10Batman Has A Gun?

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Batman has sworn off guns since the Detective Comics of the 1940s. It has been an intrinsic detail, something that defines Batman’s character. And in the Dark Knight trilogy of the 1980s, Batman never used guns. He only uses “guns” (more accurately projectile-mechanisms) on his vehicles, occasionally. But he never

kills people with a gun, per se. This could mean one of two things. Either this is a Batman we’ve never seen before... or that’s not a gun, but rather a grenade launcher, or an energy beam that produces ultra sonic sounds, or something non-lethal that can immobilize a threat. Or that’s actually a real gun. If it is a real gun, "Dawn of Justice" will be an historic film. The only way to know the truth is to watch the movie. Either way, it’s weird for Batman to be holding a weapon that looks so much like a gun because it betrays his morals.

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