy” and “The Truth Is”, both released in 2014. Horne is a little younger than Chanel West Coast, which did attract some media attention, however nothing but positive news has surfaced about the couple as they maintain positive images.


3 Influencers

Chanel West Coast has no shortage of great influences in her life, and her Young Money Entertainment label mates are definitely on her list. Chanel West Coast grew up listening to Nelly and Snoop Dogg. Once she was signed to Young Money Entertainment, she had access to other great minds with experience in the industry and life. Therefore, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and French Montana, all have given Chanel West Coast invaluable advice and direction that she admits molded her into the artist and woman she has become today. Chanel West Coast has actually inherited her ability to be comfortable in her own skin and be herself at all times from Young Money Entertainment owner, Lil Wayne.

2 Her Work Ethic

Chanel has made her mark in the industry by her amazing work ethic and her ability to deliver quality work since 2009, when she initially began recording. After signing to Young Money Entertainment, she obtained a lot of offers for features and collaborations with other artists that many people are not even aware of. Chanel West Coast has worked with Polow Da Don and others on the Zone 4 record label before leaving to release her own material for free download in order to gain exposure. She has also done various club appearances and club performances to cater to fans who adored her from the beginning of her career.

1 She’s Crazy About Her Dog

Chanel West Coast has displayed most of her likes and dislikes as a television personality on episodes of Rob Dyrdeks’ Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness. However, for those who have not been able to catch one of these episodes, one of her major likes or loves in life is her Pomeranian that she affectionately named, Weezy. As suspected, she named the Pomeranian after Young Money Entertainment owner Lil Wayne, who nicknamed himself Weezy years ago at the beginning of his own rap career with Cash Money Records. As for her dislikes, for the most part she maintains a positive image, therefore she does not divulge anything less than positive information about herself.



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